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Symbols and the Signs of Operation-The Equation and the Unknown Quantity
Positive and Negative Quantities--Multiplication-Involution-Exponents-Negative Expo-
nents-Roots, and the Use of Exponents as Logarithms-Logarithms-Tables of Logarithms
and Proportionate Parts - Transformation of System of Logarithms Common Uses of
Common Logarithms-Compound Multiplication and the Binominal Theorem-Division,
Fractions, and Ratio-Continued Proportion-The Series and the Summation of the Series
Limit of Series-Square and Cube Roots-Equations-List of Formulae, etc.

ons, ang
of Series

JUST PUBLISHED. In super-royal 8vo, 1168 pp, with 2400 illustrations, in 3 Divisions, cloth, price 135. 6d.

each ; or 1 vol., cloth, il. ; or half-morocco, al. 8s.




Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Nabal.

EDITED BY ERNEST SPON, MEMB. Soc. ENGINEERS. The success which has attended the publication of 'SPONS' DictioNARY OF ENGINEERING' has encouraged the Publishers to use every effort tending to keep the work up to the standard of existing professional knowledge. As the Book has now been some years before the public without addition or revision, there are many subjects of importance which, of necessity, are either not included in its pages, or have been treated somewhat less fully than their present importance demands. With the object, therefore, of remedying these omissions, this Supplement is now being issued. Each subject in it is treated in a thoroughly comprehensive way; but, of course, without repeating the information already included in the body of the work.

The new matter comprises articles upon Abacus, Counters, Speed Coal Mining.

Lighthouses, Buoys, and Indicators, and Slide Coal Cutting Machines. Beacons. Rule.

Coke Ovens. Copper. Machine Tools. Agricultural Implements Docks. Drainage. Materials of Construc.

and Machinery. Dredging Machinery. tion. Air Compressors. Dynamo Electric and Meters. Animal Charcoal Ma. Magneto-Electric Ma- Ores, Machinery and chinery. chines.

Processes employed to Antimony Dynamometers.

Dress. Axles and Axle-boxes. Electrical Engineering, Piers. Barn Machinery.

Telegraphy, Electric Pile Driving. Belts and Belting.

Lighting and its prac. Pneumatic Transmis. Blasting. Boilers.

ticaldetails, Telephones sion. Brakes. Engines, Varieties of.

Pumps, Brick Machinery, Explosives. Fans. Pyrometers. Bridges.

Founding, Moulding and Road Locomotives. Cages for Minés.

the practical work of Rock Drills, Calculus, Differential and the Foundry.

Rolling Stock Integral.

Gas, Manufacture of. Sanitary Engineering Canals.

Hammers, Steam and Shafting. Carpentry.

other Power.

Steel. Cast Iron.

Heat. Horse Power. Steam Navvy. Cement, Concrete, Hydraulics.

Stone Machinery. Limes, and Mortar. Hydro-geology.

Chimney Shafts.

Indicators. Iron. Well Sinking
Coal Cleansing and Lifts, Hoists, and Eleva-


With nearly 1500 illustrations, in super-royal Svo, in 5 Divisions, cloth. Divisions i to 4, 135. 6d. each ; Division 5, 175. 6d. ; or 2 vols., cloth, 63 1os.




PRODUCTS. EDITED BY C. G. WARNFORD LOCK, F.L.S. Among the more important of the subjects treated of, are the following :Acids, 207 pp. 220 figs. Fur, 5 pp:

| Photography, 13 pp. 20 Alcohol , 23 pp. 16 figs. Gas, Coal, 8 pp.

figs. Alcoholic Liquors, 13 pp. Gems.

Pigments, 9 pp. 6 figs. Alkalies, 89 pp. 78 figs. Glass, 45 pp. 77 figs. Pottery, 46 pp. 57 figs. Alloys. Alum. Graphite, 7 pp.

Printing and Engraving, Asphalt. Assaying Hair, 7 pp.

20 pp. 8 figs. Beverages, 89 pp. 29 figs. Hair Manufactures. Rags. Blacks.

Hats, 26 pp. 26 figs. Resinous and Gummy Bleaching Powder, 15 pp. Honey. Hops.

Substances, 75 pp. 16 Bleaching, 51 pp. 48 figs. Horn.

Candles, 18 pp. 9 figs. Ice, 10 pp. 14 figs. Rope, 16 pp. 17 figs.
Carbon Bisulphide. Indiarubber Manufac- Salt, 31 pp. 23 figs.
Celluloid, 9 pp.

tures, 23 pp. 17 figs.

Silk, 8 pp.
Cements. Clay.
Ink, 17 PP.

Silk Manufactures, 9 pp. Coal-tar Products, 44 pp. Ivory.

I figs. 14 figs,

Jute Manufactures, Il Skins, 5 pp. Cocoa, 8 pp.

pp., 11 figs.

Small Wares, 4 PP. Coffee, 32 pp. 13 figs. Knitted Fabrics Soap and Glycerine, 39 Cork, 8 pp. 17 figs. Hosiery, 15 pp. 13 figs.

pp. 45 figs. Cotton Manufactures, 62 Lace, 13 pp. 9 figs. Spices, 16 pp. Pp. 57 figs.

Leather, 28 pp. 31 figs. Sponge, 5 pp. Drugs, 38 pp.

Linen Manufactures, 16 Starch, 9 pp. 10 figs. Dyeing and Calico

pp. 6 figs.

Sugar, 155 pp. 134 Printing, 28 pp. 9 figs. Manures, 21 pp. 30 figs. figs. Dyestuffs, 16 pp. Matches, 17 pp. 38 figs. Sulphur, Electro-Metallurgy, 13 Mordants, 13 pp. Tannin, 18 pp. pp. Narcotics, 47 PP.

Tea, 12 PP. Explosives, 22 PP. 33 figs. Nuts, 10 pp.

Timber, 13 PP. Feathers.

Oils and Fatty Sub- Varnish, 15 PP. Fibrous Substances, 92 stances, 125 pp.

Vinegar, 5 pp. pp. 79 figs. Paint,

Wax, 5 PP. Floor-cloth, 16 pp, 21 Paper, 26 pp. 23 figs.

Wool, 2 pp. figs.

Paraffin, 8 pp. 6 figs. Woollen Manufactures, Food Preservation, 8 pp. Pearl and Coral, 8 pp. 58 pp. 39 figs. Fruit, 8 pp.

Perfumes, 10 PP. London: E. & F. N. SPON, 16, Charing Cross.

New York: 44, Murray Street,

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