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the branch of the vine be grafted into them, they dwelling in it, that their bodies never die. If I had not placed the flaming sword to keep the way of the tree of life, men would not have died, but the lives of their bodies would have been eternally wicked; so I fixed a flaming sword which turned every way, which was death, lest man should eat of the tree before the evil part was taken away, and when it is. taken away, then shall man seek me, and keep my commands, and my creation will be proved good, and the evil will be proved to be from Satan. But“I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel to do it for them.” Ezek. xxxvi. 37. And those who seek for that evil part to be taken away, their souls and bodies will be preserved blameless, for my Spirit to dwell in at my appearance; then the flaming sword shall be taken away, and they shall live eternally.

Question.-Can the soul be seen distinct from the body?

Answer.-No; but the spirit which attracts the blood may be seen by those whose eyes are permitted to be opened, either before or after the body dies, and it appears in the full size and likeness of the person whose blood it attracted during its being the life of their temples. As Abraham caused his servant to swear with his hand upon his thigh, (Gen. xxiv. 143, so will I cause my friends to swear with their hands upon their thighs, and make a covenant with me, that I should take sin away from them, and write my law upon their hearts. These are they whom I will adopt to be my sons, in whom there is no guile. (John i. 47.) “He that is begotten of God, keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.” 1 John v. 18. For his sins are taken away. And they shall have a name written upon their thigh which no man shall know, but they to whom it is given. (Rev. xix. 16.)

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

Wakefield, 12th of 7th month, 1835. “LET it be written with an iron pen this day, and engraven upon the hearts of the whole house of Israel, that all who receive the death of their bodies, receive the wages of that sin which was pronounced upon Adam. at the fall. They are all in prison till the first resurrection, which is as the assizes; then they will all arise out of their graves, and the righteous will put on incorruptible bodies and will be free, but the wicked will rise without bodies, to give an account of their deeds done in the bodies, and be placed on the left hand, and will then return to prison until the final resurrection. All those whose bodies die, not having repented, and have done the deeds, the wages of which is the second death—as death reigns over the bodies of men now by taking away their lives, so will it still reign over the bodies of the wicked, and keep their souls from being raised with incorruptible bodies for their spirits to dwell in, till the final resurrection. So their spirits have no houses to dwell in till the final resurrection.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by John Thomson.

Gravesend, 4th of 8th month, 1835. "THE two tribes shall not see my face till they acknowledge the ten tribes that are scattered among the Gentiles, males and females that knew not my laws, they shall come forth and do valiantly; they shall exceed the former, they shall be as lions among wolves, the wolves will try to hinder them, but they shall break through, then the devourer shall turn upon those whom they have broken through, and devour root and branch of them. But the remnant of the seed of Abraham, of which Ishmael stood typical, the rocks, dens, and caves, shall be unto them as a city of refuge, which the devourer shall not be permitted to touch. And after many days they shall come out and seek me and my redeemed, as the Gibeonites sought Joshua for their lives. (Joshua ix. 24.) And as Hagar, Abraham's concubine, returned to seek Sarah, her mistress, so shall the whole remnant of the seed of Abraham return, as Joseph's bones returned out of Egypt; and they shall bury the Gentiles, and those of whom Esau stood typical that are destroyed, who said they were Jews, but did lie. “And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them, that they may cleanse the land; yea, all the people of the land shall bury them, and it shall be to them a renown, the day that I shall be glorified, saith the Lord God.” Ezek. xxxix. 12, 13.

“And I will now hear their inquiries, and grant their petitions; who ask me to take sin away from them, and keep them from it, and put my money into the bank, that at my coming I may require my own with usury, (Luke xix. 23,) and his body shall not die, but in the image of mine own eternity shall he dwell. Then hear, Oh house of Israel, which are gathered together from among the Gentiles, I must turn you back, that ye may know your inheritance, your families and your tribes, that ye may all serve me in righteousness and truth: the ten tribes which dwelt among the Gentiles, and sought the salvation of their souls, that which is in part shall be taken away, so that that which is perfect may put away that which is in part; this is as my first covenant unto thee, Oh Ephraim, which thy father Adam brake.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by George Meredith.

Wakefield, 22nd of 8th month, 1835. “Is it possible to sow good seed in barren land? Yes, good seed being in the earth, which is man's body, and being barren according to nature, and

watered by my Spirit, it will bring forth fruit, some thirty-fold, some sixty, and some an hundred.

“The first son of Adam being born of fornication, of his mother, rose up and slew the second son, who was not born of fornication, but in the uncleanness of the man ; this was set typical of them taking the life of this world from the woman's seed, for he was condemned by the Jews, and delivered to the Gentiles to be crucified: and those who are of Israel must suffer wrong, as the woman's seed suffered, the just for the unjust. And they will neither avenge nor seek it, for vengeance is mine, and I will repay them, saith the Lord. (Rom. xii. 19.)

“ And he that avengeth, or seeks vengeance robbeth me, and is equal with them that give the offence, for how can Israel be proved with just things ? they shall be proved by suffering unjustly, and doing good against evil, for their righteousness shall exceed the Gentiles, for the Gentiles suffer according to their deeds, but they that are Israel suffer contrary to their deeds.

“For happy, yea, thrice happy is he that suffers wrong and bears it, and seeks not for vengeance; and then the blood shall be on the head of the offender; but if ye seek vengeance on them that give the offence, then their blood shall be upon your own heads; and woe unto them by whom tbe offonce cometh, for an untimely birth is better than they."

Question.-How was it that Jesus being begotten of God, partook of the blood of man?

Answer.- Because she that was the mother of the woman's seed was begotten of man, and was of those that were born of the uncleanness of the man, and not of the woman.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by John Thomson.

Wakefield, 30th of 8th month, 1835. WHAT makes a believer? Believing the Scriptures

of the Old and New Testament to be the word of God, and that he will fulfil them, in and at his own appointed time. So God divided the six days into three times, two thousand years in each, and the door of immortality was thrown open in each time, and if we are believers, Israel are eye-witnesses of one.

Question. And whether was there more fulfilled in the first generation or the second ?

Answer.-In the second.

Question.—And whether was there more fulfilled in the second or in the third ?

Answer.—In the third.

" Then if all had been fulfilled in the first, what would have been to be done in the second ? and if all had been fulfilled in the second, what would there have been to be done in the third ? For Jesus says, “ All these things shall come upon this generation.” Matt. xxiii. 36. Behold, I will shew you temporal things before spiritual. And Jehovah resting upon the woman's seed, invited them, but when they took the life of this world from his temple, he entered into it, and shut the door upon them, that they should not enter; but it is now open—come and eat and live for ever! “The Spirit and the Bride say, Come; and he that will, let him come, and take of the water of life freely.” Rev. xxii. 17. “Behold, I set before you an open door, and no man can shut it.” Rev. iii. 8.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by John Thomson.

Wakefield, 6th of 9th month, 1835. If a man obey the law, hath death any power over him?

Answer.—No. And be thou sensible of this, that to those who obey the law, there remaineth no debt to be paid. For Jesus says, “If a man keep my sayings, he shall never taste of death.” John viii. 22. And the time is now come, that I am visiting the house of Israel who dwell on the planet, and am wait

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