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Frontispiece: Portrait of Robert A. Woods, President of the Conference. Preface • Hi


Opening Meeting

The Regimentation of the Free, Robert A. Woods, President of the Con-

ference 8

The Return of the Canadian Soldier to Civil Life, T. B. Kidner 10

Religious Service

The Church, the Community, and the Present Crisis: Symposium

Rev. Roy B. Guild 17

Rev. Frederic Siedenburg 83

Rabbi H. H. Mayer 29

Opening Exercises

Address of Welcome, O. /. Hill 83

Response, President Woods 34

Closing Exercises 84


Introduction of Hon. I. Togo... * 88

Health and Social Work in Japan, Matsujiri Takenouchi 89

I. CHILDREN General Session

A Plan of Activity for the Division on Children (Report of Division Com-

mittee), Henry W. Thurston, Chairman 47

Universal Physical Education, Willard S. Small 56

The Children's Year And AfterRoundtable 62

Community Recreation

A Community Recreation Program for Juveniles, George A. Bellamy 65

Discussion 69

The National Problem Of Malnutrition Among Children Of School Age

The Educational Opportunities Presented by the School Luncheon, Sally

Lucas Jean 68

Feeding the Family: A Problem and a Method for Social Workers in War

Time, Michael M. Davis, Jr 75

The Inter-relation Of Education And Child Welfare: Luncheon 82

Child Protection And Home Care

Minimum Standards of Child Protection and Home Care: Informal Dis-

cussion 82

Social Work In Rural Communities

The Status of Social Work in Rural Communities, H. Ida Curry 88

Discussion 91

The Unmarried Mother And Her Child

A Tentative Outline for a Study on Illegitimacy, Cheney C. Jones 91

Children of Unmarried and of Illegitimate Parents: Recent Legislation in

Minnesota and Elsewhere, Otto W. Davis 94.

The Attitude of Married Parents and Social Workers Toward Unmarried

Parents, Mrs. Frank D. Watson 102

Discussion 109

Physical And Mental Diagnosis Of School Children

Mental and Physical Diagnosis of School Children (Report of a Sub-Com-

mittee), Mrs. Helen T. Woolley 109

Psychological Examinations in the Army, Maj. M. E. Haggerty Ill


The Next Step in the Treatment of Girls and Women Offenders, Jessie D.

Hodder 117

Does War Increase Crime? F. W. Blackmar 121


Courts of Domestic Relations, Charles W. Hoffman 1*4

Discussion 188

Court Methods Of Dealing With Girls And Women Charged With Skx

Municipal Detention for Women, Jane Deeter \Rippiri 183

Discussion .* 189

Probation And Parole

Current Tendencies in Adult Probation, Edward J. Cooley 140

Some Principles of Parole for Girls, Edith N. Burleigh 147

Discussion 154

Causes Of Delinquency

The Causes of Delinquency (Sub-Committee Report), Bernard Glueck, M. D. 155

Schools^ and Delinquency, Catherine Brannick, M. D 162

Discussion 167

A Square Deal In The Courts

The Public Defender, Homer Talbot 167

Discussion 171

Prohibition And Delinquency: Discussion 172


Public Health in War Time, Claude C. Pierce, M. D 179

The Public Health Nurse And The War

War Time Developments in Public Health Nursing, Mrs. Bessie Amerman

Haasis 187

Sanitary Conditions About Military Camps, and Parts Played by the Public

Health Nurse, Mary E. Lent 189

Venereal Diseases and Clinics for Civilians Near Military Camps, Ann Doyle. 192

The Housing Program In War Time

Housing: Its Relation to Social Work, Mrs. Albion Fellows Bacon 194

Conserving Development Increment for the Community, Lawson Purdy.... 201 Discussion 204


Recent Tendencies in State Supervision and Control; Some Effects of the

World War, Albert Sidney Johnstone 211

Boards of Public Welfare: A System of Government Social Work, L. A.
Halbert 220

The Negro in Relation to Our Public Agencies and Institutions, /. L. Kesler. 230

The People And Their Institutions\Roundtable

What Methods of Educating the Public Have Proven Most Effective?

Kenosha B. Sessions, M. D 287

Discussion f 239

The County As A Unit In Charity AdministrationRoundtable

H. Ida Curry 241

Homer W. Bbrst 245

William H. Davenport 249

George A. Warfield '. 250

Discussion 252

Standards Of Administration Of The County Jail

Reform of Jail Administration in Vermont, Frank H. Tracy 263

Discussion ; 255

Standards Of Administration Of The Almshouse

Standards of Administration, Clyde R. McKinnis 257

Hospital Homes, D. L. Edson 262

Standards of Administration, 5". I. Meseraull 265

The District Almshouse for Illinois, Annie Hinrichsen 267

Discussion , 270 Prison Reform at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Col. Sedgwick Rice. 271

State Boards And War Relief

The Functions of a State Board, Charles H. Johnson 875


The Contribution of Social Case Work to Democracy, Gertrude Voile 888

War and Family Solidarity, Mary E. Richmond 887

The American Red Cross, Henry P. Davison 297

Industrial Legislation From The Case Workers' Standpoint

Social Case Workers and Better Industrial Conditions, Shelby M. Harrison.. 803
The Social Case Worker and the Enforcement of Industrial Legislation, Edith

Abbott 818

Discussion 818

The Social Service ExchangeRoundtable

The Social Service Exchange, Gertrude M. Dickey 819

The Value of Registration in the Confidential Exchange to Organizations

which Keep Adequate Records, Robert C. Dexter 821

The Value of Registration to Organizations which Do Not Keep Adequate

Records, Miss G. L. Button 824

Discussion , 828

Social Case Work As Applied Psychology

What Educational Psychology Can Contribute to Case Work with the Nor-
mal Family, Angie L. Kellogg , 829

The Kingdom of Evil: Advantages of an Orderly Approach in Social Case

Analysis, Elmer E. Southard, M. D 884

Discussion 840

Home Service Problems—Roundtable

Case Work Above the Poverty Line, Agnes L. Murray 840

Cooperation of the Home Service Department of the American Red Cross

with Other Social Agencies, Harriet E. Anderson 843

Discussion 846

Rural Home Service Problems: Luncheon 348

Administration Of Mothers' Aid

Problems in the Administration of Mothers' Aid, Mary F. Bogue 349

The Family Budget and Its Supervision, Florence Nesbit 859

Discussion, Frank W. Goodhue 865

Family Treatment And War Time Community ProgramsRoundtable 368

Industrial Reorganization After The War

Introductory Statement, Mrs. Florence Kelley 375

The British Labor Party: Its Program and Aims, S. K. Ratcliffe 376

The Tenant Farmer and Land Monopoly, Elwood Mead 878

The Changing Status of Negro Labor, James Weldon Johnson 383

Pensions, Insurance And The State

Introductory Statement of Chairman, Edith Abbott 888

State Care for Mothers and Infants, Julia C. Lathrop 389

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Insurance Acts, S. M. Lindsay 892

Discussion 895

Social Work And Radical Economic Movements

The Challenge of Mass Facts to the Social Worker, Hornell Hart 398

Social Work and the Industrial Revolution, Harold L. Varney 401

Discussion 407

Insurance, Pensions, Inheritance

Why Social Workers Should Study the Need of Health Insurance, James

H. Tufts 407

The Problem of Inheritance, Harlan Eugene Read *.416

Discussion 418

Labor Problems Of The War

The War and the I. W. W., Harold Collendar 420

Discussion 425 When Should Financial Federations Be Started? William C. White.* 605

Discussion 013

Social Agencies And Purlic Opinion

Introductory Statement by the Chairman, Roscoe C. Edlund 614

Methods of Forming Public Opinion Applicable to Social Welfare Publicity,

Robert E. Park 615

Discussion 622

State Organization

Organization of Social Forces of the State, Rufus E. Miles 626

Discussion 681

General Session

Social Work, Standards of Living and the War, George H. Mead 637

Red Cross Reconstruction Work in France as an Example to the United

States, George W. Simmons # 645

World's Food and World Politics, Jane Addams 650

The Girl Problem In War TimeRoundtable

Protective Work for Girls in War Time, Maude !£. Miner 656

Specific Problems in Camp Communities, Jane Deeter Rippirt 666

Work of the Section on Reformatories and Houses of Detention, Martha P.

Falconer 668

How the Public May Help, Katharine B. Davis 673

Discussion 674

Future Prospect Of Leading War Time Efforts And MovementsRoundtable. 675

The Role Of The Volunteer In Social Work

Introductory Statement by the Chairman, Amelia Sears 677

War Time Volunteers in Chicago, Leila Houghteling 678

Discussion 680

The New Social Data And Its Use

New Social Data Growing Out of the War, Arthur J. Todd 683

Social Facts and Scientific Social Work, Charles A. Elwood 686

Discussion 692


a. Business Organization of the Conference for 1918 697

b. Minutes 698

c. Organization of the Conference for 1919 704

C. INDEX 707

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