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into the office of President of Williams it the confidence and attachment of the College took place on the 14th inst. The public. day was snowy and uncomfortable, but The President is also Professor of Di. the occasion brought together a large vinity, and we understand will be the stanumber of gentlemen from the neighbor ted preacher to the students. ing towns. The President elect was addressed by the Vice President in a Latin Speech declaring to him his election, and

SUMMARY. calling upon him publicly to declare his

Fifteen young men received assistance acceptance. After he had thus accepted, during the past year from the Massachuthe blessing of Heaven upon him in his setts Baptist Education Society. The inoffice, and upon the Institution under his come of the Society was $1400, which care, was implored by the Rev. Dr. Shep- sum was somewhat exceeded by their exard. He was then formally invested with penditures. the office ; and the students and the Institution committed to his care and commend Episcopal General Theological Seminary. ed to his affection and zeal, in another The General Convention of the Protestant short, but handsome address by the Vice Episcopal Church, recently assembled in President.

Philadelphia, finished their session on the The President then made his Inaugural 34 inst. Among other acts, was one fix. Address, in which he showed in an able ing the General Theological Seminary of and elegant manner, the utility of such the Church permanently at New York, institutions of learning-their necessity and incorporating with it the seminary now for the preservation of religious and civil existing here, with the consent of the liberty, and the purity and efficacy of our Board of Managers. The control of the religious and civil institutions, and ex General Seminary is to be vested in a plained the utility of the several branch Board of Trustees, to be composed of all es of study pursued by our colleges. He

the bishops of the church, of one trustee spoke of the benefits to community, and from every diocese, of one additional trusespecially to its religious interests, which tee for every eight clergymen in the same, had been produced by Williams College.

and of one additional trustee for every He here stated a fact which we believe

2000 dollars contributed in any diocese for was not before generally known that, as the support of the Seminary, until the agappears from the latest triennial cata gregate of such contributions exceed logues of the New-England colleges, Will 10,000 dollars, when another trustee is to iams college has, for the last twenty years,

be added for every $10,000 contributed. educated a larger number of men for the The Board, until the next General ConGospel Ministry than any other except vention, to be composed of the bishops, toone; referring doubtless tó Yale; and it gether with the 24 trustees, heretofore esappears, we find on further inspection, tablished by the General Convention, and that it has furnished more than two thirds the 14 trustees of the New-York Seminaas many as that Institution so distinguish. ry; and to have power to constitute proed for prosperity and piety. His address fessorsbips and appoint professors, and do was closed with a wish that the Institution frame such rules and regulations as they inay continue, through the smiles of Prov. may deem proper, consistently with the idence, to be the instrument of similar constitution and canons of the church. and greater blessings to community.

A congratulatory address from Professor Kellogg, in neat and classical Latin, have sent on to the Valley Towns, one of

The Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, succeeded. The singing on the occasion needs no

their Indian stations, 25 persons ; 16 of other praise than to say that it was in the

them under age, a minister, 4 teachers, a same tasteful and impressive style, which

farmer, and a blacksmith; they left Philahas distinguished the college choir for two

delphia in 4 waggons about the last of Sepor three years past.

tember, and seem to be what they ought In the evening, a very eloquent and ap

to be, for piety, industry, anu zeal, propriate sermon was delivered by the British and Foreign Bible Society. Rev. Mr. Humphrey of Pittsfield, from

Number of Societies. The Auxiliaries the words “ Hitherto hath the Lord help

last reported were 265, and the Branches ed us.” It gives us pleasure to state that

364: including those in connexion with it is expected that not only the Address of

the Hibernian Bible Society, they now Dr. Griffin, but the Sermon of Mr. Hum

amount to 270 Auxiliaries, and 412 Branphrey will soon be published. The introduction of Dr. Griffin to the

ches, forming a total of 682.

The Bible Societies of the continent of Presidency of the institution, we consider Europe were stated by us at 66 ; but that a very auspicious event to its interests ; number included, in point of fact

, the and trust it will preserve and increase to Asiatic Societies. These and the four Af

N. York paper.

rican Socteties remain the same. Some The people are ripe for instruction. I increase has taken place in those of Ameri- travelled much among the different tribes, ca.

both on the west and east side of the NorthIssues of the Scriptures.--The Societies ern island, and am acquainted with the in Foreign parts, which are aided by the country and people from latitude 34 to a British and Foreign Bible Society, have little more than 37 south. I found the naincreased their issue of Bibles from tives kind and hospitable every where." 547,320 to 739,045, and that of Tesiaments from 588,200 to 721,376—making a

Vermont Jurenile Musionary Society total of 1,460,421 ; and being an augmen

The annual meeting of the Vermont Juretation, in the course of the year, of 191,725

pile Missionary Society was beld in this Bibles, and 137,176 Testaments.

town on the 10th of Oct. and was open. The two Roman Catholic Clergymen

ed by an instructive sermon from Rer. who have engaged so actively in the cir. Mr. Strong, of St. Albans. Titus Hutchculation of the Scriptures, have published,

inson, Esq. President, on taking the chair, in addition to the above, more than 480,000 delivered an appropriate address. copies of the German New Testament. From the report of the Directors it apo The total number of Bibles issued on

peared, that during the past year, ten inaccount of the Society has increased from

dividuals have laboured as Missionaries 1,152, 434 to 1,307,044; and that of Tes.

from this Society ; that their labours hare taments from 1,704,857 to 1,963, 118_be

all been rendered with unquestionable ing an increase during the year, of 154,610 fidelity, and in some instances, have been Bibles, and 258,261 Testaments; and accompanied with the special influences making a total of 3, 270,162 copies.

of the Spirit. The amount of missionary To these totals may be added 235,000 services performed, since the last andus Bibles and Testaments, in French, German,

meeting, is 162 weeks; besides a grant of Swedish, and Danish, which it is estima

$52 to the church and society in Plym. ted, have been published on the Continent,

outh, to aid them in support of their pasat an expense of about 35,0001. to the Soci

tor, who has preached nearly as many ety.

times in the destitute regions around them. If all these totals be added together, it

Woodstock, pa. will be found that the Society has distributed or assisted to distribute, since its

Vermont Bible Society.-An annual formation, not less thau fire millions, four

meeting of this Society was holden at hundred and forty-five thousand, five hun

Montpelier, on the 17th ult. From the

Report of the Directors, it appears that dred and eighty three copies of the Sacred

the receipts of the last year were smaller Scriptures of the Old and New Testa

than those of the year before. $400 agree. ment. Total Erpenditure. --The expenditure meeting, had been transmitted to the A

ably to the vote at a previous annual to the end of the Society's Sixteenth Year was $28,6871. 178. That of the Seven

merican Bible Society; $450 more, approteenth Year having been 79,5601. 138. 6d. priated to the purchase of 600 Bible for the total Expenditure amounts to 908,2401. distribution within the State. The bal10s. 6d.

Lon. Mis. Reg.

ance in the Treasury last year, from which

these appropriations were made, was aMadagascar.---Prince Ratiffe, brother- bout $964.--The balance the present year, in-law of Radlama, king of Madagascar, is but $628.--The Report, however, inhas sailed from England on his return to dulges in very seasonable and spirited er. his native island.

hortations to new zeal in this great and " In the same vessel sailed the Rev. good work, adverting briefly to what has Mr. Jeffereys, Missionary to Madagascar, been done, to what remains to be done, with Mrs. J. ; also four artisans. Messrs. and to the mortification of beginning to Brooks, Canham, Chick, and Rowland. build and not being able to finish. Every

** The youths who were brought to Eug. member of the society is exhorted to be land to be instructed in usefui arts, are at come an agent for it; to exert his intueace present in the British and Foreign School, in the sphere where he moves ; to retrench Borough Road, for the purpose of learning superfluities; to avoid discouragement, to read and write English ; after which and to press forward, remembering how they will be placed under proper masters, many are perishing for lack of vision. The for instructicn in various trades, &c. Rev. D. H. Williston was employed as the

New Zealand. ---Mr. Marsden writes, Agent of the Society in distributing 300 “I have lately returned from New Zea Bibles, given by the American Bible So. land where I spent about ten months in ciety, in Lower Canada. He states that, visiting the different tribes, with auch re in a tract of country, 30 miles loog and al satisfaction to myselt

. I hope the 35 broad, he visited nine families in sucdawn of gospel day will shortly rise on that cession, in which there was not one whole dreary land, where Satan has so long main- Bible na town, containing 150 families, tained dominion.

where not more than one family in three

1821.) Ordinations and Installatione.-View of Public Affairs. 613 had Bibles-and in nine days after he ry Society, acknowledges the receipt of reached Stanstead, he visited 37 families, $717, 50 during the months of August and in which there was not a single entire September. copy of the Scriptures. Hundreds of Bi The Treasurer of the American Board bles are still wanted in the lowns where of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, he visited. Most of those distributed acknowledges the receipt of $4,935 04, were in part paid for, by the persons re from Sept. 18th to Oct. 17th inclusive ; ceiving them.

besides various articles for different misThe members of the Society seemed sionary establishments. to be inspired at this meeting with the de The Treasurer of the American Bible termination to exert themselves more vig. Society,acknowledges the receipt of $3197, orously, and it is anticipated that the re 90 in the month of October. The issues turn of another anniversary will find the from the Depository during the same pefunds doubled by the accession of new riod, were; Bibles, 3,643; Testaments, members. We hope these anticipations 1,614. will prove well founded.-Rec.

The Treasurer of the American Educa.

tion Society, acknowledges the receipt of DONATIONS TO RELIGIOUS AND CHARITA. $902 23 in the month of October.

The Treasurer of the United Missiona-

Ordinations and Installations Oct. 31.—The Rev. ABRAHAM JACK. TEMPLE, and Isaac Bird, were ordainSon, was ordained at Machias, Maine, as ed at North-Bridgwater, Mass. as MissionColleague Pastor of the Congregational aries to the Heathen. Sermon by the Rev. Church, with the Rev. Marshfield Steel. R. S. Storrs, of Braintree. Sermon by the Rev. Professor Smith, of Nov. 1st.—The Rev. John WHEELER, the Theological Seminary, Bangor. was ordained pastor of the Congregational

Oct. 17th.—The Rev. REUBEN S. HA- Society in the East Parish of Windsor, Vt. BEN, was ordained at West-Springfield, Sermon by the Rev. Professor Shurtleff, of Mass. pastor of the United Parishes of Dartmouth College. Agawam and Feeding Hills. Sermon by Nov. 7th.—The Rev. JOHN A. Dorgthe Rev. Mr. Osgood, of Springfield. LASS, was ordained pastor of the Congre.

Oct, 24th.— The Rev. CHAUNCEY G. gational Church and Society in WaterLEE, was ordained pastor of the Congre- ford, Me. Sermon by the Rev. Asa Cumgational Church in New-Stratford Socie. mings of North-Yarmouth. ty, Huntington. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Nov. 7th.-The Rev. JAMES B. AMLee of Colebrook,

BLER, was ordained by the Presbytery of Oct. 28.—The Rev. Alva Woods, Albany to the work of the Gospel MinisProfessor in Columbia College, District of try, and installed pastor of the United Columbia, was ordained in the Rev. Dr. Churches and Congregations of Milton Baldwin's Meeting House, Boston, Ser. and Greenfield, Saratoga County, N. Y. mon by the Rev. Professor Woods, of An- Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Yale of Kingsbodover.

rough, N. y. Oct. 31st.--.The Rev. David Long Nov. 14th.– The Rev. Amos W. BURNWORTH OGDEN, was ordained pastor of HAM, was ordained pastor of the First the Congregational Church in Southing. Congregational Church and Society in ton. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Taylor, of Rindge, N. H. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. New-Haven.

Burnham, of Pembroke. Oct. 31st. The Rev. Messrs. DANIEL

Diew of Public Affairs.


their majesties into the capital, and the

meeting of the Cortes have all at once The last advices from Spain are in- dispelled the agitation which reigoed dicative of a more peaceful state of amongst us for more than a monththings, than those before received. an agitation which threatened nothing Under the date of Sept. 27th, the Ma- less than to destroy the tranquility drid papers state that "The return of which we before enjoyed, but could

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not in any manner affect our most im- mond ring from the Emperor Alexander, portant interests, notwithstanding the as a testimony of his approbation of the intrigues and efforts of our enemies,

manner in which Mr. Coale has dischar. who were incessantly employed in re

ged the duties of Vice Consul. kindling the fire of discord.' Day be Northern Canal.-- We understand, says fore yesterday they succeeded in pro

the Albany Daily Advertiser, that the ducing a temporary uneasiness' by rafts which have passed through this canal spreading a report that the national ar

since the late rains, must have contained my had boasted of having behaved nearly half a million of pieces, consisting more meritoriously than the troops of of boards, plank, timber, &c. and that it is the line: but every body was soon

estimated that 30,000 dollars would not

have paid the waggon-hire for transportconvinced that the report was unfound

ing this lumber from the lake to the Hud. ed, and it failed to produce any serious effect.

An Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb will Their majesties took a long walk on

be opened in Cincinnati, on the 1st of Janthe Prado yesterday, and were wel

uary. comed as on the preceding days by

The steam boat Walk-in-the-Water, loud acclamations. On account of late events at Sara. Captain Rogers, which was stranded in

the late severe gale on Lake Erie, drore gossa, sereral corps of the troops of the

on the beach, about half a mile abore Bofline and of the local militia, particular: falo. She had on board a large number ly those of the capital, have addressed of passengers among whom was the misto the permanent deputation and to sionary family destined for Sagana Bay, the king representations, tending to a and a full cargo of dry goods, de princi renewal of their oath so often repeated, pally belonging to merchants in Ohio and to defend the constitution and the roy

Michigan. al person with the last drop of their “The passengers were all safely landblood.

ed soon alter the boat struck, and the carThe political chiefs of the provinces

go was unladen during that and the suc

ceding day. Many of the goods are conare directing their attention to the approaching elections of deputies for the

siderably injured, but the loss in this re

spect probably, will not prove so great as next legislature. In the journals of the

was at first anticipated. The boat's ma. capital we already observe several pas

chinery will be wholly saved, but the bull torals from bishops and other authori is so much injured as not to be worth rezed ecclesiastics of the kingdom ex pairing. The total loss sustained by the horting their diocesans to a good accident probably will not exceed 10 or ehoice of deputies."

12,000 dollars. Great credit is due to The Spanish Minister, bas, with his Capt. Rogers, and the other officers and family, retired from the Russian Cap

crew of the boat, for their seamanlike exital.

ertions for the safety of the boat, as well

as their courteous and consoling deportTURKEY.

ment towards the passengers, Juring a Accounts from Odessa, stale that scene the most terrific and appaling that the Turkish feet bas obtained an ad. can be imagined.” vantage over the naval force of the

From the returns of the population of Greeks, although the latter have con.

Great Britain under the new census, as tinued to be, for the most part, successful in such warlike enterprises as they been an increase of about 15 per cent.

far as published, it appears that there has had attempted. The intelligence in relation to Turkey and Russia, is still of Limerick, Ireland. Outrages are com

Great disturbances exist in the County of an undecided character. It is said mitted daily. Bodies of 200, or 300 men, atthat England has proposed to France, tack the houses of the gentry. to maintain the integrity of Turkey, except that Russia might obtain the

A vessel has arrived at Hull, in Enz. permanent possession of Moldavia and land, from the whale fishery, with nine

fish, in the capture of which the rocket Wallachia, upon condition of ceding to

was employed. After being struck, the certain Princes, a part of Poland.

largest whale became an easy prey to its pursuers. In one case instant death is stated to have been produced by a single

rocket, and in all cases the speed was Imperial Present.–Edward J. Coale, much diminished, and its power of sinking Esq. of Baltimore, has received through limited to three or four 'fathome. The the hands of the Russian Minister, a dia- rockets when discharged, enter the boày


of the fish and explode ; they frequently go from that of every other foreign power ; so nearly through as to show the effect on and that they are ready to proceed to the the opposite side.

sanction of it by their oaths. In testimony

of which they forward a certified copy of Independence of Peru.—The Caraccas this act to his Excellency, with their own Gazette of the 25th October, contains the signatures annexed. [Then follow the , following act of the Cabildo of Peru.

signatures of all present.] In the city of the Kings of Peru, 15th July, 1821, the persons composing the PARIS, Sept. 16.—Colonel Gustafson, Junta being formed, together with the ex (the Ex-King of Sweden,) has for some cellent and most illustrious Archbishop of time past occupied himself with natural this Metropolitan church, the Prelates of philosophy. He has just published at the religious convents and those who Frankfort a treatise, which is not sold, but bear Spanish titles, and various persone distributed gratis by the illustrious author ages in the neighbourhood of this capital, to amateurs of the sciences. It is written having met for the purpose of performing in the French language and dedicated to what was proposed in an official letter the Royal Academy of Sciences of Norfrom his excellency the General in Chief way. The title is “ Reflections on the of the Liberating army of Peru, Don Jo- phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, and sef de San Martin, dated yesterday, name its connexion with Diurnal Motion." The ly, that all persons of known probity, intel- Hamburgh Journal states, that several ligence and patriotism, who live in this copies of this little work have reached capital, shall declare if the general opinion Stockholm; the booksellers of that capital is in favour of independence, preparatory have got it translated into the Swedish to administering the oath : all the mem language, and it will shortly be in the bers of the meeting, for themselves, and press. satisfied of the opinion of the inhabitants of this capital, declare that the general wish The wife of the late Emperor Christois decidedly in favour of the independence phe, and her two daughters, have arrived of Peru from the Spanish dominion, and in London from Port-au-Prince.


From the N. Y. Daily Advertiser. accompanied with at least a short retroDeparted this life, at his seat in the city spect of the life, and of the leading traits of Burlington, New-Jersey, on the 24th in the character of the illustrious deceased. day of October, A. D. 1821. ELIAS Dr. Boudinot was born in Philadelphia, BOUDINOT, Esq. LL. D. in the eighty. on the 2nd of May A. D. 1740. He was second year of his age. On the 26th of descended from one of those pious Protes. October, his remains were committed to tants, who, at the revocation of the Edict the tomb, followed by a large concourse of Nantes, fed from France to America, to of family connections, and by the most res escape the horrors of ecclesiastical persepectable inhabitants of the city of Bur cution and to enjoy religious freedom in lington. Among the mourning friends this favored land. He had the advantage who attended on this occasion, was a dep- of a classical education, and pursued the utation from the board of Managers of the study of the law under the direction of American Bible Sociely, consisting of Gen- the Hon. RICHARD STOCKTON, a memeral Clarkson, the Rev. Dr. Milnor, ber of the first American Congress, whose Messrs. S. Boyd, and Carow. The pali eldest sister he afterwards married. was born by General Bloomfield, William Shortly after his admission to the Bar of Coxe, and Joseph Mcllvaine, of Burling. New Jersey, Dr. Boudinot rose to the first ton, and by Horace Binney and Andrew grade in his profession. Early in the RevBayard, Esqrs. and Dr. Mease, of Phila- olutionary war, he was appointed by Condelphia. The body was conveyed to St. gress to the important trust of CommissaMary's church, where a very appropriate ry-General of prisoners. In the year 1777, discourse was delivered by the Rev. Dr. he was chosen a member of the national Wharton, and the whole ceremony was Congress, and in the year 1782 he was econducted with solemnity, order, and de lected the President of this august body. corum,

In this capacity he had the honor and hapAs Death has now set his seal on a piness of putting his signature to the Treacharacter pre-eminent for talents, for pie. ty of Peace, which forever established his ty, and for extensive usefulness, a just re country's independence. On the return gard to public sentiment requires that the of peace, he resumed the practice of the annunciation of such an event, should be law. It was not long, however, before he

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