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This book was fascinating; to show me that I could be proud of my own intellect and also prejudice in my thinking, by claiming that I understood the LORD' s messages. It true that we must be born again; fill with the Spirit of God to understand the sayings of the LORD. I find myself examining my own thoughts about how I believe and am I willing to open up my mine to see things from another point of view. I recommend this book is a good read to anyone who wants to look deeply into the scriptures and into themselves. You will find a connection of how far we have stray away from the gospels and have given in to the natural man; which means we have neglected the inner man to appeals the outer man, which is ourselves. God is not please! Thank you Martin Lloyd-Jones for such insight and allowing me to see the kingdom of God more clearly. May the LORD continue to reveal Himself to you and lead His people back to truth!!!... thanks again!!!...I bought the book!!!.. 

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