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holy arguments to move to goodness of life from that has sinned; yea, so to plead them that he the love and goodness of God, but not thence to may be saved. This being so, he is made to be remiss, 1 Cor. v. 14.

perceive that by law he must have his sins for. 2. Know therefore that they have no grace given him ; that by justice he must be justified. that find not these effects of the discoveries of For Christ as an advocate pleadeth for justice, the love and goodness of God.

justice to himself; and this saint is of himself, 3. Know also that among all the swarms of "a member of his body, of his flesh, and his professors that from age to age make mention of bones." the name of Christ, they only must dwell with Nor has Satan so good a right to plead justice him in heaven that depart from iniquity, (2 Tim. against us, though we have sinned, that we might ii. 19,) and such only are sanctified as he hath be damned, as Christ has to plead it, though we redeemed to himself by faith in him, Acts, have sinned, that we might be saved; for sin xxvi, 18.

cannot cry so loud to justice as can the blood of USE 7. Is it so? Is Jesus Christ an advocate Christ; and he pleads his blood as advocate, by with the Father for us? Then this should en- which he has answered the law; wherefore the courage strong Christians to tell the weak ones law having nothing to object, must needs acquit where, when they are in their temptations and the man for whom the Lord Jesus pleads. I confears through sin, they may have one to plead clude this with that of the Psalmist, “ Surely his their cause. Tbus the apostle doth by the text; salvation is nigh them that fear him, that glory and thus we should do one to another. Mark, may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth are he telleth the weak of an advocate : “My little met together, righteousness and peace have kissed children, I write unto you,” &c.

each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth, Christians, when they would comfort their de and righteousness shall look down from heaven; jected brethren, talk too much at rovers (random) yea, the Lord shall give that which is good, and or in generals ; they should be more at the mark : | our land shall yield her increase. Righteousness " A word spoken in season, how good is it?" shall go before him, and shall lead us the way of I say, Christians should observe and inquire, that his steps." they may observe the cause or ground of their USE 8. But what is all this to you that are brother's trouble; and having first taken notice not concerned in this privilege? The children, of that, in the next place consider under which of indeed, have the advantage of an advocate ; but the offices of Jesus Christ this sin or trouble has what is this to them that have nope to plead their cast this man; and so labour to apply Christ in cause, (Jer. xxx. 12, 13;) they are, as we say, left the word of the gospel to him. Sometimes we to the wide world, or to be ground to powder beare bid to consider him as an apostle and high-tween the justice of God and the sins which they priest, and sometimes as forerunner and an advo- | have committed. This is the man that none but cate. And he has, as was said afore, these divers the devil seeks after; that is pursued by the law, offices, with others, that we by the consideration | and sin, and death, and has none to plead his of him might be relieved under our manifold cause. It is sad to consider the plight that such temptations. This, as I said, as I perceive John an one is in. His accuser is appointed, yea, orteaches us here, as he doth a little before of his dered to bring in a charge against him—“ Let being a sacrifice for us ; for he presenteth them Satan stand at his right hand,” (Psa. cix. 6, 7,) that after conversion shall sin with Christ as an in the place where accusers stand. “And when advocate with the Father. As who should say, he shall be judged, let him be condemned, let My brethren, are you tempted, are you accused, there be none to plead for his deliverance." If have you sinned, has Satan prevailed against he cries, or offereth to cry out for mercy or foryou? " We have an advocate with the Father, giveness, “ let his prayer become sin.” “ This is Jesus Christ the righteous."

the portion of a wicked man : terrors take hold Thus we should do, and deliver our brother on him as waters, a tempest stealeth him away in from death. There is nothing that Satan more the night, the east wind carrieth him away, and desires than to get good men in his sieve to sift he departeth, and as a storm hurled him out of them as wheat, that if possible he may leave his place ; for God shall cast upon him, and not them nothing but bran; po grace, but the very spare; he would fain flee out of his hand. Men husk and shell of religion. And when a Christian shall clap their hands at him, and shall hiss him comes to know this, should Christ as advocate be out of his place,” Job, xxvii. 20-23. And what hid, what could bear him up? But let him now shall this man do? Can he withstand the charge, remember and believe that " we have an advo the accusation, the sentence, and condemnation ? cate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous," | No, he has none to plead his cause. I remember and he forth with conceiveth comfort; for an ad that somewhere I have read, as I think, concerning vocate is to plead for me according as has been one who, when he was being carried upon men's shewed afore, that I may be delivered from the shoulders to the grave, cried out as he lay upon wrath and accusation of my adversary, and still the bier, I am accused before the just judgment of be kept safe under grace.

God; and awhile after, I am condemned before Further, by telling of my brother that he hath the just judgment of God. Nor was this man but an advocate, I put things into his mind that he strict as to the religion that was then on foot in the has not known, or do bring them into remem- world; but all the religion of the world amounts brance which he has forgotten — to wit, that to no more than nothing, (I mean as to eternal though he hath sinned, he shall be saved in a salvation,) if men be denied an advocate to plead way of justice ; for an advocate is to plead justice their cause with God. Nor can any advocate save and law, and Christ is to plead these for å saint | Jesus Christ the righteous avail anything at all,

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because there is none appointed but him to that had given them the profit and benefit of all his work, and therefore not to be admitted to enter offices in their due exercise and administration, a plea for their client at the bar of God.

But, I say, what is all this to them that have him OBJECT.-But some may say, There is God's not for their advocate ? grace, the promise, Christ's blood, and his second You may remember that I have already told part of priesthood now in heaven. Can none of you that there are several who have not the Lord these severally, nor all of them jointly, save a Jesus for their advocate-to wit, those that are man from hell, unless Christ becomes his advo- still in their sips, pursuing of their lusts; those cate.

that are ashamed of him before men; and those ANSW.--All these, his advocate's office not ex- that are never otherwise but lukewarm in their 'cluded, are few enough, and little enough, to save profession. And let us now, for a conclusion,

the saints from hell; for “the righteous shall make further inquiry into this matter. scarcely be saved," i Pet. iv. 18. There must, Is it likely that those should have the Lord then, be the promise, God's grace, Christ's blood, Jesus for their advocate, to plead their cause, and him to advocate too, or we cannot be saved. who despise and reject his person, his word, and What is the promise without God's grace, and ways? or those either who are so far off from what is that grace without a promise to bestow it sense of, and shame for, sin, that it is the only on us? I say, what benefit have we thereby ? | thing they hug and embrace ? True, he pleadeth Besides, if the promise and God's grace, without the cause of his people both with the Father and Christ's blood, would have saved us, wherefore against the devil, and all the world besides; but then did Christ die? Yea, and again I say, if open profaneness, shame of good, and without all these, without his being an advocate for us, heart or warmth in religion, are no characters of would have delivered us from all those disadvan- his people. tages that our sins and infirmities would bring us It is irrational to think that Christ is an advoto and into, surely in vain and to no purpose was cate for, or that he pleadeth the cause of, such Jesus made an advocate. But, soul, there is who in the self-same hour, and before his enemies, need of all; and therefore be not thou offended are throwing dirt in his face by their profane that the Lord Jesus is of the Father made so mouths and unsanctified lives and conversations. much to his, but rather admire and wonder that If he pleads as an advocate for any, he must the Father and the Son should be so concerned plead against Satan for them, and so consequently with so sorry a lump of dust and ashes as thou must have some special bottom to ground his art. And I say again, be confounded to think plea upon; I say, a bottom better than that upon that sin should be a thing so horrible, of power which the carnal man stands; which bottom is to pollute, to captivate, and detain us from God, either some special relation that this man stands that without all this ado (I would speak with re- in to God, or some special law he hath privilege verence of God and his wisdom) we cannot be by, that he may have some ground for an appeal, delivered from the everlasting destruction that if need be, to the justice and righteousness of it hath brought upon the children of men. I God; but none of these things belong to them

But, I say, what is this to them that are ad- that are dead in trespasses and sins; they stand mitted to a privilege in the advocate office of in no special relation to God; they are not priChrist? Whether he is an advocate or no, the vileged by the law of grace. case to them is the same. True, Christ as a OBJECT.-But doth not Christ as advocate Saviour is not divided; he that hath him not in plead for his elect, though not called as yet? all, shall have him in none at all of his offices in Answ.-He died for all his elect, he prayeth a saving manner. Therefore he for whom he is for all his elect as a priest, but as an advocate he not an advocate, he is nothing, as to eternal life. pleadeth only for the children, the called only.

Indeed, Christ by some of his offices is con- Satan objecteth not against God's election, for he cerned for the elect before by some of them he is; knows it not; but he objecteth against the but such shall have the blessing of them all be called-to wit, whether they be truly godly or no, fore they come to glory. Nor bath a man ground (Job, i. 9, 10; Zech. iii.,) or whether they ought to say Christ is here or there mine before he has not to die for their transgressions. And for these ground to say he also is mine advocate; though things he has some colour to frame an accusation that office of his, as has been already shewed, against us, (and now it is time enough for Christ stands in the last place, and comes in as a reserve to stand up to plead ;) I say, for these things he But can any imagine that Christ will pray for has some colour to frame a plea against us; for them as priest for whom he will not plead as ad- | there are sin and a law of works, and a judge too, vocate ? or that he will speak for them to God that has not respect of persons. Now to overfor whom he will not plead against the devil ? throw this plea of Satan is Jesus Christ our adNo, no; they are his own, that he loveth to the vocate; yea, to overthrow it by pleading law and end, (John, xiii.,) to the end of their lives, to the justice; and this must be done with respect to end of their sins, to the end of their temptations, the children only—" My little children, I write to the end of their fears, and of the exercise of unto you that ye sin not. And if any man sin, the rage and malice of Satan against them. To we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus the end may also be understood, even until he | Christ the righteous.”







John, 1. 13 — " Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man,

but of God.

The words have a dependence on what goes be- / vile, but there is in them a will to be saved fore, and therefore I must direct you to them for also, a will to go to heaven also. But this the right understanding of it. You have it thus, it will not do, it will not privilege a man in -" He came to his own, but his own received the things of the kingdom of God; natural dehim not; but as many as received him, to them sires after the things of another world, they are gave he power to become the sons of God, even not an argument to prove a map shall go to heato them which believe on his name; which were ven whenever he dies. I am not a free-willer, I born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, do abhor it; yet there is not the wickedest man but of God.” In the words before, you have two | but he desires some time or other to be saved ; things

he will read some time or other, or, it may be, First, Some of his own rejecting him when he pray; but this will not do—" It is not in him offered himself to them.

that wills, nor in him that runs, but in God that Secondly, Others of his own receiving him, shews mercy;" there is willing and running, and and making him welcome. Those that reject yet to no purpose-Rom. ix. 16, “ Israel, which him he also passes by; but those that receive followed after the law of righteousness, have not him, he gives them power to become the sons of obtained it.” Here I do not understand as if God. Now, lest any one should look upon it as the apostle had denied a virtuous course of life good luck or fortune, says he, “ They were born, to be the way to heaven, but that a man without not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of grace, though he have natural gifts, yet he shall the will of man, but of God." They that did not not obtain privilege to go to heaven, and be the receive him, they were only born of flesh and son of God. Though a man without grace may blood; but those that receive him, they have have a will to be saved, yet he cannot have that God to their Father, they receive the doctrine of will God's way. Nature, it cannot know anyChrist with a vehement desire.

thing but the things of nature ; the things of First, I will shew you what he means by God knows no man but by the Spirit of God; “ blood.” They that believe are born to it, as an unless the Spirit of God be in you, it will leave heir is to an inheritance; they are born of God; you on this side the gates of heaven-“Not of not of flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God, blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will not of blood-that is, not by generation, not born of man, but of God." It may be some may have to the kingdom of heaven by the flesh; not be a will, a desire that Ishmael may be saved ; know cause I am the son of a godly man or woman, this, it will not save thy child. If it were our that is meant by blood-Acts, xvii. 26, “ He has will, I would have you all go to heaven. How made of one blood all nations." But when he many are there in the world that pray for their says here, “not of blood," he rejects all carnal children, and cry for them, and ready to die; and privileges they did boast of. They boasted they this will not do? God's will is the rule of all ; were Abraham's seed. No, no, says he ; it is not it is only through Jesus Christ, “ which were of blood; think not to say you have Abraham born, not of flesh, nor of the will of man, but of to your Father ; you must be born of God if you God.” Now I come to the doctrine. go to the kingdom of heaven.

Men that believe in Jesus Christ to the effecSecondly, « Nor of the will of the flesh." tual receiving of Jesus Christ, they are born to What must we understand by that?

it; he does not say they shall be born to it, but It is taken for those vehement inclinations they are born to it; born of God, unto God, and that are in man to all manner of looseness, the things of God, before they receive God to fulfilling the desires of the flesh, that must not eternal salvation. “Except a man be born be understood here ; men are not made the chil again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Now dren of God by fulfilling their lustful desires ; unless he be born of God, he cannot see it. Supit must be understood here in the best sense; pose the kingdom of God be what it will, he there is not only in carnal men a will to be cannot see it before he be begotten of God;


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