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daughter of Sion: be- finæ, ficut fcriptum eft. hold thy King cometh to Salve Rex fabricator thee fitting on an afs's mundi, qui venifti redicolt, as it is written. mere nos. Hail, O King, the creator of the world, who art come to redeem us.

Anth. Six days before the Ant. Ante sex dies rofolemnity of the Palover, lemnis Pafchæ, quando when the Lord was co- venit Dominus in civi-ming into the city of fe- tatem Jerofolymam, ocrufalem, the children met currerunt ei pueri : & in -him, and carried palm- manibus portabant .rabranches in their hands; mos palmarum ; & claand they cried out with a mabant voce magnâ, diloud voice, saying: Ho- centes: Hosanna in exJanna in the highest hea- celsis : benedictus qui vens : blessed art thou venifti in multitudine who art come in the misericordiæ tuæ : Hamultitude of thy mercy: fanna in excelsis. Hosanna in the highest heavens.

Anth. The multitude Ant. Occurrunt turba goeth out to meet their cum floribus & palmis Redeemer with flowers Redemptori obviam, & and palms, and payeth victori triumphanti digthe homage due to a na dant obsequia: Filium triumphant conqueror : Dei ore Gentes prædithe Gentiles proclaim the cant: & in laudem ChriSon of God: and their sti voces tonant per nuvoices rend the skies in bila: Hofarna in excelthe praise of Chrift: Ho- fis. fanna in the highest heavens.

Anth. Let us faithful- Ant. Cum angelis & ly join, with the angels pueris fideles inveniaand children, singing to mur; triumphatori morthe conqueror of death: tis clamantes: Hosanna Hosanna in the higheft in excelsis. heavens.

Anth. A great multi- Ant. Turba' multa, tude that was met toge- quæ convenerat ad diem ther at the festival cried feftum, clamabat Domiout to the Lord : Blessed no: Benedictus qui venit is he that cometh in the in nomine Domini: Hao name of the Lord: H- Janna in excelsis, sanna in the highest heavens.

At the return of the Procession, two or four Chanters go into the Church, and putting the door, with their faces towards the Proceffion, fing the two first verses: Gloria, laus, &c. which are repeated by the Priest and the others without the Church. Then they that are within, fing the other following verses ; and they that are without, after every two verses, answer, Gloria, laus, &c. 10 thee, O Cbrift, Loria, laus & ho

be glory, praifes nor, tibi fit, rex loud :

Chrifte redemptor: Tothee Hosanna, cried Cui puerile decus the Jewish crowd. prompsit Hosanna pium. R. To thee.

R. Gloria, laus. We lfrael's monarch, Ifrael es tu rex, Da. Davia's Son proclaim : vidis & inclyta proles : Thou com'ft, bleft

Nomine qui in Domi. King in God's most holy ni, Rex benedicte, venis. name, R. To thee.

R. Gloria, laus. Angels and men in Cætus in excelsis te one harmonious choir, laudat cælicus omnis, Tosing thy everlasting

Et mortalis homo, & praise conspire.

cuncta creata fimul. R. To thee.

R. Gloria, laus. Thee Ifrael's children Plebs Hebræa tibi cum

with conqu’ring palmis obvia venit : palms;

To thee our vows we Cum prece, voto, Pay in loudeft pfalms. hymnis, adfumus ecce

R. To thee, tibi. R. Gloria, laus.

TOthee, o

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For thee on earth with Hi tibi paffuro solveboughs they ftrew'd the bant munia laudis; ways : To thee in heaven we

Nos tibi regnanti panfing melodious praise. gimus ecce melos. R. To thee.

R. Gloria, laus. Accept this tribute, Hi placuere tibi placeat which to thee we bring, devotio noftra.

As thou didst theirs, o Rex bone, rex clemens, good and gracious King. cui bona cuncta placent, R. To thee.

R. Gloria, laus. After this the Subdeacon knocks at the door with. the foot of the cross *; which being opened, tbe Proceffion goes into the Church, finging:

R. As our Lord enter- R. Ingrediente Doed the holy city, the He- mino in fanctam civitabrew children declaring tem, Hebræorum pueri the resurtection of life, resurrectionem vitæ pro* With palm-branches, nuntiantes, Cum ramis cried out: Hosanna in palmarum Hosanna clathe highest heavens. mabant in excelfis. V. V. When the people Cum audiffet populus, heard, that Jesus was quod Jesus veniret Jerocoming to Jerusalem, folymam, exierunt obvithey went out to meet am ei.*Cum ramis, &c. him, and * With palm-, as above to V. branches, 8c. as above 30 V.

At Mass all hold the Palms in their hands during the Passion.

MASS. INTROIT. Pf. xxi. ORD, keep not thy Omine, ne longe help far from me; facias auxilium

defence : de- tuum à me, ad defene Some entering the Church, and fome remaining without, reprefenis our fare in tbis mortal life; in wbicb, tho' we art not in bea. ven, yet we join in the praises of God witb those tbat are there ; and live in bopes, that the gates of beaven will be opened to us by the merits of ibe crofs of Chrift.


Jook to my

liver me from the lion's fionem meam afpice limouth, and rescue me in bera me de ore leonis, my distress from the & à cornibus unicornium horns of the unicorn. humilitatem meam. Ps. PS. O God, my God, Deus, Deus meus, relook upon me; why haft spice in me; quare me thou for saken me? They dereliquisti? Longe à faare my sins that keep fal- lute mea verba delictovation far from me. rum meorum. Domine, Lord, keep not,& Pf. ne longe, &c. to Pr.

COLLECT. Omnipotens.

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our Saviour become man, and suffer on a cross, to give mankind an example of humility : mercifully grant, that we may improve by the ex. ample of his patience, and partake of his resurrection. Thro' the same, &c.

No other Collect is said this day.

EPISTLE. Philip ii. 5, 11. Rethren, have the same sentiments Jesus Chrift:


thought it no robbery to equal himself to God: nevertheless he degraded himself taking the form of a servant, being made to the likeness of men, and in shape found as man. He humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. For which reason God also hath exalted him, and given bim a name, which is above all names: that at the name of Jefus every knee should bow, of the things in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth: and every tongue canfefs that the Lord Jen fus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.

GRADUAL. Pf. lxxii, . Thou hast held me by. Tenuisti manum dexmy right hand, and con- teram meam, & in voducted me according to luntate tuâ deduxisti me, thy good will, and raised & cum gloriâ affumpfifti

a Expl, Nature, 6 Here all kneel down.


me up in glory. V. How me. V. Quam bonus good is the God of Israel Israel Deus rectis corde! to those that are upright Mei autem pæne moti of heart ! But my feet sunt pedes, pæne effufi were almost gone, my funt gressus mei; quia steps were ready to flip; zelavi in peccatoribus, because I looked on sin- pacem peccatorum vi. ners with a jealous eye, dens. seeing the wicked in peace.

TRACT. Pf. xxi. O God, my God look Deus, Deus meus redown upon me: why spice in me: quare me haft thou forsaken me?' dereliquisti? V. Longe V. They are my fins that à falute meâ verba dekeep salvation far from lictorum meorum. V. me. V. My God, I will Deus meus clamabo per cry out to thee in the day, diem, nec exaudies : in and thou wilt not hear nocte, & non ad infipienme: I will cry out in tiam mihi. V. Tu authe night, and it will tem in fancto habitas, not be a folly in me. laus Ifrael. V. In te V. But thou dwellest in fperaverunt patres noftri: the sanctuary, Othou the fperaverunt, & liberasti praise of Israel, V.Our eos. V. Ad te clamafathers hoped in thee: verunt, & falvi facti funt: they hoped in thee, and in te fperaverunt, & non thou didft deliver them. funt confufi. V. Ego auV. They cried out to tem sum vermis, & non thee, and were faved: bomo, opprobrium hothey hoped in thee, and minum, & abjectio plewere not put to Thame. bis. V. Omnes qui videV. But I am a worm, bant me, aspernabantur and not a man: the re- me, locuti sunt labiis, & proach of men, and the moverunt caput. V. Speoutcast of the people. V.. ravit in Domino, eripiat

c Expl. Christ was not beard when be begged tbe cup might pass frombim: but when be cried out in the grave in the night, bis prayer was not in vain.

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