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who at the beginning of the Night went on board, were now in the middle of the Lake steering towards Capernaum, when on the sudden the Water began to be agitated, and their Course was hindred by a contrary Wind. Now Jesus was not as yet come to them. When therefore by going against the Wind they had with great difficulty rowed about five and twenty or thirty Furlongs, near the fourth Watch of the night Jefus came towards them walking upon the Water 10 otherwise than if it had been dry Ground, and made as it he intended to pass by thein.

The Disciples seeing him not far from their Boat, took him for an Apparition, and cried out for fear : for they all saw him, and were mightily aitoniin'd. But


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and immediatly che Ship was at the land

whicher they went.. and they were fore amazed in themselves beyond measure, and wondred.

52 For they considered not the miracle of the loaves, for their

heart was hardened.. 33 Then they chat were in the ship, came, and worshipped him, saying, Of a truth chou. art the Son of God.

34 And when they 53 And when they were gone over, they had passed over, they came into the land of. came into the land of Gennefareth.

as and drew to the shore.

54 And when they
were come out of the
ship, straightway they.

knew him, 35. And when the 55 And ran through: men of that place had that whole region. knowledg of him, round about, and bethey sent out into all gan to carry about in that country round a- beds those that were bout, and brought fick, where they heard unco him all that were he was. diseased, tell all on the sudden, and they came in a short time to the place they steer'd to: Both these Miracles filld them with the greatest admiration of their Master, of whom they now conceiv'd a much more noble Idea than they had before: for so ftupid were they, that the miraculous feeding of five thousand men with five Loaves and two small Fishes, had made no Impression on them : But having seen him walking on the Water, they came to him, and fell down at his feet with this exclamation, Truly thou art the Son of God, or the Melah. Being landed not far from Capernaum in the Country of Gennefareth, which also gives name to the Lake, Jefus was presently known by the Inhabitants, and a world of people flock'd to him from all parts: for they that had first seen him presently told their Neighbuurs that that strange Person who had done so many Miracles was again come into those parts, the report of which occasion d abundance of fick people to be brought



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R 56 And whicher.

soever he entred into
villages, or cities, or

country, they laid the

1 fick in the streets, 36 And besoughr,

and befought him, that they might

** him that they might only touch the hem

*toiich, if ic were bur of his garment : and we bora

and the border of his garas many as touched me med ment : and as many as

were were made perfectly touched him,

" made whole. whole. ,


22 The day follow. ing, when the people which stood on the other side of the sea,

unto him in their Beds; and wherever he went in City, or Country, in the Streets and High Roads, the Sick were presented to him, and they desir'd they might be permitted to touch but the Hem of his Garment, and as many as touch'd .. it were curd of their Infirmities. .

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THE Multitude that remaind in the Territory of Bethsaida, taking notice

1: there was but one Boat on that fide the Lake when the Apostles put off from More, and knowing that Jesus was. left behind, they fought for him in all the


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the the Lake and followed buitend by hijo manly arguments d, your:great care

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