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The oppressive Abuses of Authority or Power, are very provoking to the merciful God, and what he has threatned terribly to punish. ibid.

X. MURDERERS, are Transgressors of the sixth Commandment, and are appointed of God 10 suffer . bis Vengeance both in this world, and the next. p. 12.

He is a Murderer, who designedly, and maliciously takes away the Life of another. ibid.

Of FIGHTING Duels. p. 13.

The Occasion of a Duel is fome Injury, or Provocation by the Challenged, either imaginary or real : Often it is imaginary, fome Words or Behaviour of the Pcrfon challenged, misrepresented, or misunderstood; and often a cool Inquiry into the Case would. prevent a Quarrel, and confirm a Friendship.

But suppose Challengers to be really injured, the Laws of the Land have provided a Remedy, which be may use without Shame or Dibonour, and without becoming a bloody Criminal before God and Man. A Remedy which he may use with Reputation, by having bis Cause heard before proper Judges, and their Sentence given upon the Evidence of the Witnesses of each Party.

But he must not murder the Man that has offended him, (ibid) and thereby rebel agains, and subvert the Laws of God, and his Country.

And as to the Challenged, the Reason for his wicked Acceptance of the Challenge is very vain: He doth it to avoid the Chara&ter of being a Coward, but better to be thought fo by unreasonable Men, than in Contradi&tion to the Law of the great God, vio

lently and maliciously to take away the Life of anolber. I p. 14.

The Case of a Duel, stated both as to the Chal· lenger, and the Challenged. p. 14.

The dreadful Consequences of Fighting a Duel, both as to the Perfon killing, and the Perfon killed. p. 14. 15.

6. That the Time of the general Resurrection will be very solemn, magnificent, and awful.

Of the CHANGE, that will be made in the Bodies of those, who shall be living at the Time of the general Resurrealion. And that it will make their Bodies incorruptible and immortal.

Lastly. It is predicted, that the Saints Mall have an Inheritance, but not be put into the Posesion of it, till the Day of Judgment. A Kingdom seems to be ibe Inberitance promised to them; and as suitable to such an Inheritance, it is foretold, that they hall have a Crown of Righteousness, and a Crown of Life ; and that they all reign, reign in Life by Jesus Christ. p. 79.

LETTER VIII. Of Predictions of Events, subsequent to the Day of Judgment, which will be astonishingly terrible to the Wicked, and inexpresibly happy and glorious to the Saints. P 107.


L E T T E R IX. • Of PredICTIONS, relative to sincere Christians

in Times of publick Calamities ; some of which are general; and others particular. In Regard,

1. To their Safety in Times of War. 2. To their being provided for in Famines. 3. To their Prefer. vation in Seasons of the Pestilence. 4. To their being kept from distressing Fears, when defolating Judgments are on the Wicked. p. 114.

L E T T E R X. . CONTAINING an Answer to the Question, viz. Whether the publick Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's Days, is an Ordinance of divine Appointment, and a Part of the Worship, which God requires from his People?? p. 140.


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