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children in other nations, but my Spirit, by my children, shall rebuke them. But in England is the standard of my word, but still Satan will harden the government, that I 'may bring my judgments upon them, that they pass not the corn bill at this time.* Yet for all this, they shall be glad to make England a free nation, for all religions, and all commerce, and all mechanics shall flow to it; and I will give Israel no rest, till all their bones be gathered; they will wash their bones from time to time, and they will be very white. Now, messenger, marvel not how this shall be accomplished, but let it depart from thee, till thou seest it fulfilled, for thou art not able to contend with one of the least of the bones of the house of Israel.

“My people Israel shall neither divide nor separate ; Israel is one, though their branches shall reach over the planet and round it; for they have many servants, and many shall desire to wait on them, and not obtain.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

Wakefield, 29th of 1st month, 1835. JOHN WROE said to William Tillotson, I will put a riddle unto thee:- Whether is he who forms a thing to deceive another, or he who is deceived, the more guilty, the person who is deceived having been warned that such a person would try to deceive him ? Or whether is he who makes a thing to worship, or he who worships it, the more guilty, they both knowing the command: First, Thou shalt not make it; and second, thou shalt not worship it?

Answer.-If he who made it made it to be worshipped, then he who made it and he who worshipped it are equally guilty.

* See a Communication, dated 30th of 6th month, 1827, Vol. I.

page 130.

Then are not Satan and man equally guilty ?

But if he who makes a thing to worship, and he who worships it are one as guilty as the other, how is it that Satan and man are not equally guilty ?

Answer.-Because one man and another are equal, but Satan and man are not equal, man being made lower in power than the angels.

Thou hast answered wisely; and this shall go into all nations as a memorial. It is a riddle, which will be unfolded at the day of judgment.

Jehovah gave a command to Adam, that he should not touch the tree, lest he should eat of it; then when Satan came to tempt him, he could not say he had not been warned, yet he disobeyed; was he not, therefore, a partaker with Satan in the evil ?


Then can he receive any reward ? If I were to come to thee and command thee that thou shouldst not do a thing, and a person came to thee to persuade thee to do it, and thou let him overcome thee, would thou expect thy wages ?


So it is with man, “God took a rib out of Adam, which was a part of his spirit, while he slept, and God made the woman, and took of that spirit which he had drawn from Adam, and caused it to attract her blood, that it might be the life of her body. And God pronounced her good to bear good fruit, and he brought her unto the man in her flowers, and commanded him that he should not touch them, nor eat of them, till they had become fruit. But Satan came forth to the woman, and persuaded her to give them unto the man before they were purified from the tares, and she did so, and he was inoculated with the evil: so they ate of the corrupt tree, and Satan became king over them. Man being now a partaker of the evil, with Satan, brings forth corruptible fruit, and he is an unprofitable servant; but the seed of the woman was given for a ransom for him, as he foretold

by Micah,“ Shall I give the fruit of my body for the sins of my soul.” Micah vi. 6.

“But death reigns over their mortal bodies till they die, and still reigns, till they put on incorruption; but if they have repented before their death, and not turned from it, death will not reign over their souls. So Adam's body was inoculated with death. He then waited on the tree of the woman till it was purified, and they ate of it; and that seed being begotton in its mother's cleanness, the promise of the life of the body was made to it, and from it sprung the Hebrews, who are given up, till the fulness of the Gentiles, and their return is life from the dead. (Rom. xi. 15.)

" And that death shall be taken away, which Adam imputed to God, in giving him the woman, the blood of her seed being shed on the cross for a sacrifice, that sin might be taken away from them, that their mortal bodies might put on immortality. Then shall they be had in honour in the midst of the seed of the bondwoman, Hagar, though they be the seed of Abraham, yet they shall serve them; for their trees shall be digged about and dunged, (Luke xiii. 6-9,) by Satan being bound; and if they bear fruit, their trees shall not be cut down. But they that follow Satan, when he is let loose again in the little season, their bodies will be cut down by death.

“But the seed of the woman was still good when she was not in berflowers, but the poison not being removed from the man, he eating of her, inoculated her back again with the evil, though she was out of her flowers.

“And Jehovah, remembering the covenant he had made with the woman, when not in her flowers, he in the fourth thousand years, brought forth her seed, to prove that it was good, without sin, which obeyed all the laws and commands of God, that were given for man to keep, that he who kept them might live. And she shewed her seed alive, no blood being on the tree.

“And in the fifth thousand years the same temple was shewn alive, blood not being the life of it, that on the sixth day, which was the sixth thousand years,

the tree might be shewn alive with all its branches ; he being the immortal vine, and they the branches, which is the house of Israel.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

Wakefield, 18th of 2nd month, 1835. “He that has connexion with a woman in her flowers, corruption and disorders shall testify against them in their fruit, as a man having connexion with one in the venereal disease; or as one that has raiment of a skin or of wool taken from a carcass that has died of itself, which covers them with lice. All such shall lose their freedom, that are numbered in Israel, and unless they purchase it again, they shall be delivered unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord, (1 Cor. v. 5,) their bodies must see corruption; but he that has my Spirit, will not do this.

" He that asks for sin to be taken away from him, and for the fulness of my Spirit always to abide on him, shall not stand in need of sacrament, nor the renewing of the forgiveness of his sins, neither will he come near corruptible things, or touch a woman in her flowers, neither will be despise her. Her seed is holy and good, and is the figure of me, higher than the angels, and all shall bow to her sway, and mine.

“Touching women in their flowers causes evil to work; having connexion with them produces disorder and sin in the body, which are murder, theft, whoredom, and all kinds of wickedness. And unless man seeks for his sins to be taken away, though he repent, the death of the body is the wages of that sin which he had committed, before he had repented; but if he repent not, and his sins are not forgiven, death will reign over his soul till the resurrection.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

The 3rd month, 1835. A COPY of the book, called, The Word of God to guide Israel to Eternal Life ; with the Laws and Commands of God given to the Prophets, was sent by John Wroe to King William the Fourth, accompanied by the following letter:SIRE,

The information contained in the enclosed book, was communicated to me by the influence of the Spirit of God, and it is in obedience to his command the I hand the same to thee.

And am,
Thy Majesty's humble and obedient subject,

John A. WROE, J. Wakefield, 12th of 3rd month, 1835.

Monday, the 4th of 5th month, 1835. A gentleman (who said he was a minister of the gospel) and who was travelling on the railway from Liverpool to Manchester, entered into conversation with John Wroe, (which was taken much notice of by others.)

The minister.—What part do you come from?

John Wroe.—From Glasgow, by the steam packet, and the time will come when the water which has borne the packet shall retire, and the land become dry, and there shall be a railway, and a highway on the same places that the packet has sailed over.

The minister.—Hear you, he is telling you to go into the sea, that you may all be drowned.

John Wroe.—Do not turn my words into another meaning, I said no such thing, but I said the water would retire, and the land would become dry.

The minister laughed, and said, Where will the sea retire to?

John said, If thou wilt answer me this question, I will tell thee what the Lord hath shewed me. In the beginning there was but one sea ; the Scriptures say,

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