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the ark of the Lord, on all manner of instruments of music: And David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and dancing, and the sound of the trumpet. And the ark was brought into its place, in the midst of the tabernacle that David had prepared for it.

When David was settled in his kingdon, he offered sacrifices according to the law of Moses, and when he had made an end of offering, he blessed his people and dealt among the whole multitude of Israel, women as well as men, to every one cake of bread, a good piece of meal, and a flaggon of wine. Then all the people departed every one to his house.

And David loved and served the Lord, he worshipped no idols, but abhorred them, and the Lord called bim the man after his own heart, and gave him victory over all bis enemies, and his kingdom increased greatly, beyond all the kingdoms of the earth. He conquered all the vations of idolaters who were not subdued before, and took great treasures.

Questions.--Who was king afier Saul's death? [Ans. David.) What did David cause to be brought to Jerusalem when he had gotten the whole kingdom ? (Ans. The ark of the Lord.] Where had it been for twenty years ? [Ans. In the house of Abivadab.) Where was that (Ans. At Kir. jath-jearim.) How did David shew bis joy on ihat occasion ? (Ans. He danced.] Why did he dance ? [Ins. Because it was the custom to do so.) Where was the ark put? ( Ans. Into the tabernacle which David had prepared.] Did David worship and obey the Lord after he was king of Israel ? [Ans. Yes.] Did he never worship idols ? [Ans. No.] What did the Lord call him on this account ? [Ans. The man after his own heart.]

Instruction.---Though David kept from worshipping idols, and served the Lord only, he committed a great sin, for he loved Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, the Hittite, one of his valiant officers. And he caused Uriah to be slain, and when Uriah was dead, David sent and fetched Bathsheba, and she became his wife.

Then the Lord sent the prophet Nathan to reprove him. And David mourned for his great transgression, and humbled bimself in the sight of all his people, and the Lord spåred his life; but he suffered many affictions to fall upon him. The first was the death of his young child: after this his children quarrelling amongst themselves, Amnon, one of his sons, was killed by his brother Absalom, which was a great grief to David.

Questions. What great sin did David commit? [Ans. He caused Uriah to be killed, and took his wife.] Who did the Lord send to reprove him ? [Ans. The prophet Nathan.] Did God spare David's life when he repented? [Ans. Yes.] Did God say he should go unpunished? [Ans. No.] Where was evil to arise to him? [Ans. In his own house.] What was the first evil that befel him in his house ? [Ans. His little child died.) What was the next ? [ Ans. His children quarrelled.] What did one of them named Absalom do? ( Ans. Killed his brother Amnon.]

Instruction.---After this, Absalom prepared him chariots and horses, and fifty men to run before him, and he tried to draw the hearts of all Israel to him, that they might make him king instead of David bis father, and he raised a great army to tight against David. And there came a messenger to David, who said, “ The hearts of the men of Israel are after Absalom to make him king.”

And David, fearing that Absalom would kill him, or be killed himself, said unto all his servants that were with bim at Jerusalem, “ Arise, and let us flee.” And the king went forth, and all-bis household after him. And David went up by Mount Olivet, when he fled from Absalom, and wept as he went up, and had his head covered, and he went barefoot and all the people covered every one his head, and they went up, weeping as they went up.

Though Absalom was so wicked as to raise an arny, and go to fight against his father, David loved him ; and when the Israelites came together to fight against those who had joined with Absalom, David gave a great charge to all his officers, saying, “ Deal gently, for my sake, with Absalom.” But God would not suffer such an undutiful son to go unpunished; and as Absalon was riding along, his fine hair, of which he was very proud, got entangled in the boughs of an oak, and the mule he rode went from under him and left him hanging, till Joab, one of David's generals, saw him, and killed him with a spear as he was han ing in the oak. And the people who were with Absalom fled. And when the battle was over, a messenger was sent to tell the king that the Lord bad avenged him of his enemies. And David said, “ Is the young man Absalom safe?” And when he found that he was killed, the king was much moved ; and he

wept and said, “O my son Absalom, my son, my soni Absalom, would I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son !” And David returned back to his house at Jerusalein, and all the people rejoiced.

Questions.--What-did Absalom try to do ? [ Ans. To draw the hearts of the people from his father.] Why did he do this? [Ans. That he might be king instead of David.] Did Absalom get many people to join in the conspiracy? ( Ans. Yes,] Was it not a sad sight to see king David and those who were with him go up Mount Olivet weeping ? [Ans. Yes.] Did not a great many people go with David ? (Ans. Yes.] Did king David go out to battle against Absalom? [Ans. No.) What command did he give to his general ? [Ans. To deal gently with Absalom for his sake.] Did not this shew that he loved Absalom though he was so undutiful ? [Ans. Yes.] Whose army got the better, David's or Absaloin's ? [Ans. David's. What happened to Absalom as he was riding along ? [Axs. He was hanged by the hair of his head in an oak.) What did Joab, one of David's generals, do when he saw him hanging in the oak: [Ans. Killed him with his spear:] Was not Absalom justly punished for his - rebellion against his good father ? [Ans. Yes.] Did David rejoice at his death ? [Ans. No: be mourned.]

Instruction.-When David was very old, another of his sons, named Adonijah, set himself up to be king, and many joined with him ; but the Lord had said to David that Solomon should reign after him; so when David was told that Adonijah was made king, he called Zadok the priest, and Nathan the prophet, and commanded them to anoint Solómon king over Israel ; and Zadok the priest anointed Solo. mon; and they blew the trumpet, and all the people said, “ God save king Solomon !! And when David had made Solomon king, he assembled all the great men of his kingdom and told them, he had had in his mind to build a house or temple to the Lord, instead of the tabernacle : but that it was the Lord's will that Solomon should build his house. And David said, he had collected together, for the building of the temple, great treasures of gold and silver, and other things which he had taken from the enemies of Israel ; and he entreated the nobles to assist his son Solomon in this great work. And king David gave Solomon his son a charge to serve God with a perfect heart and a willing mind, that the Lord might bless and prosper him. And all the nobles sub


mitted themselves to king Solomon, and he sat upo throne of his father David ; and king David died in a old age, full of days, riches, and honour,

Questions.--Which of David's sons set himself up king when David was grown a very old man? [Ans, nijah.]. Which of his sons did David name to reign stead ? [Ans. Solomon.) Why did he name Solomon? Because Lord had chosen bim.] Whom did David mand to anoint Solomon, and proclaim him king? Zadok the priest.] Who was to go with Zadok ? Nathan the prophet.] What did the people say when mon was anointed ? [Ans. God save king Solomon.] did David give up for the building of the house 0 Lord ? [Ans. All the treasures he had gotten together.] David return thanks to the Lord for all his goodness to [Ans. Yes.] What did he pray the Lord to give to mon? [Ans. A perfect heart.) What did he tell Sol the Lord would do if he served him faithfully? [ Ans. him.] Did David die soon after this ? [Ans. Yes.) long did he reign as king? [Ans. Forty years.) W not a very great king ? [Ans. Yes.] Did he ever wo idols ? [Ans. No.] Did he love and serve God truly? Yes.]*

LECTURE XIX. Instruction. After the death of David his father Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night, and Lord 'said unto Solomon, "What shall I give thee?". Solomon prayed unto the Lord to give him a wise and derstanding heart; and the Lord was pleased with Solon prayer, and he gave him such wisdom, that he was the w man that ever lived in the world; and the Lord also him riches, honour, and power, such as no king besides ever possessed. And when Solomon was settled in his k dom, he got workmen together and built the temp? house of the Lord at Jerusalem, and it was very nagnific the walls were covered with gold withinside, and the 1 also, and all the things that were used in the house wei pure gold.

And when the house was finished, the Ar the Covenant was carried into the holy place provided fo

The tenth Portion of Miscellaneous Questions to be asked her


And in the ark were the two tables of stone which Moses received at Mount Sinai, written with the finger of God. And when the priests were come out of the holy place, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stay in it. And Solomon kneeling on a brazen scaffold, which he had caused to be built in the court of the house of the Lord, besought the Lord to hear the prayers and petitions which should be offered up in his house, and to bless his people Israel. And when Solomon had made an end of his prayer, he stood up, and with a loud voice praised the Lord, and blessed his people Israel; and he offered sacrifice and held a feast for seven days, and on the eighth day he sent the people away; and they blessed the king, and went into their ients joyful and thankful for all the goodness that the Lord had shewed to David and to his people Israel.

Questions. - Did Solomon love the Lord when he began his reign ? (Ans. Yes.] What did Solomon pray for when God appeared to him, and asked what he should give him? Ans. An understanding heart.] Was God pleased with his prayer? [Ans. Yes.] Did God promise to give him great wisdom ? [Ans. Yes. What else did the Lord promise to give him ? [Ans. Riches and honour.] Did the Lord fulfil all bis promises to Solomon ? [Ans. Yes.] Was be the wisest, the richest, and the inost honourable of men ? [Ans. Yes.] Did he build an house to the Lord ? [Ans. Ves ] Was it not a very fine and magnificent building ? [Ans. Yes.] What was it covered with withinside? [Ans. Gold. I What were all the vessels in it made of ? [ Ans. Pure gold:] What was carried into the house of the Lord when it was finished ? [Ans. The ark of the Lord, and all the things David had provided] Was not the ark placed in the house of the Lord with great solemnity ? [rins. Yes.] Did not Solomon pray God to hear the prayers which should be offered up in his bouse ? [Ans. Yes.) What filled the house of the Lord when Solomon prayed ? [Ans. The glory of the Lord) What did the people of Israel do when they saw the glory of the Lord filling his house ? [Ans. They bowed themselves to the ground and worshipped, and praised the Lord.)

Instruction. The queen of Sheba, who lived in a distant country, heard of the fame of Solomoit, and she came to Jerusalem with a very great train of attendants and camels, carryiog gold and precious stones, and spices. And Solo

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