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for circumcision ceased during the forty years that the children of Israel were in the wilderness; which is proved by Joshua, v. 5. And it ceased with the ten tribes, till the fulness of the Gentiles, till they had become as the Gentiles.

“ Again, The anointing shall be for a sign, that the priesthood shall be everlasting unto the sons of Aaron. Exod. xl. 15.)

« This also proves that everlasting is but for a time, or, how was it that the tribe of Judah took the priesthood in the woman's seed, being a tribe of which Moses spake nothing touching priesthood, (Heb. vii. 14,) and gave the sceptre unto the Gentiles, till their fulness, which is but for a time?

“Again, let the traveller look in Leviticus, “ This shall be an everlasting statute unto you, to make an atonement for the children of Israel for all their sins once a year.” Lev. xvi. 34.

“Let him discern righteous judgment, and discern what everlasting is; for this also proves that it is but a time. And let him read Psalm li. 16, 17, by which he will see that the above-mentioned statute was to cease; “For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.”

For ever is only a time, which is proved by the following passages :

“Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him for ever.” Exod. xxi. 6.

“And the sons of Aaron, the priests, shall blow with the trumpets; and they shall be to you for an ordinance for ever throughout your generations.” Num. X. 8.

“The earth with her bars was about me for ever." Jonah ii. 6.

“Everlasting, and for ever, are set times appointed by me, the Lord, but hid from man till he receive life eternal. Neither are those who are suffering the vengeance of eternal fire eternally damned, (Jude 7,) but only everlastingly, or for ever, which mean, for a time.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth, by William Tillotson.

Wakefield, 8th of 1st month, 1835. "THE man is the head of the woman, and Christ is the head of man, and God is the head of Christ, (1 Cor. xi. 3,) and he has given man the power of the sceptre to rule over the wife, in righteousness; but if he should neglect, the wife taketh it; yet God hath given him power, that he may rule.

“The laws of every country admit, that if a wife render not that which is due to the husband, he has power to make her desolate; then she cries, my earthly husband has always been dead to the knowledge of my other husband, and he has used me arbitrarily; she crieth unto heaven, and I hear her, and avenge her on that earthly husband.

“For the prince of the old world, and all whose hearts are after the cares of it, more than after me, are the sons of the bondwoman. The bondwoman, Hagar, the bondservant of Sarah and Abraham, she being given to Abraham for a wife, contrary to the law, is set typical of the old world, they being sayers of the law, but not doers thereof; and the freewoman, Sarah, the lawful wife of Abraham, is set typical of Jerusalem above-the bride; and Isaac, the son of the freewoman, is set typical of the bridegroom.

6 The life of the old world is Jerusalem and Zion below, which are in bondage, and Satan, the devil, is the prince of it: the life of the new world is Jerusalem and Zion above. The seed of the woman is the body for Christ, the bridegroom, with the Spirit of Jesus, and is their temple which they dwell in; and the seed of man is the temple for the Spirit of the bride, with the spirit of man, to dwell in.

“The Son of the freewoman has not lost the sceptre; but when the Hebrews refused the woman's seed to reign, and put him to death, Christ raised the body again, and took the sceptre from them, and shewed them that he was the freewoman's son, and that he rules in righteousness, and will judge between the children of the bondwoman and the children of the freewoman.

“ Hagar, the bondwoman, was set typical of the law that was given on Mount Sinai, which they obeyed not, but brought themselves into heavier bondage.

66 Those whose bodies die, are the children of the resurrection, whether they die the death of the righteous or the wicked; and the aliens who are to live a thousand years, (sin being taken away from reigning over them,) are the children of the bondwoman, blood being the life of their temples during the thousand years, and they are servants to the children of the freewoman. But those whose bodies will not die, but put on immortality, are the children of the freewoman-the bride---possessors of the earth and the kingdom.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth, by William Tillotson.

Wakefield, 9th of 1st month, 1835. The words of the Lord came unto me this morning :

“Hear, O messenger, the words to the house of Israel, and proclaim them in the ears of Israel, for they are the words I declared unto thee ten years since, and I will renew them within ten years, and bring them to pass in many nations; England the first.

50 England, hear thy peace, if thou wilt receive it. The day shall come, when he that labours above the number of hours that are passed in both houses of parliament, shall be as though he had robbed his government; he shall be as though he had forged ; his neighbours shall rise up against him, and say, Thou

hast entered into other men's labour, and robbed our children.

"And in those days, and at that time, it shall be woe to the sluggard, the wine-bibber, and the glutton, and to every wilful breaker of the law. For in those days, and at that time, my law shall be precious in every man's heart, throughout the twelve tribes of the house of Israel. And every branch that abides in the vine, shall gather themselves together, when they are not in labour, as great bands of soldiers, singing praises and glory unto me their Lord—their Redeemer : they shall make the woods echo, and the vallies shall ring again with their voices. Every man's heart shall be merry, as though he was full of wine ; and those who are not in the vine will say, These men are deranged. Yet, for all this, their hearts shall be towards them, and their desire shall be, to be with them. I have declared it, and I will not alter; I will bring it to pass, and it shall not be changed. For man and beast shall rest, and I will work, and wisdom I will give unto man to find out, and he that seeks it shall find it. They assert it is their own wisdom, but I will confound them. And for the house of Israel, though they be little in the eyes of the unbelieving world, yet they shall be great; for where I gather them, and where I cause them to be, the earth shall give its increase; the trees shall yield their fruit, the insect shall be weak, they shall only have to say that it is there; sickness will I take away from amongst them. These are the days of which Daniel spoke—“ Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.” Daniel xii. 12. For within these days the whole twelve tribes of the house of Israel shall be married unto me, their Lord and Master; their flowers shall appear, and the seed shall be within the flower, and the world shall not know of it, and they shall bear immortal fruit. When the world shall see the flowers disappear, the seed then shall appear, whose substance is in itself, whose kingdom


will work and he that dom, but I will they be lit

is eternal. Then shall they have passed the time of, for ever and ever, there shall be no time limited unto them--they are eternal. “So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption : It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power : It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body.” 1 Cor. xv. 42–44.

6. Every man's body that dieth, dishonoureth me, though it die not under the sentence of the second death; when the body dieth, it is sown in the grave, corruptible, it is raised incorruptible as the angels; but to the living, it is sown in the womb, in weakness, under the promise, and becometh a natural body; it is raised in power in immortality, and shall be immortal in the image of mine own eternity. I will confound the learned, even by the words of thy mouth, touching this matter; they mix the living with the dead, and the time that I say the soul that sinneth shall not go unpunished, they make eternal. But the things that they limit, shall appear to be limited unto them, and the things which they measure others with, shall appear to be measured unto them, that they may know my name is Mercy, which Satan, cannot change.

"Now I will shew to the house of Israel athing before it come to pass, which the world shall in no wise believe, till it be fulfilled. All manner of labour shall be performed without animals; the pressure of the fire of the air shall work any kind of engine, without the fire that is produced by fuel; yet it shall require men to minister to it, as the house of Israel shall minister to me. Man shall have power to command the work thereof, as a boy has to direct a kite in the air, when he has let it out to the length of the band. And a number of the house of Israel shall get into a carriage or vessel, and it shall carry them a thousand miles between the rising and setting of the sun; for it shall be performed both by sea and land: and they shall worship with their brethren whom

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