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person alluded to, and others, of civil society, and to sap the a serious inquiry into the nature foundation of any well-regulated and tendency of the erroneous government? opinions he has so unhappily im. 10. Are the Jews rejected and bibed.

derided for their incredulity?--On, I am, Sir, &c.

how much worse groupd stands Query 1. Can it be inconsistent the deist? with the notion we entertain of 11. In sickness, and in the so

Divine Being, that he should lemn hour of death, whence will make a revelation of himself to you derive support and consolahis creatures?

tion? 2. Is the study of nature suffi- And, finally, may not the Chriseieat, of itself, to guide us in our tian, when placed under those moral conduct, and to influence us circumstances, experience much in our pursuit after happiness? more than you ?

3. If there be a God, and we be his dependents, is it not a fair and reasonable deduction, that SUMMARY VIEW be has made his will known, and that he has established laws for EXTENT AND POPULATION our regulation ?

OF THE EARTH. 4. What could have influenced Extracted from the new Edition of the the prophets to declare, “ Thus useful and valuable Work, saith the Lord,” if they had not

LAVOISNE'S been thus commissioned to speak; HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL and when, by that declaration,

ATLAS. they put their own lives to stake; as was the case with Jeremiah,

EUROPE Daniel, and others ?

Square Miles. Populasien. 5. Are the historical facts, re

77,244 12,598,999

27,457 lated in the Old, with the mira- France (with its accessions) 96,000 38,000,000 cles recorded in the New Testa- Italy (including Sicily and

71.290 14,904,000 ment, void of foundation? If Spain

72,000 So, how is it that heathen writers,

Portngal -

200,000 25,000,000 in the earliest ages, vouched for Hungary and Gallícia 59.500 14,250,000

9,400 2,633,070 their authenticity?

Denmark, Norway, and 6. By what influence has divine

. 170.664

Sweden and Finland revelation obtained such extended Pomerania and Rugen

630,000 acceptation ? and, can it be at- Turkey


8,000,000 tributed either to priesteraft or ignorance ?

1,630,781 109,483,040 7. If, according to your opi


Turkey nion, there can be no divine re

• 470,400

8 000,000

16,000,000 velation, what was it, but the Persia

800,000 15,000,000

870,910 110,000,000 most powerful conviction of its india, beyond the Ganges

, 747.500 95,000,000 reality, that enabled the wisest and Thibet, &c.

1,297,999 333,000.000

829,350 10,000,000 best of men to die in its defence? Tartary, Independent 8. Did there ever exist a deist, Siberią


3,720,000 7,300,000 who voluntarily surrendered his life, rather than relinquish his

10,380,159 534,800,000 religion?


8,576,208 94,000,000 9. Does not deism, in its moral AMERICA 9,153,762 3,200,000 effects, tend to relax the bonds

Islands in various parts
of the globe

1,300,000 2,800,000

Great Britain.


10,340,000 2.588.470





4,148 438 2 977,345







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600 000 350.000


Ditto, Russian


Extract from the Appendix to the vargi (another Lascar) hesitated Third Report of the East London to unite with him in public read. Auxiliary Bible Society.

ings, for fear of offending MahoGOLAM ALLI, à Lascar, (born met, he said, " I know nothing at Chawker, in Bengal), was of prophet, nor what Koran say taught to profess the Mahometan What good prophet do for any religion; but, like the greater body? What good prophet do part of the Lascars, who navigate for me?"-But, alas! Golam All the East-India ships to this conn- still embraced opportunities for try, he was ignorant of the con- gratifying the lusts of depraved tents of the Koran; yet he pro- nature, and would associate withi fessed to believe, that his obe- his countrymen in their abomidience to the precepts of the nable deeds. To draw off his Koran, entitled him to Paradise. mind from this course, he was He came to this country in 1813, prevailed on to learn to read and on board the East India country write English ; and, at length, the ship, Java, Capt. Dennison, in English New Testament was put the capacity of clerk to Serung into his hands. The miracles of Ramsammee, who died on the the Saviour, recorded by St. John, voyage to England. The Lascar first arrested his attention. He and Chinese committee of the was, for some time, confounded London Missionary Society en- by the history of them; but after: gaged him to teach the Bengalee wards confessed, that Jesus was Language, and, in this under- none other than the Son of God. taking, he was indefatigable. The account of our Lord's conNot long after forming this en- versation with Nicodemus, made gagement, he left the place where a lasting impression upon him; his countrymen dwell, in the but, when he came to the 6th neighbourhood of the metropolis, chapter of St.John, all his thoughts and accepted free lodging with were occupied with it fully; and, persons whom he was teaching for some weeks, he scarcely read Bengalee, and with them he any other portion of Scripture, united in family worship. Here or talked on any other subject he copied out the whole of St. He now began to speak to his John's Gospel in Bengalee, which, countrymen of the Saviour.with other books, had been pro- " Mahomet," said he, "fight and cured from the missionaries at Se-kill,- Jesus Christ no fight-no rampore. The Lascars were as- kill.-- Jesus Christ love, pity, and sembled, at different times, in do good to all men.various places of Worship, where About this time, he chose to Golam Alli and his pupils read sit under the ministry of the Rev, the word of God in a language Thomas Williams, an independent they all understood. There were minister, in Ratcliffe; and, during 300 Lascars at one time; and the the ten or eleven months which whole, in the course of that year, he lived after this, he satisfied all who heard him read, amounted | who knew him, that he was not a to upwards of 800. When Ne, forgetful hearer. He now no

longer sought, but shunned, the me." Being informed, that his company of his old companions own recovery was very improbain sin; and, when any of them ble, he expressed his pleasure in came to see him, he always had the prospect of dying, and going the scriptures, and his Bengalee to Jesus. To bis medical friend hymn-book, at hand, which he he said, “ Your physic, Sir, do read to them. At one period, me no goodYou do meno goodscarcely a day passed without se-Jesus Christ do me good;" but veral of his countrymen visiting he consented to take whatever him, to hear of the Christian medicines might be sent him. books, and what Golam Alli had The Book of Psalms, in English to say. During the last winter, and Bengalee, he seemed very from fifteen to twenty Portuguese much to enjoy; and, when he Lascars regularly met, three times was evidently sinking, the last act a-week, for divine worship, in he performed was, his placing the house where he lodged ; and the English Bible on his breast, he generally had something to say as he lay in bed, and his Bengalee of the mercy and love of our Lord hymn-book on his pillow; and Jesus Christ, in living and dying soon after, on the 17th of June, for poor sinners. The Portü- 1815, he died. The last word he guese said, it was quite a new uttered, was “ Father !" with his thing, to them to hear a mussul eyes fixed, looking upward, as if man speak of Christianity. engaged in prayer. His remains

The Lascar, and Chinese com- were interred, on the 21st of mittee now anticipated the plea- June, in the burying-ground besure of seeing this man stand up, longing to Rose-lane Meeting; and in the midst of the multitude of the Rev. Mr. Williams preached »bis countrymen to preach Christ, his funeral sermon, on the followbut in this they were to be dis- ing Lord's day evening, from appointed. Consumptive symp- Rev. vii. 9, 10. A plate of cast toms appeared; but nothing could lead was placed on his coffin, deter him from his work while his with the following inscription : strength permitted. In the early " Golam Alli came to this coun part of the present year, Golam try a Mahometan, in 1813 ; was Alli requested to be baptized, and baptized May 3, 1815, by the to partake of the Lord's supper. name of Felix James, in the adIn April, he renewed his applica- joining meeting-house, by the tion; and, on the 3d of May, he Rev. T. Williams; and died a bewas baptized, at Rose-lane Meet- liever in our Lord Jesus Christ, ing-house, in Ratcliffe. In this on the 17th of June, the same service, thirty-four short questions year, aged 26 years.” were presented to him, to which The « James," Golam

short answers, which he Alli selected from the list of the had himself written. Soon after Saviour's apostles.' " Felix” was this, when visiting a pious man given him on account of the happy iu the near prospect of death, he frame of his mind. said, pointing to an orange,

" ] love orangeit is sweet --but Jesus Christ more sweet.-I love Jesus

MRS. E. HOOTON. Christ." The dying man inquired why he loved Jesus Christ and The subject of the present he replied, “ Jesus Christ die for paper was descended from a re



he gave

spectable family. In the early of bringing her to find rest and párt of life, while at school, and peace in Jesus Christ. In 1801, at a distance from home, she was she united herself to the Baptist excessively fond of novels, plays, Church at T-; where she and vain amusements. At this remained a member till her de period, she was sometimes the cease. subject of strong convictions. Soon after she joined the An instance may be adduced as church, her uncle and aunt, from proof of this : One 'morning, whom she had received the when she came down stairs, the greatest marks of tenderness and play-book and the Bible lay to affection, as well as spiritual ingether. She felt a strong inclina- struction, were removed by death. tion to take


her favourite book, But that Providence which rebut dared not do this till she had moved them, kept her in the same read a chapter in the Bible, to situation; where, after about two satisfy conscience.

years she entered into a new conWhen between sixteen and se-nection in life. Mr. Hooton at that venteen years

of age, she was on time had no proper sense of relia visit to her relations, who at- gion upon his mind, yet through tended at the baptist meeting at her attachment to the cause of Towcester. While there, she Christ, he immediately became a heard a sermon by Mr. S. Barker, regular hearer, and soon disco of Henley-in-Arden, from 2 Tim. vered a regard to the same cause, iii. 4. “ Lovers of pleasure more which in a few years issued in his than lovers of God.” This made conversion, and he became a a deep impression upon her mind, member of the same Church and her distress bordered upon The effect of this, was the revidespair. In a few weeks, she re- val of religion in her own soul. turned home, but could find no Of late years, her piety and benerest. Soon after this, she went ficence, endeared her to those to visit an acquaintance in Bed that were acquainted with her. fordshire. There she had the op- She seemed to occupy an imporportunity of hearing several mi- tant post in society. nisters, but still remained in How mysterious are the ways doubt and in distress. After her of Providence! Near the latter return to B-, the place of her end of October, 1814, three fine residence, she heard a sermon children were attacked with the from Hosea, xiv. 5. “ I will be malignant scarlet fever : two of as the dew unto Israel ; he shall them died within a very short grow as the lily, and cast forth space of each other, and they his roots as Lebanon;" which led were both interred at the same her to hope, the Lord had begun time in the same grave. On this a good work in her soul. From very day, dear Mrs. Hooton was this time,' she returned to live again confined, and delivered of with her relatives before men- her sixth child. For a few days, tioned, that she might enjoy the she was in circumstances favouradvantage of hearing the gospel able to hope; but an inflammaat Towcester. Various were the tion succeeding, in about a fortexercises of her mind for about night after, she was a corpse. twelve months; when a discourse Her death-bed scene, however, from those words, “ Is it well verified the truth of Dr. Young's with thee?" was made the means remark:


"The chan ber where the good man meetsluis fate, by her pastor, from 1 Tim. i. 15. is privileged bryond the common walk Of situous life, quite in the verge of heaven.” A passage which had afforded

her great encouragement. The day before her death, indeed, she seemed unhappy. Being asked by one who was going to spend a few minutes in prayer,

THE REV. JOHN HIRST, whether she wished for any thing

(Of Bacup,) in particular; she replied, "Yes. That the Lord would give me to DIED, JUNE THE 15th, 1815, repent aright of all my backslidings. Never have any backslidden Advanced Age of 78 Years and 9 Months. as I have done. I have often wet my couch with tears. Sure none He continued to preach till have such a heart as I have. If within a month of his death. He I reach that blissful place, I shall was ordained pastor of the Bap.' have more to praise God for, tist Church, at Bacup, December than Magdalen, or Saul,

Saul, or 31st, 1772. With this church, Manasseh. I have my fears: but he began his stated labours, and how could I bear to dwell with with it he continued till death blasphemers, and with those who parted them.

He was greatly are the enemies of God! I know esteemed by the people of his that my best deeds are sufficient charge, and by the neighbouring to condemn me; but, I trust I churches. A larger account of have rested my hope on the rock this good man is intended to be of ages: yet sure none have acted published, as soon as the partias I have done. Last Tuesday Iculars can be collected and arranthought I did feel my interest in ged. Persons possessing any inthe Saviour, but to-day I feel teresting information respecting nothing; I cannot weep. Pray him, will greatly oblige his survivthat the Lord would give me true ing children and friends, by comrepentance."

municating such information to During the night, she was tran- the Rev. James Hargreaves, Ogquil and serene. The next day den, near Rochdale, Lancashire. she afforded full proof that the The church, left destitute of a gospel which had been her sup- pastor by his death, would be glad port in life, was sufficient to afford to be informed of a minister at her comfort in the prospect of liberty, whose principles are Caldeath. For, till within a few vinistic, of a holy life, and an affaminutes of her dissolution, she ble, social temper, suitable to suctalked to those around of the ceed their late venerable pastor. goodness of God and the bliss of Mrs. Hirst, the widow of the Heaven. A dear relative said Rev. J. Hirst, survived her busyour pulse is very low. She band only fifteen days. She was answered, “I shall soon be wafted in her 89th year. Long and to the land of light and glory,” happily had they lived together, and almost immediately expired. and in their death they were not Thus our deceased friend sweetly divided. They are laid together fell asleep in Jesus, Nov. 25th, in the same grave. They had 1814, in the 31st year of ber age: mingled their prayers here at the leaving an affectionate husband throne of grace, and no doubt, and four children to deplore her they now mingle their praises loss. Her death was improved before the throne of glory.

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