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Monthly Intelligencer.

For the Year 1758.

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Multum in Parvo.
(Printed for R. Willwin at the Rofe in Paler Ilosterkow.

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DOFTER returning. Thanks to the Publick in

general, for their kind Acceptance of our 2) Endeavours to please them, and to all, chule GINAR of Taste, Penetration, or Judgment, for: Ga v e the Preference they give to our Magazine, we must congratulate our Countrymen upon the more hopeful Prospect we now have of our national Affairs, both Abroad and at Home, than we had at the End of last Year.

In Europe our Enemies have been driven out of almot: every Territory they had violently and unjustly taken Porsession of: The Campaign has favoured us with two Victories, the more glorious on our Side, as they were both obtained by such inferior Numbers of Troops; and if it did not end with two as signal Victories as the last did, it was owing to our Enemies being so conscious of the superior Bravery of our Troops and the Troops of our Allies, that they durst not face them in a fair and pitched Batele, even after being encouraged by a little Advantage which they had got by surprize.


The PREFACE, Ar Sea again, we have nothing that dares venture to oppose us ; and in America, by the Wisdom of our Miniiters, the Conduct of our Admirals and Generals, and the Intrepidity of our Soldiers and Seamen, we are now Ma. sters of the Key to the principal French Settlement in that Part of the World ; therefore we have good Reason to hope, that before the End of next Year, we shall be able to destroy that Nest of French Vipers in Canada, whose constant Employment, in Peace as well as War, has been, to poison the Minds of the honest, but simple Indians, and to excite them to murder and scalp as many of our People as they could master.

In most of our Undertakings this Year upon that Continent, we have met with Success; and it is io be hoped we Thall foon have authentick Advice of our having succeeded in all but one, where, if we met with a Repulse, we have · the Comfort to think, that it was not owing to the Conduct

or Bravery of the Enemy, but to their inaccessible In, trenchments.

How justly then may we now represent Britannia pleased with the History of this Year ? That she may have the fame, or ftill greater Pleasure in every succeeding, must be the Wish of every true Briton, and shall always be our most fervent Prayer,

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T IME turning a terrestrial Globe, and pointing to

Louisbourgh. He shews it to HISTORY, who leana on his Shoulder, writing the great Events that have happened. BRITANNIA appears on the other Side, well pleased with the LABOURS of History. She is led by CONCORD, who points upwards to the Figure of Victory, intimating that BRITANNIA (hall be always successful.

, The

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For JANUARY, 1758...

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