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cellor in 1529. Dispute with the judges. Integrity. Dise
interestedness. Patronage of the arts. Religious controver-
sies. His persecution of the Protestants. Disinterested
zeal. Difficulties relative to the divorce. Resignation of
the chancellorship. Poverty. Filial piety. Invitation to
Court. Indictment with the Maid of Kent-relinquished.
Resignation and fortitude. Accused of corruption-of
misprison of treason. Sent to the Tower. Cheerfulness.
Interview with his daughter with his wife. Indicted for
high treason. Condemnation.

Condemnation. Interview with his daugh-
ter. Execution on 6th June 1535. Character. Pp. 1-154.




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Birth and parentage. Education at Cambridge at Gray's
Inn. Introduction at court. Appointed Custos Brevi-

Master of the Requests. Secretary of State. In-
volved in the fall of Somerset. Restored to office. Con.
duct to Somerset. Diligence in office. Effects a change
in the carrying trade of England. Proposes alterations
in the staple. His favour with Edward VI. Conduct
relative to Northumberland's designs. Temporary retire-
ment from public affairs. Connection with Cardinal Pole.
Defence of the Protestants. Corresponds with Elizabeth
before her accession. Made Secretary of State, (1558,)

and Prime Minister.
Cecil's policy relative to religion. His civil policy-Re.

formation of the coin--Regard to public opinion-Care of
public education--Financial plans--Frugality-Opposi-
tion to grants to courtiers--Improvement of the soldiers'
condition Management of the revenue-Attachment to

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