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while his Mother who anderstood from her Husband what name was to be given him, pleaded that he should be named John, they opposd his being so calld, be. cause none of his Relations it appear'd had ever been of that name : not agreeing therefore about this matter, they enquir’d by Signs of Zacharias, who was still deaf and dumb, what name he would have his Son call's by. He by Signs prefently order'd å writing Table to be brought him, took it, and wrote the name Fohn upon it, which they all wonder'd at, it being customary to name Children after some one or other of their Ancestors.

Zacharias had no sooner written the name of his Son, but he instantly recover'd the former use both of his Ears and Tongue, and began to give thanks to God with a very audible Voice, which struck the Minds of all the Neighbors with the greatest wonder mixt with fear, and was divulg'd together with the other things I have related concerning the Birth of John through all the hill Country of Fuder. So that it made a deep Impression upon every one's Memory who heard it, and rais'd the expectation of all to observe what should attend this Child ; fince such wonder

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Ful things had preceded. and followed his Birth. His Father Zacbarias, as was said, having recover'd his Speech, and being influenc'd by the Holy Spirit, pronounc'd the following Prophecy : Praise be given to the great Creator of the Universe, whom the Ifraelites adore ; because the time of their Deliverance by him approaches. He will. Shortly. raife. up that King of

the family of David (who fo devoutly worship'd him heretofore) that Shall be : the Saviour of his people, and who was many Ages ago promis’d us by the Pro

phets. He shall deliver us from our Enemies, and all that hate us without cause. He will now bestow on us the favours he promis'd our Ancestors by the Cove

Dant he made with them, and the Oath by which he assurd Abraham the Father « iof our Nation, that the time should come in which we thould be fav'd from the

fear of all our Enemies, to serve him freely, joining Sanctity and Righteousness to cipar religious Worship, through the whole course of our lives. And, thes, o

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Child, all Mall esteem a Prophet of God, for thou shalt call the Jerps to Repentance and a new Life, and so before Cirift manifests himself to them shall prepare

their Minds as 'tis meet to receive him. Thou shalt inform thy Countrymen that stheir Salvation is at the door, and that if they turn to a holy course of Life God · will give them a remission of their Sins, seeing he is infinitely merciful, and is pleas'd to cause the new Light of Cbrift, who will suddenly be sent from Heaven, to arife, and enlighten us who have been wandring in the mists of Ignorance, and dired us into the way of Salvation.

As, the Child grew up, he improved in wisdom and strength of Mind beyond what was common, and was more frequently in Solitudes than Towns and Cities, until

he receiv'd his Commission from God to go, and preach Repentance to his Country:


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