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messengers of salvation to the fulfil to us the gracious prooutcasts of Hindoostan. Pur-mise, “Lo! I am with you suing his gracious design, he always." raised up suitable instruments But the Asiatic continent is

for the work--men of large by no means the only field into desires and kindred minds; which a door is opened for the men who, labouring for the spread of the blessed gospel. Lord Jesus, could not be con- The successive reports of the : tent with small achievements; British and Foreign Bible So men who desired, expected, and ciety prove that a great and attempted great things. The effectual door is opened into Great Ruler of the church, various realms, and it is a matter sending one of these men to the of regret, rather than of surEast, and retaining another in prise, that “there are many the West, united in one great adversaries.” In missionary interest the worlds of the rising efforts, none can despair who and the setting sun. The sphere survey the success which God of action was not too great for has conferred on the labours the comprehension, or the be- of

valuable brethren, nevolence of their minds.-In Schmidt, Vanderkemp, Campthe one, they sought to grasp bell, Coke, Butscher, and their the whole system of revealed faithful associates. truth; and in the other, the In proportion as the zeal and whole interest of the human diligence of Christians multi

Long they had prayed, ply the means of instruction, their faith still increasing wịth the Redeemer opens a wider their difficulties: but, at length, door for their operation. Thus the Redeemer said, throwing it has repeatedly occurred to open the door of mercy to In- our brethren at Serampore, that, dia, “ According to your faith on their finishing the translation be it unto you."

of the scriptures into a new One of the links, by which language, Divine Providence Britain was bound to India, has prepared the way for a death has broken. Thus it mission into the

country, in must be, for the strongest which the language is spoken, earthly bands are frail. Not Thus, the iron gate that led to such is the hand that formed the city has, though doubtless them, nor the work which they turned by an invisible hand, have thus far. accomplished. appeared to fly open of its own Divine truth is deeply planted accord, before the humble mison the plains of Hindoostan, sionary of Christ. If Mahomeand, it shall be watched by the dan and Papal states should eye, and guarded by the power still forcibly oppose the enof Heaven, while a thousand trance of divine' truth, they will labourers shall, I trust, gladly probably, by each other, be promote its culture.

dashed in pieces, like a potIn losing the most valuable ter's vessel;" for God hath of earthly supports, we shall said of Zion, “In righteouislose nothing if Christ himself ness shalt thou be established,


and whosoever shall gather to- / who leads this holy war “all gether against thee shall fall for things are possible.” Proud thy sake." Isaiah liv. 15. disdain, presumptuous confi

A second obstacle to the dence, self-righteous pride, and spread of the gospel is found secret carnality fall before the in the prejudices of the people, power of his Spirit, and yield among whom it may be intro- the noblest triumphs “ to the duced. Thus the apostle Paul, praise of the glory of his grace." though he had come to Troas, % Cor. ii. 12, had to wait, it would appear, till a door was This work of opening the opened to him, to preach the heart' to Christ is the same in gospel. It is often thus amongst every land. The descriptions ourselves. Prejudice is weaken- of Indian converts, frequently ed, and a spirit of hearing is communicated by our brethren, excited preparatory to a still plainly show that “ he maketh greater work. This spirit is a no difference between us and kind of atmosphere, which the them, purifying their hearts gospel, in more favourable cir- by faith.” cumstances, throws around it; We notice; thirdly, the chaand it is not less the gift of racter of the church to which God, because many external Christ said, “I know thy causes are combined in pro-works: I have set before thee ducing it.

an open door, &c." Active Still the “ exceeding great- zeal, holy courage, and steadness of divine power” is dis- fast attachment to divine truth, played in that exercise of it, by were eminently displayed by which divine truth is introduced the Christians at Philadelphia; to the heart of á sinner, and and they will ever mark the delineates on it the Saviour's church whom Jesus delights likeness, subduing the whole thus to honour. soul to the obedience of faith. Till this is accomplished, nothing is done that is fully worthy The most powerful considerof the Saviour's glory; nothing ations impel us to continued that gives the stamp of im- and enlarged exertions in the mortality to his work. To this sacred missionary cause. Among great objeet (the conversion of ourselves a spirit of union and souls to God) our attention co-operation should be most must ever be directed; and to carefully preserved, and tothis we shall find the enemy wards our fellow Christians at oppose his greatest resistance. large we should discover an So great, indeed, is this oppo- attachment to our avowed prinsition in each individual of our ciples, at once undeviating and apostate race, that, unaided unassuming. Acting in the from above; our courage must spirit of our Divine Master, we die away; and the church would are secure of his approbation; behold despair engraven on her and this will be combined with inverted bånners. But to Himn the good-will of all who are under the same influence: more this society. It was a luxury than this it were unreasonable of sympathy to be present at to desire.


gráve of our late invaluable That the blessed Redeemer Secretary, where every good has been pleased to intrust to man exclaimed,-“ Alas! my our hands a very interesting brother!"or,“ Alas! my father!" and important mission to the But to the permanent effects of heathen, and to grant us a con- his death, our attention must siderable share of his bless-now be turned. At every step ing, is acknowledged, I believe, we shall more deeply feel our by nearly the whole Christian loss. Where shall we look for world; and, in most instances, an advocate of missions or of with cordial good will. We divine truth at large, with attracare thus rendered highly re- tions as great, and services as sponsible both to God and numerous as his ? with intellect man; and, on us devolves the as strong to investigate what is sacred duty of endeavouring, profound, and illustrations as by every means in our power, simple and luminous to the to maintain and extend this im- plainest mind with arguments portant work. The founda- as forcible to defend the truth tions of this society were laid against its enemies, and lanby men of God, amidst the guage as mild and devout to ardent supplications of their soothe the hearts of its friends? souls for the promotion of the Where shall we find an ardour Saviour's glory in the immortal of soul approaching to sacred happiness of their fellow men. enthusiasm, combined with a The humility, spirituality, and coolness and prudence which prayerfulness; the spirit of en- could weigh a multiplicity of tire dependence on the divine jarring circumstances in the blessing, the self-devotedness, nicest balance ? a promptitude diligence, zeal and prudence of which delays not for a moment its first friends, are all equally one step that can benefit the necessary to us, if we would cause which it pursues ; blende entertain a just hope of labour-ed with wisdom and fortitude, ing in the same field with the which hold the passions in same success. We cannot thus command, till the moment serve God without the same arrives when that step may be ardour of devotion, the same taken to the greatest advantage. self-renunciation, the same de-Talents of the first order ow termined co-operation for the friend possessed; but what general good, the same respect- were they without those Chris4 ful Christian submission to civil tien graces, by which he ingovernments, and the same un- spirad our hearts with love? bending integrity in the dissemi. The promotion of the gospel pation of heavenly truth. These universally, but especially in qualifications, always desirable the Eastern world, was dearer to the friends of the missionary to him than life. CAREY, cause, are peculiarly necessary INDIA, the Cause o Misin the present bereaved state of SJONS- the CAUSE of Ca RIST,

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