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Divine Service



Proved to be taken out of the Holy

Bible, and agrecable to the Practice
of the Primitive Church'; and now
Published for the Information and
Instruction of those who Dillent
from the Church of Englarid;

With a Preface by the Reverend Dr. Brett.

Re-printed by Mr. ROBERT FREEBAIRN:


738. g. 466.

To Mr. Keble,


V ou are pleased to desire my Opinion of ,. a small Treatise, called, The Publick

Divine Service of the Church, or the Common-Prayer-Book, proved to be taken out of the Bible, óc. The Design is certainly very good, and as well as I can judges the Performance fully Answers the Design; for the References are just and fair, the Exprellions in every Petition of our Prayers; or Suffrages; being exa&tly agreeable to those Texts which the judicious Author has affixed to them, in many places being the very Words of the Scripture, and when they are not fo, are perfecta ly. Confonant thereto. I hope it may be of great use to convince well-meaning Dissemiters, that our Liturgy was not taken from the Mass-Book, a they are commonly perswaded to think it was.'

And although several of the Prayer's,' Hynins and Suffrages inay be found in the Romish Pontifical, yet they are not retained by his because

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As to Liturgy, that is, a prescribed Form of Prayer, to be used in our Solemn Alemblies for Divine Worship; it is certain, the Church of God was never without one, either under the Law or the Gospel: The many Forms of Prayer and Praises, of Confesion, Deprecation and Intèrcesion, which are to be found not only in the Book of Pfalms, which is altogether made up of such Forms, but which are also scattered here and there throughout most of the Books, both of the old and new Testament, are a full Evie' dence of the Divine Insitution of such Forms. The many places which this judicious Author has referred to in the following Treatife, have, I think, cleared this Point beyond Dispute. And the many learned Gentlemen who have wrote Paraphrasës, or Rationales, or Explanations on our Book of Common-Prayer, have not only proved the Lawfulness but Expediency, yèa, Neo. ceflity of set Forms for publick Worship, mbase

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