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For a Tiine of



Violent FLOODS:

Suited to the various Occasions and

Circumstances of Persons who are apprehensive of such Calamities, or have already felt the Effects of them.

By JAMES MERRICK, M. A. Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.

Sold by John Rivington, in St. Paul's

Church-yard. 1756.
[ Price id or 7 s. a Hundred. ]

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R E A D E R.

HE present Situation of
the Author (who has

lain under a long and painful illness, which makes a very little Application to Writingand Reading oppressive to him) may plead in fome Measure for any Defects to be observed in the following Collection of Devotions. Had he not found this little Attempt too much for him, he might perhaps have made fome Addition to it. As it now stands, he has been encouraged to hope, that the Publication of it may be of some Use.


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THE Use of Prayer and Re

pentance, at a Time when we

are threatened with Earthquakes, Inundations, or other likeEvents, may be considered under three Views; as intended either to secure to us a happy Condition in another Life, in case we perish by them, or to keep the Events themselves from happening, or lastly to bespeak God's Care and Providence for our personal Safety when they do happen. I shall offer fome Reflections relating to each of these Points.

When the Calamities of the Time are regarded as the Fruit of our Sins, and Tokens of God's Anger, the Importance and Necessity of forsaking our Sins, and of recommending ourselves to the Favour of God by a ftrict Ob



fervance of his Laws, are clear and obvious to every Understanding. But if fuch Changes in the natural World were not the Signs of divine Wrath, nor the Destruction of some Persons and Preservation of others the immediate Appointment of Providence, though there would then indeed be po Hope of averting the temporal Calamities which threaten us, either by Prayer or any other religious Performances, yet in this case likewise, the Neceflity and Advantage of addressing ourselves to God it: Prayer, and applying ourselves to the Duties of Religion with all poifable Diligence, must appear to every thinking Man in the strongest Light. For whether we consider the astonith.. ing Events, which have lately alarmned the World, as the Effects of Sin or not, fure we are that we have finned, and we know likewise, that if we die in our Sins, we must suffer the Vengeance of God in another World, however we may escape it in this. When therefore we hear Accounts of Earth


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