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exbibited the solemnity and silence of a continued Sabbath ; so profound

New-York, May 11. was this stillness and solemnity, that a

The fifth anniversary of the Amerirecent death could have added nothing

can Bible Society was yesterday celeto it in many families. Common conversation was rarely engaged in, lic notice the Board of Managers and

brated in this city. Agreeably to pubwhile every ear was open to hear the Officers of the

Society, many of whom gospel, every heart prepared to receive

were from different and distant parts the tidings of salvation. There were

of the country, and a large number of some melancholy exceptions indeed, but we shall not name them. The Delegates from Auxiliary Societies, breath of the Lord rested on their

specially appointed for the of

purpose unholy influence, and it was wilted and attending the annual meeting of the

Parent Institution, met at the Manawithered and gone for ever. The holy one paralyzed their efforts against his sers' room in the New-York Institu

tion, at 9 o'clock in the morning. Upanointed, and scorned their opposition to the spread of Messial's kingdom. the Hon. Matthew Clarkson, senior

on the Board being called to order by Within the year there were added to the church more than one hundred, Board was opened by the reading of

Vice President, the meeting of the and there were perhaps bisty others

the 72d Psalm, by the Rev. President who cherished a hope of forgiven sin. Some of those who joined the church Day, of Yale College, Conn. have been severely tried; but the trial business of the meeting, at 10 o'clock

After passing through the ordinary of their faith bas eventuated in the the Board of Managers, with the Officonfirming of their hope and confi

cers of the Society, and the Delegates dence in God. All who have named

from the Auxiliaries, proceeded to the the name of Christ, are giving good City Hotel in Broadway, where the reason to believe, that they have reşted on the sure foundation, and gained for holding the meeting. At half past

necessary preparations had been made a dwelling in the ark of safety. There

10, the Hon. Elias Boudinot, Presiis no tendency to error amongst them,

dent of the Society, supported by Gen. but a great and growing attention to

Clarkson and Col. Varick, two of the the pure and simple doctrines of the bible. There were fifty adults bap- the meeting was opened by the reading

Vice Presidents, took the chair, when tized.

of the first chapter of Revelations, by There were some special cases, clearly manifesting the sovereignty of the Rev. Dr. M’Dowell of Elizabeth

town, N. J. God's grace and the freeness of his

Letters from several of the Vice salvation.

Presidents, apologising for their peces(This pamphlet, which contains 51 octavo pages, gives an account of revi- sary absence from the meeting were vals of religion in many other places of the meeting commenced by the

then stated ;-after which, the business Our limits prevent us from making President's Address, which was read those extracts which we should otherwise wish to present to our readers.) by the Rev. Dr. Milnor, the Secretary The Committee in their Report to the Treasurer's Report for the past year,

for Foreign Correspondence. The Presbytery, state-" There are twenty

was then read by W. W. Woolsey, four churches under your care ; and the Esq. Treasurer, by which it appeared spirit of the Lord has been poured out that the receipts of the year ending the upon twelve of these, and upon the College. The additions to the church; the expenditures were $47,759 60.

1st of May, 1821, were $49,578 34, and es, during the year 1820, as reported The Annual Report of the Board of to the presbytery, amount to nearly Managers was then read by the Rev. one thousand four hundred. Of these

Selah Strong Woodhull, by whom we there have been three hundred and twenty-four adults baptised! Surely able and interesting document, and re

understand it was prepared. It is an • the Lord hath done great things for flects great credit on the talents of that us, whereof we are glad."

very active officer of the Suciety. In

addition to the general and important Rev. Mr. Bangs, of the Methodist collection of intelligence concerning church, New-York. the operations of the Society, and oth 2. Resolved, That the thanks of this er kindred Institutions in other parts of meeting be given to the Board of Manthe world, the following facts are sta agers for their persevering attention to ted in it.-The Society have issued the business of the Society. during the past year 29,000 Bibles, On motion of the Hon. John T. Irand 30,000 New Testaments—and ving, of the city of New York, secondthey have received from the British ed by the Rev. Dr. Morse, of Newand Foreign Bible Society, for distri. Haven, Coon. bution in Louisiana, 800 French Tes 3. Resolved, That the thanks of this taments, making in the whole 59,800, meeting be given to the Secretaries which added to the number mentioned and Treasurer, for their upremitted in the last Report, make a total of services during the past year. 231,552 Bibles and Testaments, or On motion of the Rev. Mr. Matparts of the latter, printed from the thews of the Dutch Reformed Church, stereotype plates of the Society in in New York, seconded by the Rer. New-York, and at Lexington, Ken- Mr. Somerfield of London tucky, or otherwise obtained for circu Resolved, That the thanks of the Jation, since the commencement of its Society be given to the President for operations.

his continued and watchful atteotion to From the 30th of April to the 1st of its important interests: and that the May of the past year, there have been society sincerely regret that his indisissued from the Depository 26,772 Bi- position has prevented them from enbles, 16,424 New Testaments; Indian joying the benefit of his talents and Epistles and Gospels 50,-making in services in conducting the whole prothe whole, 43,246.--In the four prece ceedings of the present anniversary. ding years, there were issued 96,314 Each of the gentlemen by whom Bibles and Testaments, and Indian the resolutions were moved and seGospels and Epistles 788—making a conded, addressed the meeting on the total of 140,348 Bibles and Testa- occasion with great force and effect. ments, and parts of the latter, issued We shall not, however, indulge in any by the American Bible Society since particular remarks on the character of its organization.

the different addresses, as the Society Among the Bibles issued during the have requested copies of them for pubpast year, there were 155 German, 22 lication. After the exercises of the Dutch, 582 French, 10 Gaelic, and i meeting were closed, the Society atWelch ; and among the Testaments tended to their ordinary business.-N before mentioned, there were 1308 in Y. Daily Adv. the Spanish language.

During the 5th year of the Society, there have been issued gratuitously,

From the Connecticut Mirror. 15,242 Bibles and Testaments, and parts of the latter, valued at $9,447 84. to the course of the year, there have been added 32 new Auxiliary Socie

It is well known to all who are faties, making in the whole 238.

miliar with navigation, that there is no After the reading of the Report was spot, in any sea, more uniformly danfinished, the following resolutions were gerous than the passage round Cape unanimously passed viz.

Horn. There are two ways of apOn motion of the Rev. Dr. Staugh- proaching the Cape-one is by passing Con, of the Baptist church, Philadel round Terra Del Fuego, which inphia, seconded by John Griscom, of creases the distance about 200 miles ; ihe Society of Friends, N. York. the other is by going through the

1. Resolved, That the annual Report Straits of Le Maire, which is not often now read, be received and adopted, attempted, in consequence of its being and that it be printed, ander the di. but seldom free from storms which section of the Board of Managers. are rendered doubly dangerous from

On motion of the Rev. Mr. Truair, the want of sufficient sea-room. The of the Presbyterian church, Cherry weather being uncommonly fine as the Valley, New York, seconded by the Thaddeus approached the Straits, the



Captain in order to save time, took know that hitherto the Lord has helpthe latter route. We publish the fol- ed us; and now, not all the storms and lowing extracts from the journal of tempests and dangers which may Mr. R -, one of the Missionaries await us, shall hinder our erecting here to the Sandwich Islands, which were in this cold and dismal region, around written while doubling the Cape, be- this memorable Way-Mark, our EBENJieving they will be interesting to the EZER of praise to Him who has thus far friends he has left behind him in Con been our Preserver and Deliverer.--necticut.

Brother Bingham has written the folNear Cape Horn, Jan. 27, 1820.

lowing lines for the occasion, which We this morning find ourselves

were sung to-day at the close of our clear of the dangerous shoals and rocks public worship. of Terra del Fuegu, and are sailing at

EBENEZER. the rate of 6 knots an hour in a direct

1 With joyful hearts and grateful praise, course for Cape Horn. The Lord has

Our Helper God thy name we hail; been our deliverer hitherto ; we will Our Ebenezer here we raise, bless his name, and still trust in him. While round the slormy Cape we sail. 12 o'clock. We are now able to see 2 Conducted by thy Sovereign hand, Cape Horn, distant from us about 8 Mysterious, mighty, wise and good. leagues to the N. W. The sea is so We left our friends and native land smooth that we can scarcely discover To toss upon the raging flood. the vessel to move, though we are ad- 3 Wben adverse winds our course delay'd, vancing at the rate of 8 miles an hour. And dang'rous currents roll'd below, -This is rarely the case in this region

Thy voice the roaring tempest stay'd, of storms; how long it will continue

And bade the breeze propitious blow. thus is known only to Him who is able 4 From want, from pestilence and deatb, to make the wind and sea obey him.

Defended by thy gracious care, 2 o'clock P. M. How suddenly is our

To thee we raise our tuneful breath,

Our Rock of Help, forbids our fear. situation changed ; a few moments

5 This Way-Mark* in the trackless seas, sioce all was peace, and we were sail

Fix'd by his hand who rules above, ing as pleasantly as at any time since The tempests of six thousand years we left America. Now all is confu Have ne'er been able to remove. sion, a bail storm is rising; all hands 6 So sha'l our grateful record stand, are summoned on deck to take in sail, That hither by thine aid we come : one cries out from the mast head, So will we trust thy constant hand, whirlwind;" what the Lord is about TO BRING OUR SOULS IN SAFETY HOME. to do with us we know not; one thing we do know, and this shall comfort us * Cape Horn appears to be an island of in every trial and danger. He loves rocks piled one above another, the horn, his own cause, and if he has any work

or point, is a huge black rock of terrible assigned us in Owbyhee, he will be our

appearance, and seems to bid defiance to

cortending elements. refuge and salvation. 5 o'clock. The storm was terrible but is now over. The whirlwind passed a few rods from us, but did not affect us. The wind is

Dr. Scudder, one of the missionaries of ahead, the waves run very high, and a the American Board in the island of Cey. strong current takes us back to the

lon, states, in a letter to the Rev. Dr. east 4 miles an hour. 7 o'clock. Lost Morse, that he finds his medical knowl. sight of Cape Horn by being carried so edge of much use among the natives. He far to the east.

says “I have prescribed for many hun. 28tb. Lay to all day by reason of dreds, and thus have been enabled while head winds.-29th. A fair wind which attending to their diseases, to recommend carries us towards Cape Horn again.

to them the Divine Physician. No doubt

you will say that, through the means of soth. Passed west of the Cape medicine, much good may be done, and which we have so long dreaded. What that every effort should be used to open shall we render to the Lord for all his this door of usefulness wider and wider. benefits to us. It becomes us to de. But, my dear Sir, this door must be closvote our lives anew to his service, and

ed unless we have constant and large suplive more than ever to his glory. We plies of medicine from home, and many know not what is yet to befal us, ere

who would otherwise bear the gospel, we reach the field of our labors, but we

must be prevented perbaps forever, from

hearing it. In addition to the sick many Vol. 3.-No. V. 35



others come with them, and to them also Esq. the Rev. Dr. Spring, and James Eastwe can preach the unsearchable wisdom of burn, Esq. of this city. After the meetChrist."

ing was closed with prayer by the Rev. Anniversaries in New York.- The Educa Dr. Spring, the Society proceeded to the tion Society of the Presbyterian Church beld election of officers and a committee for its second annual meeting on Thursday, the ensuing year. - Christian Herald. the 3d instant. The Report of the Mana. The Mission Family.- We do not think gers was read, and the ordinary business (says the Cincinnati Gazette of the 28th transacted. The anniversary sermon was ult.) our town has ever witnessed a more preached in the Brick Church, on the affecting spectacle than was exhibited on Sabbath evening following, by the Rev. Thursday, at the departure of the Mission Mr. Fisher, of Patterson, N. J. from Gal. family who have spent several days with vi. 9. “As we have, therefore, opportu us on their way to the Osage nation. nity, let us do good unto all men." After This family is composed of forty-one men, the collection was taken up, the Rev. Mr. women and children, and are provided M'Lelland delivered an address in behalf with two large and comfortable keel of the institution. The number of stu. boats. They go under ihe auspices of the dents aided by the Society is fifty-two. general government and are peculiarly

The Missionary Society of the Methodist fortunate in having an invitation from the Episcopal Church, celebrated its second nation to whom they are going to impart anniversary on Monday evening, the

716 the arts of civilized life and the light of the inst. in the church in John street. The gospel. The chiefs of the great Osages Rev. Bishop George, one of the Vice. visited Wasbington last summer to request Presidents, took the chair at 7 o'clock, the President to send them a mission and commenceil the exercises by reading The United Foreign Missionary Society the 10tb chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel? immediately despatched an agent to The Rev. Joshua Soule read the Report, Washington who entered into a treaty and several resolutions were unanimously with the chiefs, by virtue of which these passed.

benevolent individuals are seeking the The United Foreign Missionary Society earthly prospects, with no other view than

wilderness, at the sacrifice of all their held its annual meeting on Wednesday afternoon, the 9th inst. in Dr. Romeyn's fare of the wandering tribes of Missouri.

to promote the temporal and eternal wel. Church, in Cedar street. The Rev. Dr.

On Thursday morning an immense con. M'Dowell, of Elizabethtown, N.J. opened

course of citizens assembled on the bank the meeting with prayer, and the report of the river to witness their departure. was read by Mr. Z. Lewis, and the Rev. After those who had the pleasure of an acS. S. Woodhull.

quaintance with them during their sbort The New-York Sunday School Union So- stay had taken their leave and left the ciety celebrated its fifth anniversary on boats, an appropriate address was deliverTuesday the 8tb inst. The scholars as ed by the Rev. Joshua L. Wilson, urging sembled in the Park in front of the City the missionaries to be of good cheer, and Hall, at 3 o'clock, P. M.; and, preceded warning them of the danger of relaxing in by the President and the other officers and their zeal-After which a suitable hymn committee, walked in procession to the

was sung by the surrounding crowd and a Circus in Broadway. After the scholars


addressed to the Throne of Grace were seated, they sung a Hymn, led by by the Rev. Mr. Kemper. One of the Mr. H. Sage. The Rev. Mr. Axtel, of Ge gentlemen attached to the mission return. neva, N. Y prayed, and the Rev. Dr. Mille: ed thanks for the kindness they had redoler delivered an eloquent, tender and ceived in Cincinnati ; and as the boats appropriate address.

were putting off they raised a farewell anAnother Hymn was tben sung, and the them, which was calculated to render the exercises were closed with prayer by Dr. scene doubly affecting. We do not reMilledoler. As the scholars retired from collect ever to have witnessed a spectacle the house each one was presented with a more solemn and impressive. little reward book, entitled the “Orphan We are aware of the difficulty of reBoy:" The number of Scholars present claiming a savage from the wilderness; on this most interesting occasion was about indeed we know it is next to impossible 2,500.

to reduce our native lodians to a civilized In the evening the Society met in the life, and we are sometimes almost induChurch in John-street. Col. Richard Va.

ced to regret that so much treasure and so rick, tbe venerable President, took the many lives are sacrificed in the apparentchair at half past 7 o'clock, and the Rev. ly fruitless attempt; but wben we recol. Dr. Milledoler opened the meeting with a lect that the Son of man is to bave the most fervent prayer. The report was then heathen for his inheritance and the otler. read by Eleazer Lord, Esq. Correspond. most parts of the earth for bis possession, ing Secretary, and appropriate addresses

we are satisfied that such things will be were delivered by the Rev. Mr. Snodgras, brought about by human agency. of Fayetteville, N. C. and George Wilson,

The collection made for the missiona the Court-House, consisting of the mem: ries in this cily amounted to 216 dollars bers of both branches of the Legislature, 62 1-2 cents.

the officers and pupils belonging to the inNew Orleans, April 6.

stitution, strangers and citizens, which The Rev. Austin Dickinson, after visit.

proceeded at 4 o'clock to Lord's Hill, the ing different parts of Tennessee, Alabama,

sciie on which the Asylum is erected, and Mississippi, and meeting with very

Upon reaching the Asylum, ir bich is about liberal encouragement, has recently arri.

half a mile from ibe city, the whole proved in this city with letters of introduction

cession were accommodated with seais in from Gen. Jackson and other gentlemen

the open air in front of the building. . The of the first respectability. The object of

oficers of the institution occupied the this mission is to obtain contributions for

steps of the principal entrance to the the Southern and Western Theological

building, which were so elevated as to Seminary established in Tennessee.

give the whole audience an opportunity of This Seminary is under the direction of

witnessing the ceremonies. The Rev. Mr. a syood of ministers of the Presbyterian

Whittlesey, superintendant, first addressed Church, but the privileges of it are to be

the throne of grace in an appropriate and allowed equally io students of Divinity of sed for the occasion was then sung by the

impressive manner, and a hymn compoother Christian denoininations. It is hoped that, under the patronage of a gener

audience. The Sermon was delivered by ous public, and under the smiles of a gra.

the Principal, the Rev. T. A. Gallaudei, cious Providence, this Seminary may be

in a pathetic and forcible manner, which the means of increasing the number of

was immediately succeeded by the dedilearned, pious and faithful ministers of the

catory prayer by the same gentleman.

We forbear to comment upon the excelGospel, and at the same time, increasing tbe number of well qualified instructors

lence of the discourse, as we have learnt

with pleasure that it is soon to be publishfor colleges, academies, and schools; and

ed. Mr. Gallaudet then explained to bis thus promoting the general interests of learning and piety throughout the South

pupils the nature and objeci of the exerern and Western States.

cises which they had just seen performed. The undersigned having received par

This prepared iheir minds to take a part ticular communications, respecting the

in a scene in which they were so immedi. nature and design of the seminary, cheer.

ately interested; he iben prayed with

them by signs, in a manner so significant fully unite in recommending Mr. Dickio. son and the object of his mission to the

and solemn as to impress the whole audi

ence with reverence and awe. Another altention and liberalities of those on whom he may call. We cordially adopt the lan

original hymn was then sung after which guage of Gen. Jackson, in bis letter of in

the blessing was pronounced.

After the exercises were over, the astroduction addressed to the citizens at large:

sembly were invited to view the interior « Virtue cannot exist without morality

of the building. It is 130 feet in length, and Religion; and without Virtue, Re.

54 in width, 4 stories, including a basepublicanism cannot be perpetuated; I

ment story, in height; and contains about therefore recommend to all good citizens

40 apartments, some of which are very the propriety of aiding this infant Institu spacious. It is built of brick, in a plain

and substantial manner, and is deligbifully tion by their liberal support, by wbich a.

situated on an eminence opening on all lone it can grow into usefulness From this lostitution, lights may arise that may

sides to as extensive and rich a landscape

as can be found in the eastern states. give liberty to thousands, and happiness beyond the grave, to millions.”

Great praise is due to the officers of the G. W. MORGAN,

American Asylum and to the gentlemen d. L. DUNCAN,

who compose its corporation, for the zeal

which they have uniformly shown for its ALFRED HENNEN.

best interests, and for the courage and I most cordially approve any Institution wbich may recommend the diffusion of

perseverance with which they have met

and overcome the difficulties with which the Gospel. If my name can add to the success of the present prospects it is freely

they have had to contend. But they bave

now the satisfaction of seeing it placed given. JAMES HULL.

beyond the reach of competition in this Dedication of the Asylum for the Deaf and country, at least so long as its concerns Dumb.

shall continue to be managed with the The ceremony of Dedicating the Amer saine prudence and foresight that they ican Asylum for Deaf and Dumb persons, have been.-Con. Mirror. which bas lately been erected in this towa through the manificence of the national The following articles are extracted government, and the charitable donations from the Boston Recorder : of many persons of wealth in this and oth The fifteenth Report of the British and er states, look place on the afternoon of Foreign School Society, states that 35 perthe 22nd inst. À procession was formed at sone, during the preceding year, bad quali

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