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our part, we know not how to | Mr. T. might have borrowed some state our strongest objections to other English words from his the facts and documents, which translation of immergo and imhave given them a new source of mersus, which time has now renpleasure. We could hardly speak dered as ludicrous as the term before the whole of our own fa- plunge. milies, respecting the superior It pains us, for the credit of decency or indecency of the mode our common Christianity, that now recommended, to that which our brethren cannot write on this we practise. It appears,

we subject with more appearance of must look to a new set of in- candour, and an impartial constructors, to decide on the pro- cern to follow the truth. But per mode of baptism. The Ro- they force us to believe, that man sculptors, who had been their object is not to convince us accustomed to represent Jupiter of a mistake, but to decry our and Priapus, are to represent opinion and practice by any Him who really made the world, means whatever, and to prejuin the same manner in which they dice the minds of their readers were used to exhibit gods that against us. If calling us Anacould not save! We question baptists will not do, the men of the lawfulness of exhibiting our Munster shall be denominated Saviour in stone at all; but we Baptists. Bogue and Bennett are persuaded, that Christianity shall

, be so quoted, as to seem to must have been greatly corrupted, deny what they themselves had before such representations could granted. If a term, universally be endured! If the editors of used, would never sound ridicuthe Evangelical Magazine choose lous if always substituted for to insert a copy of these planes, Bantiśw, that shall be decried as we shall be careful to keep that derived from the Latin, and one number from the inspection of of Saxon origin employed, beour families. Or, if they could cause more capable of a ludicrous introduce the mode of baptism turn. Every new defence of pæthus recommended, we should not dobaptism is unanswerable, and wonder if the legislature itself those which were apswered long were to interfere, and confine it to ago, are reprinted and extolled, children: but we are in no dan- though containing sentiments ger of following this pattern. which the recommenders would

Our learned critic says, In- be ashamed personally to avow. mersion is bad Latin, and, there- No misrepresentation, however fore, would proscribe the use of clearly disproved, shall be rethat term in the controversy, and tracted.* If the truth be on the confine us to plunging; he is side of our brethren, such conaware that this would excite the duct is not the way to convince idea of sudden violence, and so us of it. Truth might be very render our translation of the scrip- differently defended. It strongly tures ridiculous. This new ex- tempts us to think, that the cuse for an old artifice will cause must certainly be bad, which have but little weight, even with good men cannot defend without a schoolboy acquainted with these artifices. Ainsworth’s Dictionary; though

* See Mr. Freestone's Letter in the Baptist Magazine for September, 1812.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. dicals. The second, Chinese and

English, arranged alphabetically; the

third, English and Chinese. The Several copies have been re- whole will be comprised in three or ceived of Dr. Marshman's “ Clavis four volumes, royal 4to. The work Sinica; or, Elements of Chinese will contain forty thousand characGrammar, with a Preliminary Dis-ters. The derivation of the character sertation on the Characters and col will be noticed, and its meaning illoquial Medium of the Chinese, and lustrated by examples.Specimens an Appendix, containing the Ta- of the Chuen-wan, or ancient Seal hyoh of Confucius, with a Transla- Character, and of the present Tsaoution." This is a quarto volume, tsze, or running-hand, will be given. containing 622 pages, and has been It is hoped, a first Part will be comwell received, both by the govern- pleted in 1816. A specimen of the ment abroad, and by the court of above work may be seen at Messrs. directors at home. Dr. Marshman Black, Parry, and Co.'s, Leadenhall applied to the former, in December street, where, also, the names of last, through the college council, persons desirous of becoming subhoping for the encouragement they scribers will be registered. sometimes grant to works of science and literature, viz. that of taking a Copies have also been received of number of copies, sometimes forty Dr. Carey's Grammars of the Telinor fifty, and, occasionally, a hunga language, and of the Punjabee, dred. Had they taken a hundred in or the language of the Shikhs; also this case, they would have amount of the Rev. Felix Carey's Burman ed to 4,800 rupees. They have, Grammar. however, dealt more liberally, by voting Dr. Marshman 8,000 rupees,

We recommend to the attention or £1000 sterling; and requesting of our readers, the second edition of him to send them only fifteen copies, a pamphlet, by the Rev. J. Cobbin, that they might not deprive him of containing an account of the persecuthe sale of the work. The court of tiore of the Protestants in the South directors have also kindly accepted of France, since the restoration of the a copy, presented to them by the Bourbons! We lament to find, that society, and have placed it in their among the numbers cruelly butcherlibrary; they, also, have given orders ed at Nismes, as mentioned in the for forty copies.

letter from France in our last numWe feel ourselves bound to re- ber, the venerable pastor of the rejoice, that more labourers than one formed church at that place, (M. are employed in preparing the way Desmond,) upwards of eighty years for the dissemination of divine truth, of age, has fallen a victim to an inin so extensive an empire as China. furiated unrestrained popish mob. "The Rey. R. Morrison is usefully engaged in a similar work.

Proposals are issued, by Mr. J. G. The following notice presents ad- Fuller, of Kettering, for publishing ditional proof, that government, a complete edition of the works of both at home and abroad, aré dis- the late Mr. Andrew Fuller, to be posed liberally to encourage the ef- completed in about ten octavo voforts of both these indefatigable la- lumes; not to exceed, to subscribourers.

bers, five pounds. Names of sub

scribers will be received by the Rev. There is now printing, under the Dr. Ryland, of Bristol; the Rev. patronage of the Hon. the East Iii- Mr. Hinton, of Oxford; the Rev. dia Company, and at their sole ex- Mr. Ivimey, of London; or by any pense, a Dictionary of the Chinese of the ministers who belong to the language, by the Rev. R. Morrison. committee of the Baptist Missionary The work is to consist of three parts. Society. Also, by Mr. Burls, LothThe first, Chinese and English, ar- bury; and Gardiner and Son, Bookranged according to the Chinese ra- sellers, Princes-street, Cavendish-sq.

Missionary Retrospect, and Foreign Jntelligence.

BAPTIST MISSION, outward conduct agrees with the

gospel or not; for any thing of this

sort flies through the regiment al LETTERS have been received, from most like lightning. There are many the missionaries in India, which pious men in this church. The day mention the safe arrival of the Rev. three weeks after we had buried my Mr. Yeates, and of the welfare of Elizabeth, we did the same with the missionaries in general. Mr.

our dear brother Gibson, their first Felix Carey has been treated with pastor. He died triumphantly. All uncommon kindness by the Burman the brethren obtained liberty to atgovernment, who have liberally, so

tend his funeral. Two of their far as money would go, repaired his officers were present. A small molosses. His Burman Dictionary, nument is to be erected over his which, it was supposed, was lost in

grave. On the following Lord's the ship with his wife and children, day, I preached a funeral sermon has been providentially recovered; for him in their place of worship. and the translation of the New Tes- There were upwards of 300 present. tament was left with Mr. Judson.

After his death they chose brother The printing press, also, was pre- Colsell for one of their pastors, who served, though the Burman types was set apart to the work at our were irrecoverably lost. Mr. Carey place, at Digah. The ministers was at Calcutta, in the service of the present, on this occasion, would Burman government. The society have presented a singular appearance are about to send a missionary to in your table pew. Brethren Moore, Ceylon, to assist Mr. Chater.

Thompson, and myself in black,

brother Worrell, who is drum-maExtract of a Letter from Mr. Rowe silver lace; brother Brett, who is

jor, in a green jacket trimmed with to Mr. Saffery.

one of the band, in a white jacket, Digah, Dec. 15, 1814. with cord of various colours; and We have seen the Rev. Mr. Cor- l brother Colsell, who is a corporal, rie in his way to Calcutta, from with a red jacket, trimmed with whence he intends proceeding to white. A sabbath or two before they England. God has greatly blessed left, I administered the Lord's suphis labours among the natives at per to them, in their own place of Agra; and it is a great trial to him worship. It was the first time they to leave his work, His Majesty's had had it among themselves. There 24th regiment is now on the fron- were many spectators present; and, tiers of Napaul, and we are anxiously to use our brethren's expression, iť waiting to hear from them. We had caused much talk about their King, many happy seasons with our bre- in the barracks. thren in the regiment, while at Di- We had several meetings for napore. Had they remained a little prayer with them previous to their longer, I have no doubt but the going. Our hearts were united in congregation would have increased, love, and our parting was affecting and we should have been under the or both sides. May the Lord be necessity of enlarging the place they their shield in the day of battle! built for public worship. Previous Our Digah congregation continues to their departure, two or three had much as usual. We have lately been proposed for baptism, but did restored our native brother, Brindanot join the church, as the time they bund, who, with Rampresad, is very allow for candidates had not ex- active in proclaiming the glad tidings pired. The brethren say, they have of salvation. We have a Byragee, no trouble to watch each other for and another native, who give us the purpose of seeing whether their some hope. The former las cut oll

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his beard, and eats with our bre- | Society. Many similar institutions
thren. Our native brethren are of exist, says the report, of which no
great use to us in superintending particular intelligence can be fur-
the Hindoostanee schools. Brother nished. The American Baptists
Thompson has lately baptized a have selected the large, populous,
country-born young man, of the and central empire of Burmah,
name of Fowles. He lives near for the first field of their missionary
Gyah, which is about sixty miles to efforts. On this ground, they will
the southward of us. In connexion unite with their English brethren,
with an elder brother he owns fifteen and employ their conjoined exer-
villages. We hope this will be an tions to diffuse the knowledge and
opening for the preaching of the love of our Redeemer, among a
gospel in the vicinity of Gyah, which most depraved and degraded part
is a very populous city.

of the human species. Mr. Judson,
resident there, has been adopted as

their missionary, and Mr. Hough, in AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE. America, has lately been designated

to be his fellow-labourer in Burmah.

It is delightful and profitable to To the Editors of the Baptist Magazine. notice the coincidences of providen

A few days since I received a tial arrangement, and of divine inletter from the Rev. Thomas Brook, fluence. A very striking evidence of Baltimore, in Virginia. It con- is furnished by this report, that, tains pleasing information of the pro- about the same time, and on both gress of God's work throughout the sides of the Atlantic, a divine energy American continent. It was accom- was exerted upon the Baptist denopanied with the “FirstAnnual Report mination, to excite a spirit of love, of the Baptist Board of Foreign and zeal, and active operation among Missions for the United States ;" themselves, as a body, in behalf of some notice of which was given in Christ's kingdom at large. In May, your last number.

1814, was held the first meeting of Scattered through the report are

the Baptist Missionary Convention interesting accounts of Female So- in America. About the same time, cieties formed in aid of missions. I was held the public annual meeting, cannot believe, that the American in London, of the Baptist Union. ladies are superior to the British Our American brethren have caught in any thing great or lovely, in know- the flame which has been burning ledge, in piety, in humanity, or in and spreading in our land these 20 zeal. Shall the Americans carry years. May they nourish and enaway the palm of victory, without crease it, till all their neighbours see a contest? Through the medium of its brightness, and feel its warmth. your magazine let me state to my

The death of Sutcliff is respectfair countrywomen, what their trans- fully mentioned in the report. What atlantic sisters are doing. I ask will be the impression on the Amerithem to consider it; and feel and act

can shores, when the mournful inas they have done hitherto; and much telligence is spread that Fuller also will be effected. At New York is has been called home by his Master, a Baptist Female Society for the from his works of faith, and labours Promotion of Foreign Missions. At of love? At this very time, when Cincinnati, in the Ohio, is another. we feel most acutely our need of aid, At Fredericksburg is another. At of advice, of comfort, of encourageBoston, so far back as October ment, intelligence reaches us, that 1800, was formed a Female Society our American brethren are embarkfor Missionary Purposes. At Pro ing their strength in the same arduvidence, Rhode Island, the Baptist ous contest. Let us then be fellowladies formed thc Mite Society, in helpers in the Lord, and combine Nov. 1806, by which 800 dollars, our every effort to spread the trihave already been collected.

At umphs of the cross from pole to pole. Charlestown, South Carolina, is the Amen, let the earth be filled with Wadmalan and Edisto Female Mite Immanuel's glory. I am yours, &c.


J. L.

Domestic Religious Intelligence.

BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY. discovered through the instrumenta

of the scriptures. Extract of. u Letter from a School- gion of the Bible, is greatly subdued,

Persecution here, against the relimaster in Ireland.

by means of these and similar instiSIR, I beg leave to inform you, that The people are somewhat enligh

tutions, that pervade the country.your school, conducted by me in the town of C contains 123 pu

tened, and are inquiring about the pils, two-thirds of whom are Catho things which pertain to eternal life; lics. I have adopted Lancaster's that they would send the children to

so that they declared to the priest, plan, except the slates and sand- the free-school, to consult the scriptables. The six monitors, whom I have chosen, are now completely tures, in spite of all his efforts. cured of popery.

Your's, &c. Three of them have clear views of the gospel. They assist in the Sunday school, and are

AUXILIARY SOCIETY, perfect in the Irish language in both

GLASGOW, characters. They converse with their | In aid of the Baptist Missions and neighbours, without dread or fear,

Translations in India. on the excellency of the gospel of Christ; that he came into the world At a meeting, held in the hall of to save sinners; and that salvation the Black Bull Inn, Glasgow, on is not deserved, nor procured, by us, the 5th of November, it was unanibut freely given to us through Christ mously resolved, to form a society Jesus, who died for our sins, and with the above designation. The rose again for our justification; that funds of this society are to be apChrist is the end of the law for righ- plied to the support of the mission teousness to every one that believ- in general, including the schools and eth; that he fulilled the whole law, translations; or of the schools, or that his righteousness might be im- translations of the scriptures, in puted to us; that the work of the particular, as the subscribers shall Holy Spirit, dwelling in us, is that direct. by which we are brought to love and The meeting was numerously and obey God.

respectably attended. John MorThere is another young man at- rison, Esq. of Craigends, being called tends this school, who, a few weeks to the chair ;-the Rev. Greville since, thought that Christ could only Ewing, the Rev. Dr. Balfour, the save him in part; and that his moral Rev. Thomas Chalmers, the Rev. virtues, religious performances, and Ralph Wardlaw, and Dr. Ja. Watt, observing the ordinances of the addressed the assembly. All the mochurch of England, would make up tions were carried with the most the deficiency. But now he sees cordial unanimity; while the libethe suitableness of the Saviour, who rality and harmony so eminently he confesses to be the way, the displayed in the addresses, and truth, and the life; and that there is which regulated the whole proceedno other name given among men, ings, evinced how deeply all those whereby we must be saved.

who were present felt interested in There is a young man, teaching the success of the society. About in the Roman Catholic chapel here, £300. has been already subscribed. who has made the Bible his study since I came to this country. I have taught him to read Irish; and he YORK AND LANCASHIRE SOCIETY. seems desirous to get rid of the priest, On Wednesday, the 1st instant, with all his absurdities, which he has was formed, at York-street Chapel, VOL. VII.

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