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pointed to conduct an empire, and the other to sweep a street in it, they would feel no inclination to choose employments.” “The post of honour in an army, is not with the baggage, nor with the women.” “What some call providential openings are often powerful temptations. The heart, in wandering, cries, “Here is a way opened before me;’ but, perhaps, not to be trodden, but rejected.” “Young people marry as others study navigation, by the fire-side. If they marry unsuitably, they can scarcely bring things to rule; but, like sailors, they must sail as near the wind as they can. I feel myself like a traveller with his wife in his chaise and one: if the ground is smooth, and she keeps the right pace, and is willing to deliver the reins when I ask for them, I am always willing to let her drive.” “A Christian should never plead spirituality for being a sloven: if he be but a shoe-cleaner, he should be the best in the parish.” “My course of study, like that of a surgeon, has principally consisted in walking the hospital.” “In divinity, as well as in the other professions, there are the little artists. A man may be able to execute the buttons of a statue very neatly, but I could not call him an able artist. There is an air, there is a taste, to which his narrow capacity cannot reach.” “My principal method of defeating heresy,

is, by establishing truth.-One proposes to fill a bushel with tares: now if I can fill it first with wheat, I shall defy his attempts.” When some people talk of religion, they mean they have heard so many sermons, and performed so many devotions; and thus mistake the means for the end. But true religion is a habitual recollection of God and intention to serve him; and this turns every thing into gold. We are apt to suppose that we need something splendid to evince our devotion, but true devotion equals things— washing plates, and cleaning shoes, is a high office, if performed in a right spirit.—If three angels were sent to earth, they would feel perfect indif. ference who should perform the part of primeminister, parish-minister, or watchman.” “When a ship goes to sea, among a vast variety of its articles and circumstances there is but one object regarded, namely, doing the business of the voyage: every bucket is employed with respect to that.” “Many have puzzled themselves about the origin of evil: I observe there is evil, and that there is a way to escape it; and, with this, I begin and end.” “Consecrated things, under the Law, were first sprinkled with blood, and then anointed with oil, and thenceforward were no more common. Every Christian has been a common vessel for profane purposes; but, when sprinkled and anointed,

under the Gospel, he becomes separated and consecrated to God.” “I would not give a straw for that assurance which sin will not damp. If David had come from his adultery, and had talked of his assurance at that time, I should have despised his speech.” “A spirit of adoption is the spirit of a child: he may disoblige his father, yet he is not afraid of being turned out of doors. The union is not dissolved, though the communion is. He is not well with his father, therefore must be unhappy, as their interests are inseparable.” “We often seek to apply cordials when the patient is not prepared for them: and it is to the patient's advantage, that he cannot take a medicine when prematurely offered. When a man comes to me, and says, “I am quite happy,” I am not sorry to find him come again with some fears.I never saw a work of grace stand well without a check. “I only want,’ says one, “to be sure of being safe, and then I will go on”—No ; perhaps, then you will go off.” “A Christian in the world, is like a man who has had a long intimacy with one whom at length he finds to have been the murderer of a kind father: the intimacy, after this, will surely be broken.” “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.—A man may live in a deep mine in Hungary, never having seen the light of the sun: he may have received accounts of prospects, and, by the help of a candle, may have examined a few engravings of them; but, let him be brought out of the mine, and set on the mountain—what a difference appears!” “Candour will always allow much for inexperience. I have been thirty years forming my own views; and, in the course of this time, some of my hills have sunk, and some of my vallies have risen: but, how unreasonable would it be to expect all this should take place in another person; and that, in the course of a year or two !” “Candour forbids us to estimate a character from its accidental blots. Yet it is thus that TXavid, and others, have been treated.” “Apollos met with two candid people in the Church: they neither ran away because he was legal, nor were carried away because he was eloquent.” “There is the analogy of faith: it is a masterkey, which not only opens particular doors, but carries you through the whole house. But an attachment to a rigid system is dangerous.-Luther once turned out the Epistle of St. James, because it disturbed his system. I shall preach, perhaps, very usefully upon two opposite texts, while kept apart; but, if I attempt nicely to reconcile them, it is ten to one if I do not begin to bungle.” “We are surprised at the fall of a famous professor; but, in the sight of God, the man was gone before: we, only, have now first discovered it. He, that despiseth small things, shall fall by dittle and little.” “There are critical times of danger. After great services, honours, and consolations, we should stand upon our guard. Noah—Lot— David—Solomon, fell in these circumstances. Satan is a robber: a robber will not attack a man in going to the Bank, but in returning with his pocket full of money.” “A Christian is like a young nobleman, who on going to receive his estate, is at first enchanted with its prospects: this, in a course of time, may wear off; but a sense of the value of the estate grows daily.” “When we first enter into the divine life, we propose to grow rich: God's plan is to make us jeel poor.” “Good men have need to take heed of building upon groundless impressions. Mr. Whitfield had a son, whom he imagined born to be a very extraordinary man: but the son soon died, and the father was cured of his mistake.” “Christ has taken our nature into heaven, to represent us; and has left us on earth, with his nature, to represent him.” “Worldly men will be true to their principles; and if we were as true to ours, the visits between the two parties would be short and seldom.” “A Christian in the world, is like a man trans

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