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Domestic Religious Intelligence.



trade. The spirit of all the speakers

was most truly Christian, and diffused FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY itselfover the whole assembly. These

are seasons, as one of them wel re

marked, when Christians meet, not CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY,

to inflame one another with a false

and furious zeal; but to kindle and WAS HELD ON TUESDAY, MAY 2.

cherish a sacred fire, which may animate them through the year in

their private devotions and retired: The Rev. E. T. Vaughan, of Lei- exertions. cester, preached before the Society,

A measure of great promise was in the morning, atBlackfriars' church, brought forward at this meeting. from 1 John, v. 11, 12; and argued, The magnitude of the Society's convery ably, that the reception of Christ cerns in Western Africa, and the is essential to salvation; thence urging still greater efforts which it is about the lost condition of the heathen, to make on that coast, requiring and the duty of attempting to en- more regularity and commodiousness lighten them by the Gospel. The of intercourse, than can now be obcollection amounted to 2191. 4s.

tained, a separate fund has been At two o'clock, the annual meeting opened for the establishment and was held at Freemasons' Hall, the maintenance of such intercourse, by Right Hon.Lord Gambier, President, a missionary ship, to be named after in the chair. This great room was the distinguished friend of Africa completely filled, by a most respect- The “ WILLIAM WILBERFORCE." able assembly of the members and This fund was opened at Bristol, friends of the Society; from twelve which, with its characteristic muto fourteen hundred of whom were nificence, has already contributed to present.

it nearly nine hundred pounds. The It appeared, from the report, that Society's objects will be attained, by the income of the Society had ad- the proper application of this fund, vanced from 11,000 l. which was the without entering into any mercantile: produce of the 14th year, to 16,0001. pursuit, or incurring any shipping and that the exertions of the com- risks: so that the friends of Africa mittee were keeping due pace with may contribute to this fund, with the the angmentation of the funds.

fullest confidence that their charity The Dean of Wells, Mr. Wilber- will be applied directly to a great force, Mr. Stephen, the Rev. Dr. and most important missionary purThorpe, of Dublin; the Rev. Messrs. pose. Simpson and Cowan, of Bristol; the This fund will be kept distinct Rev. Mr. Simeon, of Cambridge; from the general funds of the Society. the Rev. Mr. Beachcroft of Blun- About 9ol was collected in aid of ham; the Rev. Daniel Wilson, the it at the doors of Freemasons' Hall. Rev. Basil Woodd, Mr. Lewis Way, The President has given 30l. and and Mr. John Thomton, took a share various clergymen ten guineas each. in the business of the day.

Al contributions thereto will be Mr. Wilberforce was more than thankfully received by the Secretary, usually elevating and impressive; the Rev. Josiah Pratt, at the Church and Mr. Stephen made a most power- Missionary House, Salisbury-square, ful address on the retributions of London. A list of all coutributions. divine justice against the nations to this fund will be printed, and sent which obstinately persist in the slave round to the respective parties.



his accustomed judgment and piety,

asserting, in strong terms, the eleELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY. ference with the politics of the world,

vation of the Society above all inter

and its proposal to all the friends of THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN man, to unite in one common effort

of mercy.

“ Wherever," said his BIBLE SOCIETY.

Lordship, “ the British and Foreign

Bible Society moves, it confers and The Eleventh Annual Meeting of

receives blessings. It is holy in its this Society was held at Freemasons' object; it is pure in its means: and

it is charitable in its ends--for its Hall, on Wednesday, the 3d of May. At twelve o'clock, his Lord-object is, the glory of God: its meaus, ship, the President, took the chair; and eternal welfare of all mankind.”

the Bible: and its end, the temporal and, with the occasional assistance of the Rev. William Dealtry, read

The various motions at this interto the Meeting the principal parts of esting meeting were ably supported the report, it being found necessary, ministers and others; among whom

by many highly respectable persons, from the great extension of the Society's exertions during the year, to

were His Royal Highness the Duke reserve many of the details for the of Kent, the Bishop of Norwich, the

Dean of Wells, &c. &c. press. It appeared from the report, that

There was one feature of the Rethe issue of copies of the Scriptures port which highly delighted us, viz. from March 31, 1814, to March 31, Associations, both for reducing ex

the increasing importance of Bible 1815, had been 126,156 Bibles. | 123,776. Testaments. circulating the scriptures among

pense to the parent Society; and in Making a total issued from the those poor persons, who value the commencement of the Institution to Bible sufficiently, to purchase it that period, of

from their small weekly earnings. . 516,479 Bibles. | 718,778 Testaments.

The immense and increasing scopo

of the Society's operations in every In all, 1,235,257 copies, exclusive quarter of the globe during the past of a very considerable number circulated, at the charge of the Society, portance of such an Institution, whose

year, manifest the necessity and imabroad. The receipts of the year have been, diffusing throughout the habitable

sole object is to benefit mankind by Annual Subscriptions L.3272 10 6

globe those sacred Scriptures which Donations and Life Ditto 2429 9 11

were given by inspiration of God, and CongregationalCollections1406 7 8

are profitable for correction, for re

proof, for instruction irt righteousLegacies Dividends, &c.

ness: that the man of God may be Contributions from Aux. Societies 61848 11 9 perfect, thoroughly furnished unto Sale of Bibles and Testaments, the greater part of which were

every good work.' purchased by . Bible Associa.

27560 6 5 Sale of Reports, &c.

27921' Ÿ8

Total 99894 15 6

The expenditure of the year
Obligations of the Society, includ.
ing orders given for Bibles and

The Annual Meeting of this InTestaments, about

38000 0 0

stitution was held on Tuesday, 9th The Report having been read, his May, at Freemasons' Hall. Lordship, after stating that the Lord The Right Hon. Lord Carrington, Bishop of Salisbury would have at- President, took the chair. The tended, but for urgent business, and Meeting was numerously attended. the Lord Bishop of Cloyne but for The report of the Committee was sickness, addressed the Meeting with most satisfactory and encouraging,

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The following is a statement of the oc- The Subscribers and Friends to the currences of the last year: Society purpose breakfasting together, at

the New London Tavern, Cheapside, on Women who have applied for admission

Wednesday morning, June 21st, at half

300 Received


past six precisely. Reconciled and restored to their friends

16 Placed in respectable situations of SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. service

23 Died

On Wednesday morning, May the 10th, Remain in the Penitentiary

73 the annual meeting of this society was

held at the City of London Tavem; It appears, that the pecuniary concerns of the Penitentiary are in Joseph Butterworth, Esq. M.P. in the an improving state ; that the industry

The Rev. Mr. Hartley, of Lutterworth, of the females in the asylum are in- opened the meeting with prayer; after creasingly productive; that good which a pleasing report of the transactions order and a rigid regard to economy of the society, during the past year, was prevail in the house; and these presented, and extracts of a very interestcircumstances have been satisfacto-ing nature were read from the reports of rily ascertained by 2681 persons, who Auxiliary and country Sunday School have visited the Penitentiary, on the Unions, forming a most animating body of days appointed for inspection, since intelligence, and proving the flourishing the last report.

state of Sunday Schools in this kingdoni, and their progressive establishment abroad.



LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The first anniversary of this, society

Tuese meetings commenced on Wedwas beld on Tuesday evening, the 9th of May, at the New London Tavern, Cheap- nesday morning, the 10th of May, at side, and was nunerously attended. It Surrey Chapel. The prayers were read appeared, from the report, that auxiliaries by the Rev. Rowland Hill. The Rev. had been formed in Dublin, Belfast, Sligo, 3. The Rev. H. Townley, of Paddington,

Angus M·Intosh preached from Johu, xvii. Cork, and Youghal; that many preachers (who is about to proceed, in the service of had been engaged in different parts of Ireland ; that several persons were ready and the Rev. Mr. Davies, of Dublin, en

the society, to Calcutta, for five years) to enter the Theological Academy; and that the Rer. T. Loader, formerly of

gaged in prayer.

At the Tabernacle, in the evening, the Fordingbridge, was already on his way

Rev. Mr. Boden, of Sheffield, preached to superintend this institution. The different resolutions were moved, and seconded of Sheerness, and Burder, of Stroud,

from Ezek. vi. 15. Messrs. Pravkard, by the Rev. Dr. Smith, Messrs

. Waugh, prayed. In consequence of the crowds Hill, H. Townley, Davies, of Dublin, of persons who could not get into the Wilks, Bogue, Roby, Townsend, Brown, of Belfast; Slatterie, Blackburn, Griffin, chapel, Mr. Griffin, of Portsea, preached

at the same time in the chapel-yard. and others.

On Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock,

the report of the directors was read : Mr. BAPTIST ITINERANT SOCIETY. Roby began in prayer; and some excel

lent addresses were delivered by the Rev.

Messrs. Bogue, James, Collyer, Elias, of On Thursday, April 27th, the Annual Wales, H. Townley, Waugh, G. Burder, Meeting of this Society was held at Elim and others. Chapel, Fetter Lane, James Pritt, Esq. The present report exceeds, in imporTreasurer, in the Chair. The report stated, tance, any former one that has been pre. that, in the past year, pecuniary aid had sented to the public. It commences with an been afforded to about ihiriy ministers, in account of the missions to the South Sea England, Scotland, and Wales, engaged in Islands. The missionaries state, April 23, itinerant and village preaching, and to seve- 1814, “ That the good work of conversion ral county associations, which had been sup- appeared to be going forwards, and that the plied with Bibles, Testaments, and Tracts, number of those who bari renounced their at an expense of little more than 2001. idols, and desired to be considered as the at the City of London Tavern. It apNote.-- Rengalee tracts have been sent pears, there are in the schools of this insti. by the Baptist Missionaries at Serampore, increase of 3000 during the last year.

worshippers of Jehovah, amounted to On Friday morning, at 11 o'clock, the fifty."

; " The gods," says Mr. Nott, | last sermon, on this anniversary, was “ have fallen into great disrepute, and preached at St. Luke's Church, Old Street, the people scruple not to call them bad by the Rev. M. R. Whish, A.M Rector spirits, foolish spirits,' while they ac- of St. Mary', Redcliff, Bristol, from Matt. knowledge Jehovah to be the good xxviii. 19. In the evening, the ordinance Spirit.”.

of the Lord's Supper was administered The society has missionaries in the at Sion, Silver Street, and Orange Street East, at Java, Isle of France, China, chapels. We understand the amount of Madras, Vizigapatam, Ganjam, Chin the collections to be upwards of £1100. surah, Belhary, Travancore, and Ceylon. The most important information relates to China, from which we copy the following. paragraph : “ The directors have received,

RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. during ihe last year, a number of printed copies of the New Testament, translated by Mr. Morrison into the Chinese lan

The friends ofthis institution assembled guage. With inexpressible delight, they at an early hour, at the City of London view these fruits of his successful labours, Tavern. It is computed, that nearly 1500 and humbly anticipate from their disper. persons breakfasted together. It was sion, the most beneficial effects. It affords a gratification of no. ordinary there were fewer facts stated of the utility

very pleasant meeting, though we think kind, that the Holy. Book, on which their of the tracts, than at some former meeteternal hupes are founded, is, by their ings. The Rev. Drs. Winter and Smith, laborious missionary, translated into a lan-'

Messrs. James, Campbell, Hillyard, Blanguage which may be read by hundreds of chard, Watkins, Hughes, Steinkopff, and millions in China, and other countries, Innes, of Edinburgh, proposed the various perhaps by more than one-third of the resolutions. The funds of the society human race."

have much increased ;-and we under. There are missions, it appears, also in

stood that nearly one million of the Africa, at Bethelsdorp, Theopolis, Van

Hawkers' Tracts had been circulated dur. derwalt's Fountain, Griqua Town, Bething the past year, principally by pedlars,&c. esda, and Pella. The account of a general

We were particularly pleased to find, meeting of these missionaries at Graff that the Society had printed two tracts in Reynet, is peculiarly pleasing. At this

the Irish language, viz. “ Poor Joseph," meeting“ six converted natives, Griquas and

“ James Covey,” and that 1000. and Hottentots, were solemnly designated of these had been kindly voted to the as assistant preachers of the Gospel; -, Irisb Baptist Society. their names are Berend, Jan Hendrick, Andries Waterboor, Peter David, Jan Goedman, and Cupido. On the next day Waterboor preached on Acts, xvii. 30, 31,

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. the first sermon, probably, ever delivered by a Hottentot, preaching from a pulpit.”

The society has a missionary in Quebec, and another at Trinidad, in the West

On Friday morning, the 12th of May, Indies. Some attention has been paid to

at seven o'clock, the London Hibernian the Lascars, at Blackwall, by a committee, Society held their ninth annual meeting in union with this society.

tution, upwards of 11,000 children ; an für distribution among these people.

There are upwards of fifty missionaries, either employed among the heathen, or on their voyage, for that purpose. The

PROTESTANT SOCIETY expenditure of the society, during the last year, amounted to about £16,000; FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. and the receipts by subscriptions, &c. to upwards of £19,000.

On Thursday evening, a sermon was This society met at the New London preached by the Rev. John Hyatt, at Tayern, Cheapside, on Saturday, the 13th Tottenham-Court Chapel, from Isaiah, lv. of May, at 12 o'clock. The resolutions 10, 11. Mr. Innes of Edinburgh, and passed at this meeting having reached Mr. Tracey, engaged in the devotional us too late for insertion here, we are comexercises.

pelled to refer the reader to the cover.



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brethren to dwell together in unity." It APPROACHING ANNIVERSARY is expected, that représentatives from each

of the Country Associations, and from BAPTIST DENOMINATION. other churches, will meet this year also.

Some of the most eminent for piety and The month of May has again witnessed usefulness, who bave thus united, (Sutcliff the anniversaries of many important In- and Fuller-revered names !) are now stitutions, formed for the purpose of alle numbered with the dead! After a Prayer viating the miseries of our fellow-creatures; Meeting, last year, at Mr. Upton's, in and, we hope, destined to exterminate which Mr. Fuller engaged, he said, "Such the contagious diseases of ignorance and meetings as this will unite, you.” vice. These Societies are some of the

Let it be recollected, that many very beneficial effects of pure Christianity; important Societies will then assemble, which, as an Angel of Mercy, descending especially the Missionary Society, which, from heaven, enlightens the earth with its from recent events, has a more than usual glory! Infidelity, the genuine offspring claim on our united exertions and prayers. of Superstition, had, for ages, under the Christians of another denomination have direction of the Prince of Darkness, cheerfully granted us the use of their eclipsed her lustre and obscured her rays; commodious chapels for our accommodabut she is now " looking forth as the tion. Let us give proof that we have not morning, clear as the sun, fair as the requested them in vain; but that the moon, and terrible as an army with ban- friends of the Baptist Missionary Society ners!" Christians, of several religious are sufficiently, numerous to fill them, and communities, enlisted under the Cap, have zeal enough to meet its increased, tain of Salvation,” though their uniforms and increasing, necessities. differ, and they have rallied in different parts of the field, have, notwithstanding, marched onward together in the same honourable warfare, under a banner, bear

Times and Places of Meeting, &c. ing a motto descriptive of the feeling of Tuesday Evening, June 20th. Missionevery heart, Pro Christo et Patria For ary Prayer Meeting. Dr. Ryland is Christ and my Country!

expected to deliver an Address, at Dr. The Crusades of the eleventh century, Rippon's. were undertaken to recover the Holy Land Wednesday Morning. Baptist Itinerant from the power of the infidels ! Hun- Society. Breakfast at half-past sir. Chair dreds of thousands followed Peter the to be taken at seven. New London Hermit, each with a cross affixed to his Tavern. shoulder! Nobles, artisans, and pea. | At Eleven. Missionary Sermons, Spasants, even priests, enrolled their names, fields Chapel. Rev. J. Hinton, of Osthinking to open, with the sword, a ford, to preach. way through the Holy City; and thus to Evening, ai six. Sion Chapel. Rev. J. enter Heaven! “It is the will of God," Birt, of Birmingham, to preach. said the infatuated multitude ; and under N.B. A Report will be read, of the latest this impression, no sacrifice, either of accounts from the Missions, and a col. money or of life, was thought too great, lection will be made after each Sermon. that their pious design might be accom- Thursday Morning, at eight precisely. plished. The nineteenth century has Union Meeting of Ministers and Mesopened with a somewhat simnilar scene : sengers at Mr. Iviney's, Eagle Street. but spiritual in its objects, and holy in its Noon, at 12. Stepney Academical Instimeans! A truly Christian crusude has tution. Eagle Street. Rev. J. Hughes, commenced, and the only distinguishing of Battersea, to preach. Collection after badge is that of the cross ! Europe and the Sermon. the world already feel its liberating in Evening, at six. Adjournéd Meeting of fluence; and the benignant smiles of the Union, at Dr. Rippon's. heaven beam on thervad it opens to peace Friday Morning.” Anniversary of the and glory!

Baptist Society for Ireland. New The present month will,' we trust, be London Tavern. Breakfast at eight. again gladdened, by the Annual Meeting Chair to be taken at nine. of our Denomination in London. For N.B. Ministers from the country, who several years past, many of our 'ministers, wish to be accommodated with Lodgings and others of our brethren from the coun. during the approaching Anniversary, try, have united with their brethren in the are requested to send their names to 'metropolis, in objects coinmon to the De- Messrs. Button and Son, Paternoster nomination, and have found, by experience, Row, where a book is provided for their “ How' good and how pleasant it is for insertion.

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