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Chairman—Albert S. Johnstone, Secretary, State Board of Charities and Corrections, Columbia, S. C.

Vice-Chairman—J. L. Wagner, Secretary, State Board of Charities and Corrections, Jefferson City, Mo.

Secretary—Robert W. Kelso, Secretary, State Board of Charity, Boston.

A. L. Bowen, Springfield, 111.; Amos W. Butler, Indianapolis; J. K. Codding, Lansing, Kan.; Mrs. Martha P. Falconer, Washington; Mrs. Jessie D. Hodder, Framingham, Mass.; Maj. Richard C. Hutchings, Washington; Florence Hutsinpillar, Denver; W. L. Kuser, Eldora, Iowa; A. Percy Paget, Winnipeg; W. G. Theurer, Pittsburgh; Mabel Weed, Berkeley, Calif.; J. O. White, Cincinnati; Henry C. Wright, New York.


Chairman—Joanna C. Colcord, Superintendent, Charity Organization Society, 105 East Twenty-second Street, New York.

Secretary—Francis H. McLean, General Secretary, American Association for Organizing Charity, 105 East Twenty-second Street, New York.

Mary F. Bogue, Harrisburg, Pa.; Sara A. Brown, Lansing, Mich.; Ida M. Cannon, Cambridge, Mass.; J. Byron Deacon, Washington; Robert C. Dexter, Montreal; Eugene C. Foster, Indianapolis; Francis H. McLean, New York; William H. Matthews, New York; Benjamin P. Merrick, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Frances Taussig, Chicago; Gertrude Vaile, Denver; George L. Warren, Bridgeport, Conn.


Chairman—Mrs. Florence Kelley, General Secretary, National Consumers' League, 289 Fourth Avenue, New York.

Vice-Chairman—Samuel McCune Lindsay, Columbia University, New York.

Secretary—Roger N. Baldwin, Director, National Civic Liberties Bureau, 70 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Edith Abbott, Chicago; Jane Addams, Chicago; Frederic Almy, Buffalo; George L. Berry, Nashville; Allen T. Burns, New York; Alexander Fleisher, New York; Ernestine Friedman, New York; Mrs. H. P. Halleck, Louisville; Hornell Hart, Cincinnati; Paul U. Kellogg, New York; Sherman C. Kingsley, Cleveland; Jessica Peixotto, Washington; Mrs. Raymond Robins, Chicago; Rev. John A. Ryan, Washington; Charles A. Summer, Kansas City.


Chairman—Frances Ingram, Head Resident, Neighborhood House, 428 South First Street, Louisville, Ky.

Vice-Chairman—Howard S. Braucher, General Secretary, American Playground Association, New York.

George A. Bellamy, Cleveland; Dora Berres, Los Angeles; L. M. Bristol, Morgantown, W. Va.; Mrs. W. S. Caldwell, Omaha; John Collier, New Yorkt Charles C. Cooper, Pittsburgh; Manuel C. Elmer, Lawrence, Kan.; Corinne Fonde, Houston, Texas; George E. Haynes, Nashville; John Ihlder, Philadelphia; Bessie McClenahan, Iowa City; Mary E. McDowell, Chicago; Eleanor McMain, New Orleans; Fred C. Middleton, Winnipeg; Wilbur C. Phillips, Cincinnati; Mrs. Robert A. Woods, Boston.


Chairman—Maj. Frankwood E. Williams, National Committee for Mental Hygiene, 50 Union Square, New York.

Vice-Chairman—Dr. C. Macfie Campbell, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

Secretary—Edith N. Furbush, National Committee for Mental Hygiene, 50 Union Square, New York.

Herman M. Adler, M. D., Chicago; Lewellys F. Barker, M. C, Baltimore; Albert M. Barrett, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Edith N. Burleigh, Boston; C. K. Clark, M. D., Toronto; Everett S. Elwood, Albany; Mrs. Charles Frazier, Philadelphia; Edith N. Furbush, New York; Clark E. Higbee, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mary C. Jarrett, Boston; C. C. Menzler, Nashville; Mrs. William S. Monroe, Chicago; Thomas W. Salmon, M. D., New York; H. Douglas Singer, M. D., Kankakee, 111.; Elmer E. Southard, M. D., Boston; Jessie Taft, New York; Lucy Wright, Boston; Major Robert M. Yerkes, Washington.


Chairman—William J. Norton, Secretary, Detroit Patriotic Fund, 100 Griswold Street, Detroit.

Vice-Chairman—Wilfred S. Reynolds, Superintendent, Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society, Chicago.

C. M. Bookman, Cincinnati; Allen T. Burns, New York; Buelah C. Bussell, Spokane; Otto W. Davis, Minneapolis; Roscoe E. Edlund, Baltimore; L. A. Halbert. Kansas City, Mo.; Guy T. Justis, Denver; Sherman C. Kingsley, Cleveland; Bessie McClenahan, Iowa City; Benjamin P. Merrick, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Robert E. Park, Chicago; Elwood Street. Louisville; William C. White, Milwaukee.


Chairman—Graham Taylor, Warden, Chicago Commons, 955 Grand Avenue, Chicago. Grace Abbott, Washington; Allen T. Burns, New York; Lillian D. Wald, New York. (Others to be added by appointment after adjournment of Kansas City meeting.)



Sub-Committee on Minimum Standards of Child Protection and Home Care—Chairman, Arthur W. Towne, Brooklyn Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Children.

Ralph S. Barrow, Birmingham; Mrs. Joseph T. Bowen, Chicago; C. C. Carstens, Boston; Rev. Joseph Corrigan, Philadelphia; James E. Ewers, Cleveland; Lilburn G. Merrill, M. D., Seattle; Arthur C. Pittinger, Manchester, N. H.; Florence Van Sickler, St. Louis; Edward F. Waite, Minneapolis.

Sub-Committee on Physical and Mental Diagnosis of School Children—Chairman, Mrs. Helen T. Woolley, Cincinnati.

Elsa Ueland, Philadelphia; Solomon Lowenstein, M. D., New York; C. V. Williams, Columbus.

Sub-Committee on the Problem of the Child of Unmarried Parents—Chairman, Cheney C. Jones, Director of Civilian Relief, American Red Cross, Philadelphia.

Sub-Committee on Status of Social Work for Children in Rural Communities—Chairman, H. Ida Curry, Superintendent, Children's Agencies, State Charities Aid Association. New York.


Sub-Committee on Causes of Delinquency—Chairman, Bernard Glueck, M. D., Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, N. Y.

William Healy, M. D., Boston; Edith R. Spaulding, M. D., Bedford Hills, N. Y.; Katherine B. Davis, New York; Howard B. Woolston, New York; Anne Bingham, Waverly House, New York; Catherine Brannick, M. D., Framingham, Mass.; V. V. Anderson, M. D., Boston; Herman M. Adler, M. D., Chicago; Abraham Myerson, M. D., Boston.



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Names of states and countries have the usual postofnce abbreviations, as N.
Ala., U. S. Phrases in Italics signify titles of papers. Author's name follows title.

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The Index contains the names of all speakers at the meeting and of all persons to
whom important reference is made or who are quoted. The Index does not contain refer-
ence by name to officers and members of committees, nor ordinarily to speakers whose
words are not published. These may be found by reference to divisional organization
given at the first of each main section of the book, or to Appendix B..

The Index contains references to all geographical divisions to which important refer-
ence is made, except where series of data or statistics are given, with many references to
cities or states. In such cases the material is usually classified under general headings
such as "statistics," "studies," etc.

Papers, addresses and reports will be found not by reference to their exact titles,
but under the general subjects to which they most nearly relate. The Index is intended
to include all the more important subject references in the volume.

Abbott, Edith (paper) 312, 388
Abuses, outdoor relief 250

pub. 237
Accident (see indus. accidents)
Accounting and s.w. 630

for soc. agencies 594
Addams, Jane (disc.) 395 (paper) 650
Admin, (see also pub., priv. and special
problems, as almsh., food, units)

and personality 244 county as unit 241 of almsh. 257, 262, 265

of county jails 253 of county relief 251 of mothers' aid 350 pub., recent tendencies 211
Adoption of chil., regul. 131
Adult crime and diagnosis 160

prob. 140
Advertising (see also pub.) 616

s. w. 614
After-care of school chil. 60
Age and crime 132

and delinq. of women 134 at death and mothers aid 359
Agrarian class in Amer. 492
Agricultural (see rural)
Aims of church and state 23
Alcoholism and sex problem 567
Alien problem and morale 444
Allotments to soldiers and sailors 393
Allowances for disabled soldiers 14
Almsh. care for insane 579
district 263 Almshouse for Illinois, The District,
Hinrichsen, 267

Almshouses or Hospital Homes, Stand-
ards of Administration, Edson, 262

Almshouse, Standards of Administration
of the, McKinniss, 257 Almshouse, The Administration of, Mese-
raull, 265
Almy, Frederic (disc.) 625
Amer. Ass'n for Org. Char. 605 ideals in war 3

American Red Cross, The, Davison, 297 spirit abroad 646
Americanism and churches 31
Americanization (see also imgt.) 435 and army 442 and nbrhood org. 467
by Govt. 457 Americanization Methods, The Necessity
for Changes in, Cooper, 435
Anderson, Harriet E. (paper) 343
Anderson, Mrs. Janet (disc.) 347
Anderson, Meta L. (paper) 536
Anderson, V. V. (paper) 564
Archit. rural 382
Aristocracy and progress 638
Army and aliens 444 ment. tests of f.m. 522 psychol. exam. Ill
Aronovici, Carol (disc.) 206, (paper) 464,

(disc.) 473
Attitudes of agencies toward pub. 617 of inmates toward inst. 150 of Negro 387

of s.w. toward capitalism 622 soc. 104

toward being invstg. 342 toward record keeping 327
Australia, inf. welf. 390

land, policy 4X8, 492

Babies (see children, infants)

Bacon, Mrs. Albion Fellows (paper) 194,

(disc.) 205, 206
Bagley, James F. (disc.) 255
Baldwin, Roger N. (paper) 396, 426
Behavior and insanity 551

studies 158, 566
Bellamy, George A. (paper) 65
Bennett, F. M. (disc.) 167
Berger, M. I. (disc.) 614
Bicknell, Ernest P. (ref.) 645
Binet test (see ment.)
Bird, Ethel (disc.) 368, 682
Birmingham, fedn. of char. 607
Birth certificate and illegit. 100 regis. 390

regis, and soc. unit. 499
Bisbee, Ariz, deportations 420
Blackmar, F. W. (paper) 121
Blind, civilian 676 in almsh. 269 pensions in 111. 269
Blinded soldiers, Canadian 12
Board members for mothers' aid 358 of child welf. 243

Boards of Public Welfare, A System of
Government Social Work, Hal-
bert 220
Boddington, Ernest F. (disc.) 623
Bogue, Mary F. (paper) 349
Bolshevik prog. 637
Bookman, C. M. (disc.) 631
Borst, Homer W. (paper) 245, (disc.) 624
Boston food studies, 76

municipal courts and f.m. 564
Bowman, LeRoy E. (paper) 465
Brackett, Jeffrey R. (disc.) 347
Brannick, Dr. Catherine (paper) 162
Bremer, Edith Terry (paper) 442
Bridgeport, Conn., pub. char. 240
Briggs, Mrs. Katharine (disc.) 346
British labor party 637 British Labor Party, Its Program and
Aims, The, Ratcliffe, 376
Bronner, Dr. Augusta F. (ref.) 157
Brown, Prof. Demarchus C. (disc.) 241
Bruno, Frank J. (disc.) 368
Budget (see also fedn., fin.) for mothers' aid 353 of char, agencies 591 superv. 359
Burchard, Edward L. (paper) 469
Burger, Mrs. Nellie G. (disc.) 677
Burial expense and mothers' aid 366
Burleigh, Edith N. (paper) 147
Burnett, Arthur H. (disc.) 676
Business (see also commercial, fin., indus.) and phil. 610, 651

Business Transactions 695
Butler, Amos W. (disc.) 256
Butte, Mont, labor riot 422
Button, G. L. (paper) 324, (disc.) 369, 473
Byington, Margaret F. (disc.) 240

Calif, crime and liquor 173 (

health ins. 415

legisl. farm tenantry 381
Callender, Harold (paper) 420
Camp Communities, Specific Problems in,
Rippin, 666

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