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this question to him : Which is the chiefest Precept in the Law ? Jesus immediatly replied. That was the greatest of all which bid the Femos remember there was but. One God, whom alone they were to worship with all the Affections of their Soul, Deut. 6. 4. 10. 12. This, said he is the greatest Command of all, and compre hends the whole Duty of Man towards God. The next like unto it enjoins the: loving of our Neighbor as one's self, and contains, if rightly understood, all the mutual Offices of Men one among another, Lev. 19. 18than which there was no greater Precept in the whole Law and that upon the observance of these depended the Authority of the Law and the Prophets; and upon the neglect of them, all the: Precepts contain' d in the Law and the Prophets would be altogether insignificant.. Then said a certain Lawyer, Mafter, thou hast rightly determind, since there is.


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As If David then 37 David therefore 44 David there. . . .
call him Lord, how is himself calleth him fore calleth him Lord,
he his fon?

Lord; and whence is how is he then his
he then his son? fon ?

And the com-
mon people heard him

gladly. 46 And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man (from

40 And after that, that day forth ) ask

they durft not ask hiin him any more que

any question at all. stions.

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GESUS having, as we have related, avoided the Snares laid for him by the Chief among the Jews, began to admonilh his Disciples and the rest of his Hearers not to be corrupted by their evil Example. The Lawyers and Pharisees, faid he, are appointed to instruct you in the Law of Moses : Take diligent heed therefore to what they recommend for your observation, and also not to imitate Kkk




CHAP. XXIII. CHAP. XII. CHA P. XX. not ye after their works ; for they say, and do not.

Beware of the 46. Beware of the

scribes, 4 For they bind J heavy burdens, and grievous to be born, and lay them on mens Thoulders: but they themselves will not move them wich one cf their fingers.

s But all their works they do, for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the which love to which desire to borders of their gar- go in long clothing, walk in long robes, ments,

and love falutations in and love greetings in 6 And love the up- the market-places, the markets, permost rooms at feasts, 39 And the chief and the highest and che chief seats in scats in the synagogues, seats in the synagogues, the synagogues, and the uppermost and the chief rooms

7 And greetings in rooms at feasts; at feasts; the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi..

& But be not ye cal

their Morals, which are by no means conformable to their Doctrine. Beware of the evil example of the Lawyers, who that they may seem to interpret the Law with great exactness, impose many difficult Ceremonies upon others, to which they themselves refuse to submit, and feverely injuin the observation of what they will by no means comply withal themselves; whereas men of integrity are wont in the first place carefully to practise that which they recommend to others. Whatever they do is merely out of ostentation, and for this reason they wear larger Phylacteries than ordinary, that the scarlet edgings of their Garments are broader, and their Robes longer : Thus they think to render themselves conspicuous, and to be dis stinguish'd from the Vulgar. But they betray the true grounds of their Singularity, by eagerly contending for the uppermost places at Entertainments, and the chief Seats in the Synagogue; by being delighted with the Salutations of the People in the Streets, and the honorable appellation of Rabbi (i. e. Mafter) which are fo far from being marks of a religious pious Disposition, that they are certain tokens of a proud and baughty Temper. As for you, who are all equal and Fellow



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