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thee by a chearful and constant Obedience to all thy Laws and Commands, and so employ the Time which thou allowest for my Continuance in this World, as shall be most for thy Glory and the Salvation of my own Soul, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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A Prayer for a Person who has loft

Friends or Poffeffions by the Effects of
an Earthquake or Flood.
Most gracious Lord God, who

makest all things work together for Good to those who love and obey thee, give thy Grace, I beseech thee, to me and to all others whom thou hast afflicted by the Loss of Friends, the Loss of Poffefsions, or of any other worldly Comfort. Thou hast given, and thou hast taken away; blessed be thy holy Name. Glory be to thee for our Deliverance from Death, and for


that Measure of the Necessaries and Conveniencies of Life which we still enjoy. Make us truly thankful for these thy Mercies; make us patient and contented under all thy Dealings towards us; sanctify our temporal Losses to the Good of our Souls ; give us that Portion of outward Blessings which thou knoweft to be best for us ; and grant, that beholding the Vanity and Uncertainty of all earthly Satisfactions, we may there fix our Hearts where true Joys are to be found, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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XI. For a Person who has led a wicked Life,

and desires to reform. Most gracious Lord God, have

Mercy upon me thy sinful Creature, and forgive the many Offences which I have committed against thy divine Majesty. I thank thee, O Lord, that thou hast not cut

and great


me off in the midst of my Sins, but hast afforded me Time to reflect on my past Life, and to intreat thy Grace and Mercy. O continue this thy Goodness towards me, allowing me yet farther Space for a full and effectual Repentance and an intire Amendment of Life. Strengthen my faint Resolutions and Purposes, aflist


weak Endeavours, and subdue my unruly Will and Affections by the Power of thy Holy Spirit. Make me careful toavoid every thing displeasing to thee, and keep me particularly from those Sins to which I am most inclined and accustomed: And grant, that being cleansed, renewed, and perfected by thy Grace, I may yield a ready Obedience to all thy Commandments, through Jesus Christ, my blefled Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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