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'Tis certain Josephus has not any thing chac matter I chuse wholly co omit tliem rather can perfuade one Herod was proclaimed King than to heap up one Conjecture upon ano. of the Jews later than this : for in his 14th cher. Book. cap. 26. of his 7ew. Antiq. he tells us, Every one knows thar it was the general that he failed from Alexandria in the Winter, Opinion of the Western Churches, thac Christ wum %to ; and in the 1st Book, cap. II. was born on the 8 Cal. Jan. or the 25th of thac he was not at all afraid of no anuny xer December ; whereas the Churches of the East war, the heighth of Winter, which is fiercest contended for the 8th Id. fan. or 6th of Jan. in the month of January; that he was in alledging that they must needs have a better danger of being shipwrack'd abouc Pamphilia, insight into this Affair than the Western and with much difficulty got to Rhodes, from Churches, who were at so much a greater whence, having refitted his Vefsel, he ser fail distance from the place of his Birth chan therfor Italy, whicher he might probably arrive selves. 3. Ger. Voffius, in his Dissertation conin the month of April, and in the Summer cerning the time of Christ's Nativity, hath colfollowing obtain the Regal Dignity.

lected a great many Testimonies of the AnFrom hence 'tis evident, if we stare che tients to this purpose ; but whoever will diliDeath of Herod about the end of the Summer gently examin this matter, and considers, that of the Year from the building of the City in the most primitive times of Christianity 980. that he died in che beginning of the this particular Day was not consecrated as the 37th Year of his Reign, if we begin from day of his Nativity, will readily be convinc'd the Summer of the Year from the building of that neither of them had any certain grounds the City 714. And certainly he must have for their determination in this particular. reign's so long, if he reign'd 37 Years, for There is no man of Lercers that will make any che last Year could not be reckoned unless it doubt of this, and so I urge it no farther. had been begun ; and no one is ignorant that I will not affirm or deny that Christ was born the current Year is frequently by Writers ad- in this or that month of the Year Ful. al. ded to che intire ones, and therefore does because the matter is doubtful : But I think not stand in need of any confirmation. this one ching certain, That he was born this

year, altho we know not the particular Month. U. Having thus settled the Year of Herod's For which reason I have entitled the following Death, our next inquiry is by how many Year 45. the first after Christ's Birth, without Months the Nativity of Christ preceded the taking notice of the Months and Days preDeath of Herod? For my part, I don't think ceding it, as is usual also in the Dionyfian there can be any thing certainly conclud- Æra. ed concerning the number of Months ; · My chief Reasons for referring the Year of but this however we may lay down, that Christ's Birth to the 41 Julian, are in short Christ was born in the year 749 V.C. or these; for they have been already set forth Fulian 41. the latter half of wliich is to be at large, and illustrated by others. St. Luke, accounted into the 33d year of Herod's Reign, in chap. 3. v. 1. of his Gospel, tells us that reckoning from the taking of Jerusalem. It John began to baptize in the 15th Year of the appears indeed from St. Luke's Gospel, that Reign of Tiberius; and thác many Hocking to Fesus was born six months after John the Bap. him from all parts, Jefus himself came thither iilt; but since 'tis uncertain in what month he also to be baptiz'd by him: He then adds, was conceived and born, nothing of any cer- Kai aurès los ó Inco's wrei è Thy Tero KOPT* tainty can be inferred from it. I am not ig- szóuero, And Jesus himself was about 30 norant whar fome learned men have conjectu- years, beginning, viz. to enter upon his Minired concerning the Week in which the Class stry. For I think there is no obfcurity in those of Abias (to which Zecharins the Father of words, neither could any one have ever found Fohn belonved) executed the Priett's Office in any, but by straining the Text, for reafons the Temple; but what they say is built upon which do not at all relate to my present purfuch weak Foundations, that in fo ferious a pose. This one thing is uncertain, in whar


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