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Saviour. We obtained a good deal Mahommedan, who was publicly bapof information from Mr. Armour, con- tized in Columbo church, while we cerning the real state of christianity were there, and who came with us in Ceylon;' and I must conclude that from Columbo to this place. It is the though it is one of the most encour- first Mabommedan that has been aging places for gospel missionaries; known in Ceylon to embrace christiayet the number of professing christi- nity. He is a man of tolerable good ans, and their piety, have been greatly sense, and has great hopes of sereral exaggerated.

Most of the native more embracing the religion of Jesus, christians are Budhites in their hearts; though at the risk of their life ; for and frequently attend their idol wor- every moorman or mahommedan who ship, and devil dances; and the Ro- becomes a christian, is in danger of man Catholics are scarcely a remove being murdered by any mahommedan in Christian knowledge or practice a- he meets.” bove them. It is to be regretted that our European christians, by their con

MORAVIAN MISSION. duct, rather encourage than discoun- From Periodical Accounts, No, 72. tenance cast.

The missionaries on the coast of “ Since our arrival, we have had di Labrador, thus write from Okkak, vine service everysunday in thcchurch; Aug. 12, 1813. “ The whole of last the congregation is but small; and year, but particularly the winter-seaextempore services did not please son, distinguished itself by a remarkat first; but the offence is now ceased, able display of the grace and power of and several people have expressed a the Saviour in their hearts, and we desire to have sabbath evening and may say, that we have seeu wonders. week day evening meetings. This of His mercy wrought among them. we rejoice to hear, and intend to We have distinctly perceived, that comply with their desire, as soon as they not only become better acquaintwe can procure a place. We have no ed with themselves, as poor helpless doubt that we shall very soon form a sinners, who, without Jesus, can do class of serious people.

nothing; but they show to all around “Our brother Ault at Balticaloe, what spirit they are of; and are ena, has a sabbathi morning congregation bled to direct their countrymen with of about 200 hearers; and he is also much earnestness, to Jesus, as the only requested to open evening meetings: Saviour. Amoag the children, especie, be also hopes to open a class of se- ally among the great girls, and young rious persons; and as his tutor in the boys, the Lord has kindled his fire, Malabar understands English and and awakened their hearts to serious Portuguese tolerably well, he intends inquiry what they must do to be, to preach to the people through the saved. We have now 26 communimedium of an interpreter.

cants in this congregation, which con-, “ Brother Clough, at Galle, is sists of 150 persons, besides whom, 24 making considerable improvement in new people live here.* the Cingalese language; he also Hopedale, Sep. 9, 1814.

very preaches cvery sunday to tolerable remarkable occurrences bave taken congregations. He is exceedingly place with our Esquimaux; but in geencouraged, very happy in his soul, neral, we have great cause to rejoice and appointment; and, at the earnest over the progress of that work, of request of many people, be also is re- grace, which by the power of the Hosolved to open evening meetings. ly Spirit, has taken place in their

“ Brother Erskine has been at Ma- souls. They have become more firmtura for six weeks, and preaches every ly grounded upon the foundation of sunday in the church. There are but the merits of Jesus Christ, as crucifew Europears there. The last ac- fied for our salvation, and by their count we had from him was very walk and conversation have led others pleasing.

to reflect and seek to know how they. “There is at present in Jaffua, a may be saved from sin and death,

* Thus the brethren designate the heathens who are lately come to reside at the settlement.

6 No

" We have been more especially recover from the emotion of his mind, cncouraged by perceiving in our for some time. He writes, “I have young people a renewed awaking, and served 12 years as a missionary among often seen with astonishment, how the negroes, but never before have I powerfully the Spirit of God can in- been witness to such a powerful meltfluence the hearts of the youth, and ing of all hearts, on hearing the simple lead them from one degree to another, account of the sufferings of our Saviin the knowledge of themselves, as our, for our salvation. Hitherto, I sinpers, creating within them a desire have rather felt afraid and mistrustful to live alone unto Jesus, in the world. of the Jamaica negroes, but on this He also explains to them the mystery occasion, all my doubts vanished. I of the cross of Christ, directing them do believe that the time of harvest, so to his wounds for healing and cleans- long prayed for, is approaching for ing from all sin and uncleanness.”- Jamaica also.” The congregation of Christian Esquimaux, then, at the end of 1813, con- CHURCH MISSIONARY Society. sisted of 91 persons. The whole num- The missionaries Messrs. J. Ch. ber of the inhabitants on our lands Schnarre and Charles T. E. Rhenius, is 121,

landed at Madras, the 4th of July, Bogue, Jamaica, March, 1, 1814,- 1814, and were received with chris“ The brethren Lang and Becker settian cordiality by the Rev. Marmaout for Kingston, on business, and duke Thompson, chaplain of the were glad of several opportunities af- Hon. East India Company. They forded them during the journey, of were entertained in his own family, bearing witness to the truth as it is in during their stay at Madras. “We Jesus. At Kingston they visited the thank the Lord,” say they, “ for his methodist minister, and were sorry to good providence in bringing us acfind, that these good people are still quainted with one of his most faithful prohibited from holding any public and zealous servants in promoting his meeting, and not likely to obtain everlasting kingilom." leave for it. Though, in general, From Madras they proceeded to Kingston appears to be a place of nó Tranquebar, recommended to Dr. religion, yet they found several wor- Caemmerer, who, by the death of Dr. thy characters there, who value the John, had become senior chaplain of word of God, Accidentally they came the Royal Danish Mission at that into conversation with a merchant, place. The stipend allowed them is who manages the concerns of the £100 per annum, each, which, nutBritish and Foreign Bible Society. withstanding they will be obliged to He gave us an account of the means have five servants, is said by Mr. which operated to bring about the Thompson to be a liberal average of act forbidding the methodists to two single inissionaries' expenses, in preach and assemble the negrues.* any part of the South of India. We are sorry that any circumstanoes At Tranquebar, where they were should have led to this result, as by kindly received by Mr. Caemmerer, this means, the knowledge of the gos- they were diligently employed in learnpel would have been still more widely ing the Tamul larguage. The new diffused in tbis island.

testament in this language is printed April 11, being Palm Sunday, at Serampore, at the charge of the brother Becker went to Elim, where British and Foreign Bible Society, he began to read the history of the and the Calcutta Auxiliary Bible SoPassion week. After a short discourse, ciety. he knelt down, and offered up a fer- A corresponding Society has been vent prayer, during which there arose formed at Madras. The Rev. Mr. a general weeping, among the ne. Thompson has written an animated groes, that he could not proceed, nor letter to the secretary, in which he

* The methodist missionaries have not been permitted to preach for nearly five years. Some of them have been imprisoned. One of them who was promised his ii.berty by the Assembly, on condition he would promise them not to preach again; Dobly replied, “ I will be crucified first.”


calls upon the English elergy to devote observe that Mr. Corric, who has been themselves to missionary labours in doing so much good at Africa, is obIndia. Speaking of the men whom liged to return to England on account India needs, he observes, “ Singleness of ill health. of eye, and entire devotedness, somewhat of maturity in the graces of LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. the christian temper, and a cultivated A letter from Mr. Read to Mr. mind, with an aptness for acquiring Campbell, dated a Bethelsdorp, Oct. languages, are here peculiarly requi 10, 1814, mentions a missionary consite. Send me such men, and I will ference, held at Graaf Reinett, and receive them indeed, as brethren be- an auxiliary society established; and loved, and will shew them stations of four natives of Africa appoiu'ed itinean extent and importance for a very rant preachers. “On-my arrival at apostle to rejoice in! If possible, I Bethelsdorp, I found affairs in an unwould also recommend that they pleasant state. : I had been sighing, should be Englishmen. I have looked crying, and looking to the Lord for repeatedly with a longing eye at the support, and he has been so kind as names of your Greenwood and Nor- to be intreated. A work is begun ton, and could almost quarrel with you among us which appears to me like a that their destination is not Madras. dream. Previous to my going to English missionaries are by no means Graaf Reinett, I observed that the of equal importance at Ceylon, as in word seemed to have more than a India. Foreigners are even prefera- cominon effect; and within the last ble with reference to the European three weeks, it has increased to such inbabitants, Dutch and Portuguese. a degree that I am really at a loss A church-of-England ENGLISH missi- what to say of it. I dare say, we shall onary in India, would yet be, I be- have plenty of chaff, but you know lieve, an entire new thing! Proclaim where there is much chaff, there must it--and let us see whose shall be the be some wheat. We use no means to honour to be the first-an English work on the passions--simply preacliSchwartz, and Gericke, and John, to ing the gospel--our school tlourishes the natives of India."

--every thing has turned out well Our readers are informed that with the undertaking of brother though there has been no clergyman Smith. He has at length departed of the church of England, employed to commence a mission among the as a missionary in India; yet there are wild Bushmen, Five bundred of many evangelical ministers of that whom were collected to receive him. church appointed to different sta-. Considerable success is also mentiontions in the Company's dominions, ed to have attended Messrs. Albricht, several of whom, wc are happy and Ebner, missionaries at Pella, Nato find were sent to IŅdia during macqualand, South Africa. the last year.

We are sorry to


BIBLE SOCIETY. late Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. disA special general meeting of this charge a mournful duty in expressing Society was held at the New London their veneration for his memory, and Tavern, Cheapside, on Monday, their gratitude for the eminent ser, Maroh 6th ; W Wilberforce, Esq. M. vices which, as Treasurer, le rendered P. in the Chair; when the following to the interests of this Institution, resolution was unanimously adopted, from its commencement in the year

1804, to the period of his lamented The British and Foreign Bible So. decease. ciety, participating in the general sor- Sensible of the importance of those row occasioned by the death of the duties which attach to the office thus painfully vacated, and convinced, from which the building will be carried their knowledge of his character, and forward, till the edifice is completed. experience of his attachment to their There are, however, in the East, many object, that he will discharge them languages still remaining, in which with fidelity and zeal; Unanimously no translation of the scriptures exists, resolve, that Jolin Thornton, Esq. be, and no attempt to translate into them appointed to succeed his late revered has yet been made. I trust the Lord uncle, as Treasurer to their Instituti- will smile on the work, till the whole on, for the remainder of the current these also be added to the list of the year of the Society,

of languages in which the word of While the British and Foreign Bi. God is given to men. ble Society bow with due submission, to that dispensation which has inflict- IRISH BAPTIST SOCIETY. ed upon them so severe a loss, they Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Mo desire to acknowledge at the same Carthy. time, the goodness of Providence in “ Lord's day, Octr. 10, 1814. This directing them to the means of re- morning preached at Portarlington, at pairing it with such unanimity, promp- 11 o'clock. The congregation modetitude, and real satisfaction.

rately large, although they had heard The British and Foreigo Bible So- nothing of my coming; as the person ciety cannot but regard it as a cir- who engaged to deliver a message, cumstance peculiarly favourable to had neglected to do it. We had a their Institution, that the office of most blessed time indeed. After treasurer should be permitted to re- preaching, I informed the congregatimain in a connection, from which it on that there would be baptizing in has derived so much credit and ad. the river Barrow, which runs through vantage ; and devolve upon an indi- the town, and is one of the chief ri. vidual, whose past conduct bas afford- vers in the kingdom. The part of the ed a pledge that he will emulate the river I chose for administering the virtues associated with his name, and sacred ordinance formed a crescent, reflect that integrity, candour, and with a beautiful green bank equal to persevering philanthropy, of which his a gallery; where the surrounding and revered predecessor and relative fur- much amazed multitude stood, who nished so illustrious an example. had never seen the like before. Be

low the bank by the side of the river, Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Dr. on a high gravelly part perfectly dry,

Carey. Calcutta, Aug. 26, 1814 I stood with the candidate, and a few In all parts of India, the call for religious friends. I then addressed the Holy Scriptures is so great, that the astonished assembly composed of cvery exertion to print them sufficient- very genteel persons. "I spoke first of ly fast to answer the demands, has the fallen state of man-then on the hitherto been inadequate. The do- manner of his recovery by the righminions of the bible are advancing teousness of Christ-and lastly—on daily; and new tribes hear, in their the nature of the ordinance I was own tongnies, the wonderful works of about to administer. All present heard God Beside the Tamul, Cingalese, with the greatest attention; not one Persian, Malayala, and Malay, ill-behaved spectator. So I baptized (which we have not translated, but our dear brother B, the first person only printed,) the word of God is now ever baptized in that genteel town. . translated, or under translation, into Mr. B. told me several weeks before twenty-five languages, by us; twenty- I baptized him, that he had found my one of which are actually in the press, preaching pecaliarly serviceable to and nothing hinders the remaining him--that he had experienced an infour from going to press, but some ward change of heart—that he cortrifling work to complete the founts sidered himself by nature a child of for them. This is a work, upon the wrath and an heir of hell-that be accomplishment of which my heart had' no righteousness of his own-has been long set ; whether I shall that he depended by faith on the live to see its completion, I know not. the righteousness of Jesus; that he But I trust a foundation is laid, upon may thus be justified from all things

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from which he could not have been coming of our blessed Lord. I bojustified by the law of Moses.--and lieve many a stout heart trembled, that all his trust was in him that jus- while I described the unhappy state of tilieth the ungodly—and further, that all who were not found in Christ," by the grace of God, he was deter- N. B. The above are extracts from mived to obey his will, not only by a quarterly journal, by which it apbeing baptized, but by walking it all pears that Mr. M'Carthy preached six his commandments. In the evening or seven times a week; besides holdI preached again to a greater numbering meetings for prayer, and religious of people than I had ever seen in the conversations. It is desirable that meeting-house before.

another itinerant should be employed Lord's day, Sept. 171h. This in that circuit; as the places openeil morning at 8 o'clock I preached at for preaching are more than Mr. M Thurles, to a large and attentive con- Carthy can supply, so as to satisfy the gregation. Truly it was good for us people. to be there. In the evening the house was so full as to render it unpleasant Extract of a Letter from one of the to bear the beat of the place; several Society's Readers in the province of people were in an adjoining house: Connaught, dated Feb. 24, 1815. all heard as for eternity.

“I will now give you an account of Monday, 18th. At seven o'clock, my progress since my last letter, this morning I baptized Mr. C. a re

which I then hinted was very encourspectable inhabitant of the town. aging-I, however, desire always to His experience of divine things is be cautious of boasting too suddenly. deep-his love to Christ and his peo- I could refer to many who hear the ple great-his resolutions to serve his word of God patiently, and who will Saviour strong-his faith in Christ soon throw off the yoke of popery: Jesus unshaken; and his moral con- the following instance occurred within duct such as must unquestionably a- my own personal knowledge. A dorn the doctrine of God bis Saviour. neighbour of mine, four months ago,

In the evening, I preached again was one of the strongest advocates from Ezekiel 13, 1. In that day for popery, and consequently, a great there shall be a fountain opened for sin enemy to the truth; this man, through and uncleanness, We had a nuost many conversations I had with him, blessed time. On Tuesday 17th, I has been convinced of all the abomipreached again at seven o'clock in nations of popery, except the ointment; the morning: the people expressed and latterly, it has pleased the Lord to themselves well satisfied, and said let him see that also: the consequence they longed for my return. I then set is, he is now contending for the faith off for Templemoor, and preached in he not long since endeavoured to dethe Barracks to a large congregation stroy. Ile has been reading the scripof respectable persons, inhabitants tures to an acquaintance of his, and and soldiers. After preaching was invited him to bring the priest with invited to spend the remainder of the him; but adding, “Tell the priest to evening with Lieut. G. P. who treated bring the scriptures with him, and I me with great politeness.

will meet him at any time.” This Tuesday, 25th. Went to Moate, man has a fine hopeful family rising and held a meeting for conversation into life; but he has to lament the with such persons as I had reason to condition of his kindred, who will think were desirous of being instruet- not listen to the gospel! ed in the truth, as it is in Jesus.

“ Our brother, B. H. las long Wednesday, 26th. Went to Ath- pressed me to go to that part of the lone, and preached to a large and at- country where his people live. I urged tentive congregation, my hearers in- him that it was the more unnecessary, crease here.

as he was there himself: but, says he, “Lord's day, 30th. Went to Port- “A prophet hath no honour in his own arlington, preached at 11 o'clock. country.”. So I promised, as soon as We bad a blessed shaking among the I got a little strength, to take that didry bones. In the evening preached rection. On my way to that part,, I to about 100 persons, on the second called on F. who is employed as a

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