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CHAP. V. 6 Buc that ye may 10 Bur chat ye may 24 But that ye may know chat the Son of know that the Son of know that the son of man hach power on man hach power on man hath power upon carth to forgive sins, carch to forgive fins, earth to forgive lins, (then faith he to the che faith to the sick (he laid unto the tick fick of the pallie) of the pallie)

of the pallie) : . 11 I fay unto thee, I say unto chee,

Arise, Arile. and take up Arile, and take up take up thy bed, and thy bed, and go thy thy couch, and go go to thine house. way into thine house. into thine houle.

And he arose, 12 And immediate- 25 And immedi. and departed to his ly he arose. took up ately he arole up behouse.

the bed. and went fore them, and took
forth before them all, up that whereon he

lay, and departed to

his own house,

no glorifying God. 8 But when the

insomuch multitude saw it, they that they were all a. 26 And they were marvelled, and glo- mazed, and glorified a

lorified all amazed, and chey rified God,

glorified God, which had given such power unto men.

saying, We never faw it on this fashion.

and were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things to days


temptible as I appear to you, have receiv'd Authority to remit the punishment for Sins in this World (then turning towards the Paralytic, he faid unto him) Go home, take up thy Bed, and carry it away with thee upon thy Thoulders. Which he perform'd immediately before 'em all, giving thanks publickly to God for fo great a Mercy, and not concealing by whom he had been cur'd. The whole Multitude în like manner were seiz'd with admiration at it, praismg God, who had endued Man with so great Power, as to be able to heal with a word all manner of Distempers, confesling that they had never seen the like before, being also struck with a certain religious awe at the sight of so unexpected a Miracle.

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The Calling of Matthew. Why Christ and his Disciples were conver

Sant with the Publicans, and did not fast like the Dijciples of the Pharisees, and John.

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with Publicans and

chey said

faid unto his disciples, unto his disciples, How why do ye ear and
Why eateth your is it that he catech drink with Publicans
master with Publicans and drinketh with and finners ?
and finners ?

Publicans and finners ? 12 But when Jesus 17 When Jesus 31 And Jesus anheard that, he said heard it, he faith un- swering, said unto unto them, They that to them. They that them, They that are be whole need noc a are whole have no whole need not a physician, but they need of the phyfi- physician, but they that are fick.

cian, but they that that are fick.

are fick. 13 * For I am

I came 32 I came not to not come to call the not to call the righ- call the righteous, bur righteous, buc finners teous, buč finners to finners to repentance. to repentance. repentance.

13 Bur go ye and learn what that mean... eth, I will have mercy,and not sacrifice :*

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