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On the Union of Piety and Morality: ACT: x. 4. Thy prayers and thine alms

are come up for a memorial befors God.

SERMON 11. On the Influence of Religion upon:

Adyersity. Psal. xxvii. 5. In the time of trouble,

be. shall hide me in his pavilion; in the fecret of his tabernacle kall be hide me ;; he shall set me up upon a rock.

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Psal. i. 3. He shall be like a tree

planted by the rivers of water, that
bringeth forth his fruiť in his feafon ;
his leaf also mall not wither, and what-
Joever be doth fall prosper. 32


On our imperfe&t Knowledge of a

Future State.

1 CORINTH. xiii. 12. For now we fee

through a glass, darkly--- 47

On the Death of Christ.

John xvii. 1. Jesus lift up his eyes to

beaven, and said, Father! the hour
is come;


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