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WE the subscribers have carefully perused a Treatise on Surveying, prepared for the Press by the Rev. Abel Flint of Hartford; and find it worthy of the public patronage. Every thing not immediately necessary for the practical Surveyor has been excluded ; while it comprises all which is requisite in Field Surveying, both on the old and new plan; elucidated and explained with a degree of conciseness and perspicuity not usually to be found in Treatises on the same subject. The Mathematical Tables are reduced to less than half the size occupied by others; and any inconvenience which might result from such reduction is obviated by the insertion of a Table of Natural Sines, not usually found in works of this nature. The Surveyor who shall own this will not be under the necessity of purchasing Gibson which is a more ex. pensive work.

ASHER MILLER, Surveyor General.
GEORGE GILLET, Deputy Surveyor

for TOLLAND County, MIDDLETOWN, October 3d, 1804,

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THE following work is chiefly a compilation from other Books; and but very little new is added except a more full explanation, than has yet been published, of RECTANGULAR SURVEYING, or the method of calculating the Area of Fields arithmetically, without drawing a plot of them and measuring with a Scale and Di. viders, as has been the common practice ; and also a more particular explanation of the use of Natural Sines than is contained in most Mathematical Books,

The Compiler has endeavoured to render this work so easy and intelligible that a Learner will require but little assistance from an Instructor, except with regard to the construction and use of Mathematical and Surveying instruments. Before, however, he enters on the study of this Book he must be well acquainted with common Arithmetic, with Decimal Fractions and the Square Root; and he must also know the various characters or marks used in Arithmetic,

A Surveyor will doubtless find many questions arise in the course of his practice, for the solution of which no particular directions are here given ; nor is it possible to give directions for every case that may occur. In all practical Sciences much must be left to the judgment of the practitioner, who, if he is well acquainted with the general principles of his Art, will readily learn to apply those principles to particular cases.

The primary design of this treatise is to teach common Field Surveying; at the same time it contains the

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elements of Surveying upon a larger scale ; and the system of Geometry and Trigonometry with which it is introduced, with the Problems for the mensuration of Superficies, as also the Mathematical Tables at the end, will be found useful for


It would be well, therefore, for those who do not intend to become practical Surveyors to acquaint themselves with what is here taught; and with this view the following work is very proper to be introduced into Academies, and those higher Schools which are designed to fit young men for active business in life. Indeed every person who frequently buys and sells land should learn to calculate the Contents of a Field arithmetically ; a knowledge which may be acquired in a very little time, from the particular explanation here given of that method.

Nothwithstanding the many Books already published on the subjects here treated upon, it was thought a work of this kind was really wanted, and that if judiciously executed it would be useful. It is more particularly necessary at the present time in Connecticut, as the Legislature of the State have lately enacted a Law on the subject of Surveying, in consequence of which more attention must be paid to the Theory of that Art than has been common.

These considerations induced the Compiler to select from various publications what appeared to him important; and to arrange the whole in a method best adapted, in his view, for teaching that useful Art, How far he has succeeded in his endeavours to simplify the subject, and render it easy to the Learner, must be submitted to the test of experience.

Hartford, (Con.) October, 1804.



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