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THE two Disciples that were with him, having heard this repeated Testimony

1 of John concerning Jesus, immediately followed after Jesus, who turning back, ask'd 'em the reafon why they follow'd him. They replied, Master (a term by which the Jews are wont to falute men skill'd in their Law) we were desirous to inform our felves of the place of your Habitation. Jejus told 'em they might satisfy themfelves if they would go along with him. Accordingly they accompanied hiin, the Sun being about two hours high, and continued with him till the Evening. One of 'em was Andrew the Brother of Simon, who was afterwards callid Peter.

He, having met his Brother who had heard nothing as yet concerning Jesus, told him he had found the Melfiah, and acquainted him with what we have before related.


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happening to fail, Mary who took notice of it, and had seen her son perform Miracles which are not recorded, desired her Ion to supply the present deficiency by some Miracle, acquainting him that the Wine was spent. But Jesus replied, and told her, She had no need to put him in mind of whatever was fitting for him to perform ; besides, that the time was not yet come in which he was to work Miracles in publick, but notwithstanding that he was ready to comply with her Request in this particular. Mary therefore call'd the Servants and ordered 'em to go to Jesu,and do whatever he should bid'em. Now there was in the house where this Marriage was celebrated, fix Water-pots of Stone which were wont to be fillid with Water, upon the account of the many washings among the Fedos; each of which Pots contain'd two or three Cori, one whereof held above seven hundred and fixty Roman Pounds of Water, i.e. about an English Firkin. Jesus ordered these Pots to be filld with Water, which the Servants immediately executed, filling them up to the brim. Which being done, he commanded them to draw out some of the Liquor, and carJy it to the master of the Feast; who tafting the Liquor they had brought him, not

Water, i.e. about a Servants immediaten to draw out for they had brought howing

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