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acting his affairs in the rain. He will not suddenly leave his client, because it rains; but, the moment the business is done, he is gone: as it is said in the Acts, Being let go, they went to their own company."

“ The Scriptures are so full, that every case may be found in them.--A rake went into a church, and tried to decoy a girl, by saying, 'Why do you attend to such stuff as these Scriptures ?'— Because,' said she, “they tell me, that, in the last days, there shall come such scoffers as you.”

“ God deals with us as we do with our children: he first speaks; then, gives a gentle 'stroke; at last, a blow.

“ The religion of a sinner stands on two pillars; namely, what Christ did for us in his flesh, and what he performs in us by his Spirit. Most errors arise from an attempt to separate these two."

“ Man is not taught any thing to purpose till God becomes his teacher: and then the glare of the world is put out, and the value of the soul rises in full view. A man's present sentiments may not be accurate, but we make too much of sentiments. We pass a field with a few blades: we call it a field of wheat; yet here is no wheat in perfection; but wheat is sown, and full ears may be expected."

“ The word Temperance, in the New Testament, signifies self-possession: it is a disposition

suitable to one who has a race to run, and therefore will not load his pockets with lead.”

“ Contrivers of systems on the earth, are like contrivers of systems in the heavens; where the sun and moon keep the same course, in spite of the philosophers.

“ I endeavour to walk through the world as a physician goes through Bedlam: the patients make a noise, pester him with impertinence, and binder him in his business; but he does the best he can, and so gets through.”

“A man always in society, is one always on the spend: on the other hand, a mere solitary is, at his best, but a candle in an empty room."

“ If we were upon the watch for improvement, the common news of the day would furnish it: the falling of the tower in Siloam, and the slaughter of the Galileans, were the news of the day; which our Lord improved.”

“ The generality make out their righteousness, by comparing themselves with some others whom they think worse. A woman of the town, who was dying of disease in the Lock Hospital, was offended at a minister speaking to her as a sinner, because she had never picked a pocket.”

“ Take away a toy from a child and give him another, and he is satisfied; but if he be hungry, no toy will do. As new-born babes, true believers desire the sincere milk of the word; and the desire of

grace, in this way, is grace.”

One said that the great Saints in the Calendar were many of them poor Sinners. Mr. N. replied, “ They were poor Saints indeed, if they did not feel that they were great Sinners.”

“ A wise man looks upon men as he does upon horses, and considers their caparisons of title, wealth, and place, but as harness.”

“ The force of what we deliver from the pulpit is often lost by a starched, and what is frequently called a correct style; and, especially, by adding meretricious ornaments. I called upon a lady who had been robbed, and she gave me a striking account of the fact; but had she put it into heroics, I should neither so well have understood her, nor been so well convinced that she had been robbed.”

“ When a man says he received a blessing under a sermon, I begin to enquire the character of the man who speaks of the help he has received. The Roman people proved the effect they received under a sermon of Antony, when they flew to avenge the death of Cæsar.”

“ The Lord has reasons far beyond our ken, for opening a wide door, while he stops the mouth of a useful preacher.-John Bunyan would not have done half the good he did, if he had remained preaching in Bedford, instead of being shut up

in Bedford prison.”

“ If I could go to France, and give every man in it a right and peaceable mind by my labour, I should have a statue: but, to produce such an

effect in the conversion of one soul, would be a far greater achievement.”

“ Ministers would over-rate their labo urs, if they did not think it worth while to be born, and spend ten thousand years in labour and contempt, to recover one soul.”

“ Don't tell me of your feelings. A traveller would be glad of fine weather; but, if he be a man of business, he will go on.-Bunyan says, you must not judge of a man's haste by his horse: for when the horse can hardly move, you may see, by the rider's urging him, what a hurry he is in."

A man and a beast may stand upon the same mountain, and even touch one another; yet they are in two different worlds: the beast perceives nothing but the grass; but the man contemplates the prospect, and thinks of a thousand remote things.--Thus a Christian may be solitary at a full exchange: he can converse with the people there upon trade, politics, and the stocks; but they cannot talk with him upon the peace of God which passeth all understanding."

“ It is a mere fallacy to talk of the sins of a short life. The sinner is always a sinner.-Put a pump into a river, you may throw out some water, but the river remains."

“ Professors, who own the doctrines of free grace, often act inconsistently with their own principle when they are angry at the defects of others. A company of travellers fall into a pit:

one of them gets a passenger to draw him out. Now he should not be angry with the rest for falling in; nor because they are not yet out, as he is. He did not pull himself out : instead, therefore, of reproaching them, he should shew them pity. He should avoid, at any rate, going down upon their ground again; and shew how much better and happier he is upon his own.-We should take care that we do not make our profession of religion a receipt in full for all other obligations. A man, truly illuminated, will no more despise others, than Bartimeus, after his own eyes were opened, would take a stick, and beat every blind man he met.”

“ We much mistake, in supposing that the removal of a particular objection would satisfy the objector. Suppose I am in bed, and want to know whether it be light, it is not enough if I draw back the curtain; for though there be light, I must have eyes to see it.”

“ Too deep a consideration of eternal realities might unfit a man for his present circumstances.

- Walking through St. Bartholomew's Hospital, or Bedlam, must deeply affect a feeling mind; but, in reality, this world is a far worse scene. It has but two wards: in the one, men are miserable; in the other, mad."

“ Some preachers near Olney dwelt on the doctrine of predestination : an old woman said-Ah! I have long settled that point: for, if God had not

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