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to hell. I 1 left them a few papers, and muns. At Kalee-dasha-poora I found went to Bhutouli, and spoke to a about forty huts. In the centre of number.

the village I asked an Ooriya vira17th. By the river side, addressed gree, who came to beg rice, how he crowds of people ; at Virnuvusee, I could be saved. He said, " I do not found near a temple many brahmuns, know," and remained silent. I openwho inform led me that fifty animals ed an Orissa tract, and commenced had been s lain that day and offered to reading, when a crowd of fifty men, the goddess. I reminded them that women and little oncs, came out rivers of ai aimal blood could not take from various huts and sat down upon away sin; that their sinful inclinations the ground around me, listening with were not gone. I recommended to attention.' I finished the whole tract, them they sospel, and was much pleas- · and discoursed with them upon its ed by their attention. I then wander- contents. One woman in a weeping ed about the fields, and spoke to núm. tone, began to bless God: another bers. In the evening, the brahmuns old man said, “We cannot approach consulted and sent for me. They to that God: we are sipners; our treated roe very kindly, and I had heart is corrupt; we do not undermuch coriversation with them.' When stand. We never can do this: it is a it was beicoming quite dark, I con- bard thing to leave the world, our cluded wifth prayer, and the brahmuns cast, houses, families and relations ; accomparaied me to the boat. I gave we never can do it.” I exhorted her them a few tracts, and they returned to apply to Jesus Christ, the Almighrejoicing..

ty Redeemer, for a new heart. All 18th. This morning one of the a- paid attention for three hours, and I bove bra'hmuns followed my bọat six concluded with prayer. The next miles, and told me the words that village, Phiringee-Patna, contains were spoken last night bad affected

about twenty huts: here I entered bim much. I spoke to him for a the house of a barber, and asked him while, a pd gave him a tract, which to let me sit for shade in his veranhe accepted thankfully, and returned da. I spoke, to nine persons.

In rejoicing

Jari-sura spoke to a few at the tem19th. (Lord's day.) Preached at ple of Shiva. At Ranee's garden. Digah to a large body of Hindoos. which is full of Mango trees, ( an of

20th. Conversed with a few people fering devoted to Jugunnatha's pilat Sheersah. In the evening, sitting grims), I found ten Mussolman's of by' the river side, I collected a num- Midna-poora, who had come to buy ber of people, and read and expound- cows, and spoke to them of the Mesed' a portion of Matthew's Gospel, siah. After some time, they all at

22d. In the afternoon arrived at once, with joined hands, cried out, Allahabad. As, soon as I left the “ Christ is all: he 'is holy, just, and boat, the cloth merchants brought me true,” and bowed their heads. I ex-' the melancholy news of the death of horted them to offer their prayers unmy wife, which struck me to the to God through Jesus Christ. In the heart, but blessed be the Lord Jeho. way home, I found ten viragrees vah, who supported me, and enabled going from Jugunnatha's temple to me to converse with these men re

their country, and asked them what specting death, at which they seemed good they had obtained from the temamazed, and paid great attention. I ple. They answered,“We have seen left them a tract and went forward. the idol; after death we shall go to

the heaven of Vishnoo." ORISSA MISSION. Extracts from sure of this? I asked. They added, brother Peter's Journal for January, We have heard so, and the world 1814.

acts as we do." 8th. Went to MatiJan. 6th. Spoke with a Telinga phu- gunj, and spoke to twenty men: oue keer who heard with astonishment:

was a serious enquirer, and another he ate with us gardless of cast. 7th. took a tract. Returned home, and Went on horse-back to three villages, found three men who beard of Christ and op my way spoke with four bralas with a sound mind. Afterwards

Are you

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rode to the chonki-bazar, and had a Victory! As soon as thcy sat down, congregation at the collector's office one began to cry out, door. An old Mussulman said, “Ma- ceived no curds;" another, They homet is the Saviour of Jesus and of have given me no split pease;" all men.

In the last day he will a third, " This is an abominable dincome and Jesus will be his servant." ner: the rice is full of worms." Another Mussulman said, Except When dinner was over, each one siyou become a Mussulman, be circum- lently retired. I preached to the cised, and repeat our prayers, you

crowd from“ Labour not for the meat cannot be saved." - I made a reply at which perisheth.” &c. 18th. Jugansome length, and put to shame these nat'ha-Mookhoojya, an Oottururarhi wicked followers of Mahomet. The brahmun, with whom I had convercrowd beard with astonishment. sation several times before, called on From hence I came to a Telinga me, and declared his faith in Jesus. merchant's door, where near a hun. He rejected his cast, smoking with dred persons were collected. 10th. me in my hooka. At last, dinner Rode three miles to Gubova-ga, and being ready, I asked him if he would conversed with the villagers, thirty dine: he said, he had no objection, of whom I found dividing the flesh of and came and ate with me before a wild hog.

An old man repeated the servants. I asked, If any ask you, the name of Jesus; acknowledged are you able to acknowledge this act that he was a sinner, and declared he in public ? he said, “Not in the pube would pray to Jesus Christ. One lic roads or streets : but my whole young Ooriya, repeating the name of wish and desire is to become a Jesus, went away, and promised disciple of Jesus.” When I told that he would be his disciple. 12th. him, that Jesus died for sinners, he Went to the house of a blacksmith, felt much, and said, “ I am a sinner, where I found the women and child. I will forsake the heathen way." I ren worshipping baskets of rice, gram, went out to-day, and had nearly two flowers, &c. being the first day of hundred brahmuns to hear me at the Magha. On going in they seemed door of the cutwal. I also called at all ashamed; the women ran away, the place where the above-mention, but one old woman listened while I ed feast was given, and talked to the exhorted her to worship the true God. multitude tiil 7 or 8 o'clock in the 13th. Went to Sahojee market. Some evening : four viragrees followed mo of my congregation said, “We have to my house, and staid an hour Radlia-Krishna; we do not know Jesus talking of Jesus: they promised to Christ. We will mind the writing come again. 19th. Talked at home of Vyasa-deva, and believe nothing with Shree-matijumedar, and Jagun. else. If we follow Christ, we must nat’ha-Mookhooj-ya respecting the be united to the unclean, we will life, sufferings, and death of Jesus never do this.”.

As many as five 20th. Took Jugunnatha-Mookboojyı i, hundred men and women, brahmuns vur new brother, and went to Baskwin and shoddras, were sitting around gunj and Belliah; preached in both

Some poor people appeared to villages, and distributed a number of hear with a feeling heart. 141h. Had Orissa tracts. about fifty hearers at Bag-vrinda-vuna. I began my discourse with a brahmun COLUMBO MISSION. Dec. 20, 1& 13. who was repeating the guyatree, and Dear brother Ward, counting his beads. 17th. Was I have a young man, a son of present at a feast called Bhandara, one of the late Dutch ministers, y vho at which crowds of viragrees, vishnu- has assisted me a little in my school, vas, &c. were assembled. Each one by ruling the copy books, &c. why o, in receives rice, &c. cooks it on the spot, return for his services, is instru cted and then eats it. When the crowd in English, &c. He is a pleasing, amiwas ready to begin to eat, a head- able young man. He is one of i my man arose, and repeated the names most constant hearers, has a great deof the gods, by way of calling them sire to be of the same pro tu eat, the crowd repeating, Victory! his father. I pay particular atte ation copy Javanese


op as

to him, and will hope and pray that shee was to prepare the way for my the God of providence and grace may learning that language, and according so overrule his wishes, that he may be- ly 1 employ him in translating my colcome an instrument of doing much lection of Malay words into Javanese, good in the best of causes.

and this he does without any trouble I sometimes feel much cast down to me, as he knows both languages.that the gospel is attended with no By this means I shall be furnished better effects in this populous town. with a rough vocabulary of the JavaAt other times, a lively hope animates nese as soon as I begin to learn it, and my heart. I recollect how long yoứ the same man may also had to labour and wait in Bengal be- books for me to read. I hope I shall fore much fruit appeared to attend soon be able to send you a copy of the your labours, and what has now en- Javanese characters. I could send sued, and it affords me encourage- a copy now, but I cannot rely either ment. I recollect that our God is all on its being correct or complete. gracious, omnipotent, and infinitely

I have given away a few copies of wise. He therefore knows the best the gospel of Mark, in the Chinese. I time to work; and when that comes, think you should send me some more every thing must give way; his good- of them as soon as possible. ness also, when the set time is come, Should my school continue in its will suffer no delay. O that it may be present state, I hope that I shall near, even at the doors.

need no farther support from you, af

ter the end of the present year. The JAVA MISSION. To the Brethren at Dutch are desirous that I should keep Serampore. Molenuliet, Nov. 1, 1813. a boarding school : in that case a My dear Brethren,

larger house will be necessary,

and I still continue to preach among the perhaps that might occasion me to soldiers without the least interruption: draw on you a little longer; but above some of the officers have said they all, more help will be necessary, both would come to our meeting, but they in the school and in the mission, have not yet favoured us with their therefore pray send brother Reilly as company. Last sabbath morning, I soon as possible. baptized one person; he seems to be Send plenty of hymn books, both a very pious man, and gives us much Watts's and Rippon's, and also a few pleasure. In the evening, we buried other religious books, such as are one of our friends, who would have cheap and easy to read. In short, been baptized the month before, had use the most vigorous exertions to carbe not been prevented by sickness. ry on the work of God in this place, H is end was such as to give us great and I think you will never have to lahopes that he is now in glory. We ment our labour lost. na ve had occasion to exclude two Remember me to all our brethren members from our communion for and sisters in Christ. evil conduct; one of then had desert

I remain, &c. . W. ROBINSON. ed. The unchristiap-like conduct of these men has been very injurious to

BAHAMA ISLANDS. our enquirers.

By letters and a messenger

from Nly school is on the increase, and the Baptist Church at New ProviI he artily wish it may increase more, dence, to Dr. Rippon, we are informas it will furnish me with great means ed of an eminently gracious revival of of us:efulness.

religion, among the people of colour, Iliave engaged a Javanese teacher, in that Society. 'In consequence of who writes both the Javanese and the divine influence unusually enMala y, so that I have now two moon-, joyed amongst them, it was necessary - shecs at 20 rupeos a month each. to employ all the time which could Had not my school promised, fair, I possibly be spared, through nine or should not as yet have ventured on ten weeks, to examine the candidates this ej spense.

You must not think for baptism, and to receive testimonithat I am at present about to study als of the characters of such of them closely: the Javanese language; my who were slaves and had obtained object in retaining a Javanese moon- permission from their respective own


ers to profess religion, Towards the thy President, Prinçe Gallatin, were close of the past year, 280 persons, present two Russian Bishops, two having satisfactorily related their ex- Archimandrites, (i.e. Chiefs of Monasperiences to the church, on the 25th tries.) the Archbishop of Georgia, the of December, were baptized. The Roman Catholic Metropolitan, several holy ordinance was administered by ofthe Ministers of State and Senators, one person, their aged pastor, of their besides others of the first rank. A own colour, who entered on this pleas- more delightful and edifying Meeting ing service, at eight o'clock in the I never attended. All distinctions of morning, and finished at twon-re- rank were forgotton; and what is still maining in the water all that time, more, all difference of religion was never having employed six hours of swallowed up in the grand cause for his life, in a more delightful manner. which we were assembled. Two exThe females were conducted down into cellent letters from the Secretaries of the water, to the administration, and the British and Foreign Bible Society also out of it, by their female friends, were first read, giving an account of and the men, by the brethren and the progress of the Bible cause in every other well-wishers to their felicity. The part of the world ; then followed exGovernor of the Island, peculiarly con

tracts of letters from the Missionaries descending and kind to them, in their at Karass, and also extracts of letters humble situation, appointed a guard received from the London Missionary of Soldiers to attend them from their Society, giving some account of the place of worship to the water and in progress of the gospel in the South their returning, that they might have Sea Islands, and in South Africa. no interruption. It was an high day, You can scarcely form an idea of the it is said, and ever to be remembered. effect produced by these letters. Joy But as all the serious persons who beamed on every countenance. Ail were disposed to obey the command, seemed to say it is good to be here ; and to imitate the example of Christ, and some from the fulness of their in this ordinance, had not yet found hearts exclaimed, “ This is the most time to relate what they trust the Lord delightful Meeting ever I was present had done for their souls, following days at; it is indeed a feast of fat things." were employed in hearing their expe- And they immediately resolved to riences, and 50 more were baptized send a portion to those who were abby the same persons on New-Years- sent, by ordering that all these letters day. They consider this close of the and extracts should be immediately year 1814 and the begining of the year published in a State Paper, that so 1815 as forming a remarkable period the joyful tidings might be proclaimed in their history, which calls for grati- in the remotest corners of Russia, and tude and joy; and they send their the hearts of thousands should be Messenger to Englaud, that the bre- gladdened, as theirs had been. The thren in this Country may rejoice with extract of a letter from Dr. Carey afthem, and assist them, in their pleas- forded peculiar pleasure. If you for ing circumstances, with Bibles, Tes- a moment consider those things in taments, and Religious Tracts, and their proper light, in connection with also further the several important ob- the persons present, and in connection jects they contemplate-The particu- with Russia, you will immediately lars of which, we expect, will soon be pereieve their importance, and what laid, before the Religious public, and is likely by the blessing of God to be if not before, at the yearly meeting of the consequence. I have watched the Baptist Union, in London. with pleasure the progress of my

friends here in regard to the interest RUSSIA.

they take in the cause of religion : Extract of a letter from Mr. Paterson but at the last meeting I witnessed an to J. A. H. Esq. Edinburgh. expression of feeling, which I little

Petersburgh Dec. 27. 1814, 0. S. expected, sanguine as my expectations

Here I shall give you some ac- generally are. count of our last meeting of Commit- Nor was our domestic information tee on the 2nd. inst. Besides our wor- less important, I, as usual, gave an Vol. VII.



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account of the progress of the different country, who has a penny to spare editions (of the Scriptures) since our who will not give it for this purpose.” last meeting; and presented to the N. B.: We understand there is a Committee the first and second sheet prospect of a Cossack Bible Society of the Armenian Bible, and the first being speedily formed. sheet of the Persian Testament, with which they were much pleased. We also received the pleasing information At a late meeting of the Aberdeen that three new Bible Societies were Auxiliary Bible Society, the following formed in Russia. The demand for pleasing Anecdote was related by the Bibles is daily increasing, but we can- Rev. Mr. Grant of Orkney, who was not at present procure a single erpy of an eye-witness of the scene. the Sclavonian Bible. One Bishop in “ Last year,” said he,

a vessel the interior of Russia, writes us that he' from Stockholm, in Sweden, was driwas in need of two thousand Bibles, for ven upon our coast in a tremendous his own Clergy!! How many then gale, and became a total wreck ; situmust he have needed for his flock, ated so that no human aid could poswhen his under shepherds needed so sibly be administered for the presermany! Mr. Mitchell informed us, vation of the crew. In a short time when at Oxeuburg in Siberia, he con- after the vessel struck, she went to versed with many of the Bucharians, pieces. The spectators on shore bewho speak the Tartar language, but held with pungent grief the awful sihe uniformly found that they read the tuation of those on board ; but those Persjan. This opens a wide field for on shore could render no assistance. our Persian Edition when ready. All on board perished except one man, They will carry it to the very centre and he, driven by the merciless waves of Great Tartary.

upon a piece of the wreck, entwined He mentions also a very pleasing among the ropes attached to the mast, instance of the desire the brave Cos- Half naked and half drowned he reachsacks inanifest fo hear the word of ed the shore, and was disengaged by God. Four of them stationed at Ka- those on shore from his heart-rending rass, wished to get a Bible, which they situation. As soon as they rescued knew was a good book, though they him, astonishment filled their minds had never seen it. They came and by observing a small parcel, tied firm·borrowed the New Testament from ly round his waist with a hapdkerhim, to see what it contained, before chief. Some concluded it was his they bought the whole Bible. They money; others it was the ship's pakept it some days, during which time pers; and others said it was his watch. they read in it almost night and day. The handkerchief was unloosed, aud - Being told they must return it, as it to their surprize and astonishment it was the fourth volume of the Bible, was his Bible ; a Bible given to the which would cost seven roubles; the lad's father from the British and Fo. poor Cossack who received this infor- reign Bible Society. Upon the blank mation wept; as he feared it was a- leaf was a prayer written, that the bout to be sold to another. He went Lord make the present gift the means to his three comrades, when they of saving his son's soul. Upon the agreed to buy it amongst them, but other blank leaf was, an account all they could muster was six roubles. how the Bible came into the old man's Being determined, lowever, to have hands; and that gratitude to the Brithe Bible, they borrowed the seventhi, tish and Foreign Bible Society, which and paid for it. They were so over- inspires the heart of every Christian, joyed, in having obtained it, that one was undisguisedly written by the old of them wrote a letter of thanks to man. The request was, that the son our Society, which was also read at should make it the man of his counsel, last meeting. Mr. Mitchell adds, and that he could not allow his son to surely there is not a person of proper- depart from home without giving him ty in Russia, who would not bestow the best pledge of his love, a Bible, their bounty, in furnishing this brave although that gift deprived the other

of men, with this treasure of parts of the family. The bible bore great price, and I may add surely evident marks of being often read there is not an individual in my native with tears."


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