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món sat on his throne, which was of ivory covered with gold; and the queen of Sheba put many bard questions to him to try his wisdom, and Solomon answered them all. And when the queen of Sheba had heard his wisdom, and seen the house of the Lord, and Solomon's own house, which was very magnificent, and the order of his kingdom, she said to Solomon, “ It was a true report that I heard in my own land of thy acts and of thy wisdom, yet I believed it not; but the half was not told me, thy wisdom and prosperity exceed the fame thereof." And she blessed the Lord God of Israel ; and king Solomon gave her royal gifis, and she returned to her own country with her servants, and reported what she had seen and heard of the wisdom and glory of Solomon.

Questions.- Who came to hear the wisdom of Solomon ? (Ans. The queen of Sheba.] What did she go to Jerusalem for?' Ans. To prove Solomon's wisdom with hard questions ] Did Solomon answer all her questions ? [Ans. Yes.] Was not the queen of Sheba quite astonished at his wisdom? [Ans. Yes.] Was she not surprised at the richness and magnificence of his kingdom ? [Ans. Yes.}

Instruction.-King Solomon served the Lord for many years, and made good use of his wisdom; but when he grew old, he took many wives from the heathen nations. And his wives turned his heart after false gods, and he built altars to idols. And the Lord was angry with Solomon, and the Lord said unto bim, “ I will rend the kingdom from thee, and give it to thy servant; but for my servant David's sake, I will not do it in thy days, but in thy son's days I will do it, but I will give him one tribe for my servart David's sake."

Then the Lord sent a prophet to a man named Jeroboam, to say unto him, "Thus said the Lord, I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon, and will give thee ten, tribes; and if thou wilt walk in the ways of David my servant, I will be with thee." Then Solomon sought to kill Jeroboam; but he fled into Egypt, and was there till the death of Solomon.

When Solomon died, Rehoboam his son took the kingdom, but the Lord gave fen tribes to Jeroboam, as he had said

Questions.--Did Solomon make a good use of his riches at first? [Ars. Yes.] Did not Solomon marry a great many. wives ? [Ans. Yes.] What did they turn his heart after? [ans. 'Idols,] Was not God very angry with Solomon for

worshipping idols ? [Ans. Yes.) What did God tell Solo. mon he would do to punish him? [Ans. Take the kingdom from his son and give it to another.] For whose sake did the Lord suffer Solomon to reign after he had worshipped idols? [ Ans. For his father David's.] What did the Lord say he would give to Solomon's son for David's sake? [Ans. One tribe.] To whom did the Lord send a prophet to tell him he should have ten tribes ? [Ans. Jeroboam.) What did the Lord promise Jeroboam in case be would follow the ways of David ? [Ans. That he would be with him.) Did Solomon die soon after this? [Ans. Yes.]*


Instruction.-After the death of Solomon, the kingdom of Israel, which he had reigned over, was divided into two: kingdoms, the kingdom of Judah, and the kingdom of Israel, The kingdom of Judah consisted of the tribes of Judah and BenjaminThe other. ten tribes formed the kingdom of Israel. A number of kings reigned over each, but amongst those who reigned over Israel there was not one good king: Jeroboam, who was the first of those kings, led them into idolatry, by setting up two golden calves, to keep them from going to the temple at Jerusalem to worship the Lord. Another of the kings, named Ahab, married Jezebel, the daughter of the king of Şidon; she was a very wicked woman, and led ber husband into great aboninations; and she caused all the Lord's prophets to be slain wherever she could find them, that there might be nothing but idols worshipped in Israel ; and she would have had Elijah, who was the chief of the Lord's prophets, put to death, had not the Lord preserved his life.' Elijah was a very good man, and took great pains to root ont idolatry; and after he had gone through many trials, the Lord took him up to heaven in a fiery chariot

After this, Elisha, who had attended upon Elijah in his lifetime, was the prophet of the Lord. As he was going to a place called Bethel, some young people went out to meet him, and in derision, said to him, “Go up, thou bald head! go up, thou bald head !" But the Lord would not suffer those who mocked his prophet to escape unpu-...

* The eleventh Portion of Miscellaneous Questions to follow here.

sent his propbets to call upon them to repent. The last of

nished, so he sent two raging bears out of the wood, and they tore in pieces forty and two of those wicked young people, who had shewn that they neither feared the Lord, nor honoured his ministers. Elijah had been commanded to foretel, that dogs should lick the blood of Ahab, and eat the flesh of Jezebel, which came to pass ; for Ahab was killed in battle, and his blood being spilt in his chariot, dogs licked it off; and Jezebel was thrown out of a window by the conimand of Jebu, one of the kings of Israel, and when Jebu ordered the people to bury her, nothing conld be found of her but her skull, her feet, and hands, the dogs having eaten the rest of her body.

Questions. How was the kingdom divided after Solomon's death ? (Ans. Into two.) What were they called ? [ Ans. The kingdoms of Israel and Judah.] How many tribes belonged to ihe kingdom of Israel ? [Ans. Ten ] How many belonged to the kingdom of Judah ? [Ans. Two.] Were any of the kings of Israel good ones? (Ans. No.] Who was the first of them? [Ans. Jeroboam.] Was he the same to whom the prophet was sent in Solomon's days? [ Ans. Yes.] Did he serve the Lord ? [Ans. No.) What idols did he set up ? [Ans. Two golden calves.] What was the name of that king of Israel who married Jezebel ? [Ans. Ahab.] What kind of a woman was Jezebel ? [Ans. A very wicked one.) Whom did she put to death ? [Ans. The Lord's prophets.] Why did she do this ? [Ans. That all the people might worship idols.) What was the name of the prophet whom the Lord preserved from her fury ? [Ans. Elijah.) What did Elijah try to root out? [Ans. Idolatry.] How did God reward Elijah? [Ans. God took him to heaven in a fiery chariot.] Who was the Lord's prophet atter him? [Ans. Elisha.] What did some wicked boys and girls say in mockery 10 Elisha ? ( Ans. “Go up, thou bald head ! go up, thou bald head !"] How did the Lord punish them? | Ans. He sent two raging bears to tear the in to pieces ] What dreadful thing did Elijah foretel concerning Ahab? [urlns. That dogs should lick his blood.] What did he forevel concerning Jezebel ?. [.Ans. That dogs should eat her flesh.] Did these things come to pass ? (ins. Yes.] 4. Instruction. There were many kings of Israel after Abab, and all of them were wicked idolaters,, though God often these kings was named Hoshea ; in his days the kings of Assyria came against Israel, and carried Hoshea and the ten

tribes away into captivity ; so the kingdom of Israel was at an end, and it has never been restored ;, but that of Judah remained for a number of years.

Questions ---Whom did the Lord send to call the king's and the people of Israel to repentance? [Ans. His prophets.] Who was the last king of Israel? (Ans. Hoshea.) Who came against him? [ Ans. The kings of Assyri::.] What became of Hoshea and the ten tribes of Israel ? [Ans. They were carried away captive. } What was put an end to? [Ans. The kingdom of Israel.] Why did the Lord put an end to it ? [Ans. Because they worshipped idols.] What kingdom remained of the house of Jacob? (Ans. The kingdom of Judah.) *

LECTURE XXI. Instruction ---The first king of Judah, after the kingdom was divided, was Rehoboam, the son of Solomon; he was a very weak prince, and suffered some foolish young men, like himself, to persuade him to slight the advice of his aged counsellors, by which means he displeased his people, and ten tribes revolted to Jeroboam, as has been related in the history of the kings of Israel ; there were in all nineteen kings of Israel and one queen ; some of them were idolaters, and some of thein were good. The queell, whose name was Athaliab, was a very wicked woman; she tried to put all the royal family to death, though they were her grandchildren, that she might get the kingdom; but one of them, named Joash, a little infant, was preserved by his aunt Jehoshebeath, who hid him from her, and carried him to Jehoiada, the high priest, who concealed bim six years in the temple ; and then he brought bim forth, and proclaimed him king in the temple, and placed a crown on his head, and all the people said, “ God save the king !" "And when Athalialı heard the noise, she ran into the temple, and Jeboiada the priest commanded the captains and officers of the host to put her out; and they did so, and sbe was killed by the sword, So Joash was king, and all the while that Fehoiada Jived, Joash served the Lord ; but after the death of this good high priest, the king and his nobles forsook the house of the Lord, and worshipped idole.

Questions.---Who was the first king of Judah after the The twelfth Portion of Miscellaneous Questions to be asked here.

kingdom was divided ? [Ans. Rehoboam.] Whose son was Rehoboam ? [Ans. Solomon's.] How came the ten tribes to revolt from him? [ Ans. He followed the advice of young men.) W'hose advice should he have followed ? [Ans. Aged counsellors.] What was the name of the queen who killed her grandchildren to get the kingdom for herself? [Ans. Athaliab.] What was the name of one of her grandchildren who was saved ? [ Ans. Joash.] Who saved his life?' (Ans. His aunt Jeboshebeath.] Where was he hid for six years? [ons. In the temple.] What was the name of the good high priest who hid him there? [Ans. Jehoiada.] · What did Jeloiada do at the end of six years ? [ins. He crowned Joash king.) What became of his wicked grandmother Athaliah ? [Ans. She was slain.] Was Joash a good king? [Ans. Yes : as long as Jehoiada lived.; What did he fall into afterwards ? [ Ans. Idolatry.] Did he end his reign happily ? [Ans. No.]

Instruction..--Hezekiah, king of Judah, was a very good king, be followed the ways of David, he destroyed the idols that were in Judah, and he trusted in the Lord God of Israel more than all the kings of Judah, and the blessing of the Lord was with him, and he prospered greatly. And in his days Sennacherib, king of Assyria, sent a great army against Jerusalem. And when king Hezekiah heard the words of Rab-shakeh, who came from Sennacherib, to defy him, and reproach the living God, he sent his clothes, and covered himself with sackcioth, and went unto the house of the Lord, and he sent for Isaiah the prophet. And the Lord sent a message by the mouth of Isaiah, to encourage Hezekiah to trust in him; and the Lord said, that the king of Assyria should not hurt him, but should return and die by the sword in his own land. And that very night the angel of the Lord smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred and eighty-four thousand men. And when the people of Israel arose in the morning, their enemies were all dead corpses.

So Sennacherib, king of Assyria, departed, and returned to Nineveh. And as he was worshipping in the house of Nisroch, his idol, Adrammelech and Sharezar, his sons, smote him with the sword, and he died, as the Lord had foretold by Isaiah the prophet.

Questions.—Was Hezekiah a good king ? [Ans. Yes.] Whose ways did he follow? [Ans. The ways of David.] Did the Lord shew favour to Hezekiah ? (Ans. Yes.] Who did Hezekiah send to ? [Ans. Isaiah the prophet.] Did not

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