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The New Formula for Mean Velocity of Discharge

of Rivers and Canals. By W. R. KUTTER. Translated from articles in the Cultur-Ingenieur,' by Lowis D’A. JACKSON, Assoc. Inst. C.E.

Svo, cloth, 125. 6d. Practical Hydraulics ; a Series of Rules and Tables

for the use of Engineers, etc., etc. By THOMAS Box. Fifth edition,

numerous plates, post Svo, cloth, 5s. A Practical Treatise on the Construction of Hori

zontal and Vertical Waterwheels, specially designed for the use of operative mechanics. By WILLIAM CULLEN, Millwright and Engineer. With

11 plates. Second edition, revised and enlarged, small 4to, cloth, 125. ба. Aid Book to Engineering Enterprise Abroad. By

EWING MATHESON, M. Inst. C.E. The book treats of Public Works and Engineering Enterprises in their inception and preliminary arrangement ; of the different modes in which money is provided for their accomplishment ; and of the economical and technical considerations by which success or failure is determined. The information necessary to the designs of Engineers is classified, as are also those particulars by which Contractors may estimate the cost of works, and Capitalists the

probabilities of profit. Illustrated, 2 vols., Svo, 125. 6d. each. The Essential Elements of Practical Mechanics ;

based on the Principle of Work, designed for Engineering Students. By OLIVER BYRNE, formerly Professor of Mathematics, College for Civil Engineers. Third edition, with 148 wood engravings, post 8vo, cloth,

CONTENTS : Chap. I. How Work is Measured by a Unit, both with and without reference to a Unit of Time-Chap: 2. The Work of Living Agents, the Influence of Friction, and introduces one of the most beautiful Laws of Motion-Chap. 3. The principles expounded in the first and second chapters are applied to the Motion of Bodies--Chap. 4. The Transmission of Work by simple MachinesChap. 5. Useful Propositions and Rules. The Practical Millwright's and Engineer's Ready

Reckoner; or Tables for finding the diameter and power of cog-wheels, diameter, weight, and power of shafts, diameter and strength of bolts, etc.

By THOMAS Dixon. Fourth edition, 12mo, cloth, 3s. Breweries and Maltings : their Arrangement, Con

struction, Machinery, and Plant. By G. SCAMELL, F.R.I.B.A. Second edition, revised, enlarged, and partly rewritten. By F. COLYER, M.I.C.E.,

M.I.M.E. With 20 plates, 8vo, cloth, 18s. A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Starch,

Glucose, Starch-Sugar, and Dextrine, based on the German of L. Von Wagner, Professor in the Royal Technical School, Buda Pesth, and other authorities. By Julius FRANKEL ; edited by ROBERT HUTTER, proprietor of the Philadelphia Starch Works. With 58 illustrations, 344 PP., Svo, cloth, 18s.

75. 6d.


A Treatise on Ropemaking as practised in public and

private Rope-yards, with a Description of the Manufacture, Rules, Tables of Weights, etc., adapted to the Trade, Shipping, Mining, Railways, Builders, etc. By R. CHAPMAN, formerly foreman to Messrs. Huddart and Co., Limehouse, and late Master Ropemaker to .H.M. Dockyard,

Deptford. Second edition, 12mo, cloth, 3s. Laxton's Builders' and Contractors' Tables ; for the

use of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Builders, Land Agents, and others. Bricklayer, containing 22 tables, with nearly 30,000 calculations.

4to, cloth, 55. Laxton's Builders' and Contractors' Tables. Ex

cavator, Earth, Land, Water, and Gas, containing 53 tables, with nearly

24,000 calculations. 4to, cloth, 5s. Sanitary Engineering: a Guide to the Construction

of Works of Sewerage and House Drainage, with Tables for facilitating the calculations of the Engineer. By BALDWIN LATHAM, C.E., M. Inst. C.E., F.G.S., F.M.S., Past-President of the Society of Engineers. Second

edition, with numerous plates and woodcuts, 8vo, cloth, ili jos. Screw Cutting Tables for Engineers and Machinists,

giving the values of the different trains of Wheels required to produce Screws of any pitch, calculated by Lord Lindsay, M.P., F.R.S., F.R.A.S.,

etc. Royal 8vo, cloth, oblong, 28. Screw Cutting Tables, for the use of Mechanical

Engineers, showing the proper arrangement of Wheels for cutting the Threads of Screws of any required pitch, with a Table for making the Universal Gas-pipe Threads and Taps. By W. A. MARTIN, Engineer.

Second edition, royal 8vo, oblong, cloth, Is., or sewed, 6d. A Treatise on a Practical Method of Designing Slide

Valve Gears by Simple Geometrical Construction, based upon the principles enunciated in Euclid's Elements, and comprising the various forms of Plain Slide-Valve and Expansion Gearing ; together with Stephenson's, Gooch's, and Allan's Link-Motions, as applied either to reversing or to variable expansion combinations. By EDWARD J. COWLING Welch,

Memb. Inst. Mechanical Engineers. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. Cleaning and Scouring: a Manual for Dyers, Laun

dresses, and for Domestic Use. By S. CHRISTOPHER. 18mo, sewed, 6d. A Handbook of House Sanitation ; for the use of all

persons seeking a Healthy Home. A reprint of those portions of Mr. Bailey-Denton's Lectures on Sanitary Engineering, given before the School of Military Engineering, which related to the “Dwelling," enlarged and revised by his Son, E. F. BAILEY-DENTON, C.E., B.A. With 140 illustrations, Svo, cloth, 8s. 6d.

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