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Domestic Religious Intelligence.

BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY. house, where I had the largest

congregation I ever remember have Extracts from the Journal of Mr. ing preached to within those walls, M Carthy.

I administered the Lord's Supper DEAR BRETHREN,

to the church. It was, truly, a reOn the 25th of June, I finished freshing time. I believe there was my last journal, in which I gave much of the work of God among them. you some account of the prosperity It was, I believe, the most refreshing of the work of God in Ferban, and and animating time they had expethe particulars of the circuit I had rienced for some years past. made in preaching the glorious gos- Tuesday, 18th.—Preached at Athpel of the blessed God. The fol- lone. It was a memorable season. lowing week I visited Eglish, Mary-One man was deeply affected under mount, Blakefield, Shinrone, and the word ; insomuch, that he tremTemplemore. Nothing particular bled; and, in our conversation meetoccurred: the people received me ing under the sermon, he exclaimed every where with pleasure and in- against himself, saying, he was a creasing affection.

sinner above all men.

I pointed Lord's day, July 22,-Visited my him to the righteousness of the Relittle flock at Thurles. Preached deemer, and shewed him, how God three times, and administered the could be just, and the justifier of all ordinance in the afternoon. Was who believed in him. He went much rejoiced to find them increas- away much comforted. ing in the knowledge of the glorious Wednesday, 19th. - Preached at doctrines of grace in love to God, Ferban, and baptized Mr. T. H. and each other. Truly they are aged fifty-one years, and his wife.

walking in the fear of God, and They have lived almost all their days in the comforts of the Holy Ghost." without God and without Christ in

Lord's day, 16th.-Preached at the world: but have been converted Rahue, and baptized two persons: through the preaching of the word, one of them was an inhabitant of and are now rejoicing in hope of Ferban. This young man was brought the glory of God. I baptized also up in the greatest ignorance of the three other persons, who have all things of God: but the preaching made a good profession of the powof the gospel has been made the erful influence of the gospel upon power of God to his salvation. He their minds. I afterwards preached gives the most satisfactory account to a Jarge congregation, and admiof the change of mind he has expe- nistered the Lord's Supper to them, rienced; which he attributes, not when they had been first formed to his own will, but to the renew- into a church. They are, indeed, a ing grace of God: his ideas of the happy little flock.

I have never gospel are clear and pleasing. He seen more brotherly love in any sochose to be baptized at Rahue, be- ciety than that which exists among cause his father had threatened to them. Their conversion is appaturn him out of doors. He thought, rent; their tongues, which were he says, at all events, it was better once filled with cursing, are now to obey God than man; and that he filled with praise. will obey his father in every thing, July 25th. I have, this week, vi, but in disobeying God. We had a sited Donoughmore, Templemore, large company at the Silver river, Thurles, and Clonmell. Saw, at where the ordinance was adminis- the latter place, a letter from Mr. R. tered; and I embraced the favour- of London, to his brother: who, able opportunity of preaching Christ with his family, attends my preachunto them. After baptizing, I pub- ing, and seems to interest himself lished my preaching at the meeting in my prosperity.

Clonmell, Lord's Day, 30th.--I tioned as having baptized. We had preached to an attentive congrega- no persecution during the administion, and published preaching out of tration of the ordinance, though doors immediately after church-time, there were many catholics present. about one o'clock. It being the The people stood on both sides the time of the assizes, people from all river, and listened, with the greatest parts of the country were in town; attention, while I explained the and I had a congregation of about doctrine of the fall of man, and his 500 persons. I stood on the steps recovery by the Lord Jesus Christ. of a gentleman's house, opposite the Bank, in the most conspicuous part of the town. Here I published the Minutes of the Baptist Association for glad tidings of the gospel to an at- Ireland, held at Cork, on Friday, tentive audience, composed of rich

May 12, 1815, and following days. and poor; one or two counsellors, Assembled at half past 11 o'clock, for several military officers, some qua- public worship. Brother West, of Dablin, kers, but mostly catholics. Of these preached from Col. ii. 6. “ As ye have latter, it may, perhaps, be said tru- received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ly, that they had never heard the ye in him.” Brother Richards, pastor of doctrines of grace opened to them the church at Cork, was chosen Modera. before. I saw some who were shed-tor, and brother James Young, Secretary. ding tears, and all behaved remark- The letters from the several churches

were then read. ably well . I published preaching

(To be continued in our next.) again in the evening, and had many

persons to hear.

Monday, 31st.-Walking through

WALES. the town, I was followed by a young South-east Baptist Association, meetman, who said, “ Sir, I heard you preach out of doors yesterday, and,

ing at Pentycelyn, Brecknockshire, I think, you would be made a bless

on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of June, 1815. ing to the people of my country.”

Mer Tuesday afternoon; service com. I asked him where it was, as I would menced, by reading and praying, by visit them. He informed me, it was

brother Morgan Edward. The letters at the colliery of Banlea, about from the churches were read, whereby twenty-six miles off, on the borders we heard, that unity and peace still con. of the county of Kilkenny: -- I think and that several young men appear to

tinues, in general, among the churches, Clonmell is a field for usefulness.

have ministerial gists; that the brethren, Friday, August 4th.-Set off for Thomas Thomas, of Croes-y-park, and the colliery, and arrived at about David Thomas, of Aberaran, were or five o'clock in the evening. Sent dained to the work of the ministry; and out word through the mountain, and that brother Thomas Lewis, minister of the adjacent bills, and soon had a the church at Cardiff, is departed through congregation of about eighty per- death. Brother David Evans, of Rhuasons; many of them with their black ma, prayed; and the brethren, F. Hiley, faces from the coal pits. The peo- preached from Heb. ii. 17; and J. James ple heard as for eternity; and after from 1 John, iii. 19, and concluded the preaching, without sitting down, I service of the day. mounted my horse and rode through ther Thomas Evans prayed; brethren

Wednesday morning, at seven, brothe mountains, and had a very dif- Evan Evans preached froin Zech. xiii. 7, ficult journey to Thurles, where I and Tim. Thomas from Isaiah, xii. 3. arrived safely,at about eleven o'clock. At ten, brother D. Evans, of Doley, The people were wishing my re-prayed; brethren J. Hier preached from turn: they are mostly Palatinates 2 Cor. iii. 18, and H. Davies from Matt. who have settled in this part of the xxiv. 45. kingdom.

Afternoon, at two, brother Zech. ThoWednesday, 16th.—Went to Fer- mas prayed; bretliren John Evans Penyo ban, where I was received as with garn preached from Phil. ii. 8, and Chrisopen arms. In the evening, bap

mas Evans from 1 Peter, i. 12. tized two persons, the son and the Richard preached Isaiah, sl. 31, and

Evening, at seven, brethren David brother of the man I formerly men- James Lewis from Heb. xii. 28.


Thursday morning, brother · Foshna prayed ; Mr. Knight, of Staughton, deLewis prayed; and, after conversing on livered the introductory address, asked various subjects, our association was con- the usual questions, and received the cluded, in prayer, by bro. J. Jenkins. confession of faith ; Mr. Such, of Ste

1. Agreed to print the circular letter venton, prayed the ordination prayer; written by brother George Griffiths. Mr Vorley, of Carlton, gave the charge

2. The church at Carphili to be ad- to Mr. Allen from Matt. xxvi. 41; Mr. mitted as a member of this association. Peacock, of Rushden, preached to the

3. The church in Bangor, Carnarvon church, from 1 Cor, xv. 58. shire; Bethel, in Merthyr-Tydvil; and Cadixton, in Monmouthshire; are permitted to collect in our churches, toward AUXILIARY MISSIONARY SOCIETY, defraying the expense of building their chapels this year.

BOURTON-ON-THE-WATER. 4. The next association to be held at Castletown, in Moninouthshire, at the TUESDAY, Sept. 19, a very numerous usual time; to meet at two o'clock, on and respectable meeting was held at the Tuesday afternoon. The brethren, D. Rev. T. Cole's place of worship, at BourEvans, of Doley, J. Michal, Timothy ton-on-the-Water, when a society was Thomas, J. Herrings, D. Saunders, and formed, to be called, “ The Auxiliary C. Evans, to preach. Brother J. Pal- Missionary Society, for the District of mer, of Shrewsbury, is appointed to the Oxfordshire Association, and Places preach in English.

adjacent;" the funds of which are to be 5. A meeting to be held in our churches, wholly applied in aid of the Baptist Misat the month's end, to this association, sionary Society. Mr. T. Parsons, of

John HIER, Moderator. Chipping Norton, was chosen treasurer, STATE OF THE CHURCHES.

and the Rev. W. Gray secretary, for the Bapt. this year 241 , Dism. by letter 4

ensuing year. On this occasion, the Rev. Restored

J. Foster preached from Matt. vi. 10.70 | Died


After which, the Rev. J. Hinton preRecd. by letters 4 Excluded 93

sented to the assembly a report of the 315


present state of the parent institution,

from the latest accounts received from Iucrease, 164.

India; to which he added, a statement

of the general design, and intended reORDINATIONS.

gulations, of the Auxiliary Society. The Rev. W. Winterbotham preached in the

evening, from Psalm lxxii. 19. HACKLETON.

Contributions to the Mission. WEDNESDAY, July 12, 1815, Mr. W. Knowles, formerly a student under the Bourton old subscriptions £ 8 8 0 late Mr. Sutcliff, and a member of the

Ditto new subscriptions 11 11

0 baptist church at Kettering, (recently Ditto, col. at the doors, Sep. 19, 39 13 4 under the pastoral care of the Rev. A.

Alcester collection

12 0

12 0 8 Fuller,) was ordained pastor of the bap- Astwood ditto tist church at Hackleton, in Northamp-Blockley and Camden pennytonshire. Mr. Wheeler, of Bugbrook,

a-week society, half-yearly read and prayed; Mr. Hall, of Ketter


2 10 4 ing, delivered the introductory discourse, Burford weekly contributions 8 0 0 and received the confession of faith; Chipping Norton collection.. 25 4 9 Mr. Heighton, of Road, engaged in the Several churches and individuals had ordination prayer ; Mr. Blundell, of previously sent their contributions, for Northampton, gave the charge, from this year, to the parent society. The 1 Peter. v. 2-4; Mr. Barker, of Tow- services of the day were highly interest cester, preached to the people, from ing, and multitudes said, “ It is good Deut. i. 33, middle clause; Mr. Chown, for us to be here." of Kingsthorp, concluded.


BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. On Thursday, June 1, 1815, Mr Thoipas Allen, from Mr. Wilk's church, of

The Annual Meeting of the above Norwich, was ordained pastor of the Society will be held (by divine permisbaptist church, Irthlingborough, North- sion) on Wednesday the 11th instant, amptonshire. Mr. Rabbit, of Raunds, at the Rev. Mr. Blundell's meetingread a portion of the word of God, and house, College-lane, Northampton.

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While clouds and darkness veil the face divine,'
While seeming vengeance issues from the throne,
Let erring mortals their own wills resign,
And, in the dust, repeat, «'His will be done !"
Yet, though resign'd, from sorrow's sacred spring
Within the soul, let tears unceasing low:
Haste, and funereal cypress bither bring,
Expressive emblein of heart-rending woe!.
Let sable robes proclaim how much we feel
A FULLER's death!- from usefulness remov'd'!
And public tokens of our grief reveal,
How much he was rever'd, how much belov'd ?
Hence would the Muse resume the vocal string;
For this her voice in artless accents, raise :
Her wishes less his eulogy to sing,

Than to proclaim, through him, his Maker's praise !
| By the great Father, variously endued

With gifts of intellect, and mental might,
In Virtue's sacred cause he nobly stood,
Withi skill and vigour equal to the fight.
Ye, 'who were privileg'd to hear him, say,
What lessons of instruction ye receiv’d"
Witness how truth possess'd resistless sway,
Scoffers were 'mute, and infidels believ'd!
With what simplicity and force combin'd,
Would he salvation's mysteries display!
Then, with address, pathetic, seize the mind,
Till, oft, consentiate tears have forc'd their way!
But languid is my strain, to tell aright, ,
How error, vanquish'd by his prowess, lay;
While, by his pen, held forth divinely bright;
Truth shone, resplendent, in a flood of day!
Nor can the Muse attempt to 'show his worth;
When India's' dark estate his pity mov'd,
Zeal for the Saviour call'd his ardour forth;
His all was sacred to the cause he lovid!
Spent in the work, and mix'd with kindred clay,
A martyr's great reward awaits thee now;
And India's sons shall, at the final day,
With amaranthine wreaths adorn thy brow!
Servant of Gnd, adieu !--In vain I gaze,
And "try, by faith, to pierce; thy briglit abode;
Obscur'd, and lost in glory's radiant blaze !

So highly rais'd---so near the throne of God !


Thy baleful pestilential breath, HENCE! to thy native place, away, Our choicest comforts doth destroy; Offspring of Satan, child of hell! And sinks, in everlasting death, We deprecate thy longer stay, [dwell. The fairest hopes of rising joy. Where love should reign, and Christians Kind heav'n vouchsafe our fervent pray'rs Cities and nations have been made, This our petition still shall be: With.grief, thiqe empire to deplore ; “O let us feel thy guardian care, Thousands thou hast in roin laid, “ From cruel Envy keep us free! Thy spoils are spread on ev'ry shorel “ Spurn to its native place away, Sprearer of disco d, broils, and strife, « This dreadful passion, fiend of hell!, What evils fill thine baieful train! « Nor suffer 11 a longer stay, All that exubitters sócral lite,

“ Where love should reign, where Chris. Or gives the teening bosom pain.

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1- "tians dwell!!..051 !!!.'

T. 1.Tyn.

Baptist Magazine.




(Continued from page 406.) mingled with regret, that he « BLESSED are the dead who was so soon-taken away from die in the Lord.From him- us. But God is wise ! and it self I have endeavoured to give becomes us to bow, with the a mere autline of the life and profoundest reverënce, to his character of this amiable young dispensations, when we cannot man; aiming to keep in view at all comprehend them.” what appears to have been up- The most prominent features permost in his own mind, and of his character, in my view, that habitually so, viz. the riches were the kindness and mildness and sovereignty of the grace of of his disposition, and the serene Christ, and the glory of God, cheerfulness of his native temin his own salvation; together per, which, by habitual prayer, with the strong obligations, un- watchfulness, and Christian pruder which, by these, he felt dence, contributed to preserve himself bound to seek the dis-him from almost everything play of them in the salvation of that could offend, or suggest his fellow sinners; and, in all the most distant idea of insinrespects, to live, not to him- cerity. Negative virtues these, self, but to Jesus, who had lived which, in our lapsed state, are and died for him!

of no small value to the profesTo what I have said of the sor, and especially in the minisconduct and character of Mr. try of Christ. The apostle reVickers, I am happy to add minds the Thessalonians, how the testimonials of his much- " unblamablyhe and his brerespected theological tutor, and thren had behaved themselves one of his fellow students. The among them. former writes thus :-“ Every From what I saw in him, I one in this house loved Mr. should argue strongly for the Vickers. His fellow students Institution wherein he entered will never forget him. “For my- on a course of academical stuself, I shall always remember dies; for I am fully persuaded, him with pleasure; a pleasure that, if he had not been classed VOL. VII.


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