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to read some Lesson out of the Prophets, as was practis'd among the Jews. The Minister of the Synagogue therefore reached him the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, which turning over, he happen'd upon the place where it is written, ch. 61. 1, 2. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord bath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim Liberty to the Captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. When he had read these words, he clos'd the Book, and restor'd it to the Minister : All mens eyes being fix'd upon him, he sat down, and preach'd unto them, telling 'em that this day that Prophecy of Isaiah was fulfild.


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They all extold him, and wonder'd at the singular Gracefulness of his Speechi, inquiring of one another whether this was not the Son of Joseph ? Whence then. faid they, has this man acquir'd so much Learning, having been so long educated by such mean Parents ? But they gave no credit to the Miracles they had heard of, because they never saw him perform any in their presence. Which Jesus perceiving, I know very well, said he, that you are ready to object this Proverb to me, Phya fician, heal thy self : That is, if I would be esteem'd as a Prophet in this City, I ought to show some Miracles also in my own Country, and the place in which I have been bred and educated, as I have done in other parts, and especially at Capernaum. But you are to take notice, that no Prophet has ever been receiv'd by his own Countrymen with that Honor that was due to him, and that there are very few who deferve fo great a favour as to have Miracles wrought among them. There were doubtless many poor Widows among the Fews in the days of Elias, when there had been no Rain for two and forty months. together, and a terrible Famine raged over all the Land of Palestine. Nevertheless,


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the Prophet was sent but to one poor Widow, who liv'd at Sarepta in the Territory of the Sidonians. So also in the time of Eliseus, there were many Jews infected with a Leprosy, yet only Naaman a Syrian was cur'd by him of that Disease.

The Nazarenes were greatly inrag'd by this Speech of Jesus, it plainly appearing that he look'd upon 'em as a People of very little Religion, who would have no regard to any of God's Prophets, and consequently were unworthy of having any Miracles performed among them. Hereupon they unanimoully rose up, and hurried him away to the Brow of the Hill on which Nazareth was built, intending to precipitate him from it : But the Divine Power rescued him from their impious Hands, becoming on a sudden invisible to 'em, and none knowing how he had escap'd 'em. Jesus afterwards went into the other parts of Galilee, where he was more kindly entertain'd, there being many in that Country who had seen the Miracles he had wrought the last Paffover at Jerusalem.

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