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ing; nor would he presume that in cases where others differ from him, he has always taken the safest and straightest path. He trusts, however, that in all the leading truths of the Gospel, and in the main structure of his argument, he has not 'swerved from “the truth as itis in Jesus;” and in this confidence, while he is open to the friendly rebuke of the righteous for every failure, he would commend his labours to that great unseen Being whom he serves, assured that God's own cause is safe in his own hands, and that he, and he alone, can make the feeblest instruments, if only they are tempered fróm his forge, subservient to the edification of the temple of his dear SON; to whom, and through whom, be all glory and worship and praise, now and for ever—Amen!

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there siege rite

: dele the

for the late short conflict at Gualior substitute the late memorable conflicts at Feroshah and Subraon.

after 1842 add, or the occupation of Lahore in 1846.

What books

for gives read give

for whence read when

dele the comma

1 after backbitings, insert hatred of God, pride, boast??ig,

after ambition, add, (or inhospitality,) and in col. 2. read haters of God, proud, boasters womereofol.

after taken, insert and

quotations will enable

: surreptitious

after domiciled insert a period.
after has, dele six
for are read is
for modern read Roman civil
..for than read that


and much else

for parts read particles
accessible whether....or to those of humbler rank
for moved, read removed

to a great extent

in his life
for these read the

8 The reader will also meet with some obvious errors, which

it has not been thought necessary to specify.

A portion of the omissions in the table p. 83 may be thus supplied: Cent. xi. SIMEON METAphrastes (g) fl. 1030

Ratherius of Verona (l) fl. 962
Cent, x. Remigius (l) fl. 880
Cent. ix. WALAfrid Strabo (1) fl. 860

RABANUs MAURUs (l) fl. 856. . . .820

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