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And earth, and seas, with all their train ; His truth for ever stands secure; He saves the opprest, He feeds the poor.

And none shall find His promise vain. 3 The Lord pours eye-sight on the blind; The Lord supports the fainting mind;

He sends the labouring conscience peace; He helps the stranger in distress, The widow, and the fatherless,

And grants the prisoner sweet release. 4 I'll praise Him while He lends me breath; And when my voice is lost in death,

Praise shall employ my nobler powers; My days of praise shall ne'er be past, While life, and thought, and being last,

Or immortality endures,

93 (200)


WATTS PRAUSE ye the Lord! 'tis good to raise

Your hearts and voices in His praise; His nature and His works invite

To make this duty our delight. 2 He formed the stars, those heavenly flames;

He counts their numbers, calls their names; His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound,

A deep where all our thoughts are drowned. 3 Sing to the Lord; exalt Him high, Who spreads His clouds around the sky: There He prepares the fruitful rain, Nor lets the drops descend in vain. 4. He makes the grass the hills adorn, And clothes the smiling fields with corn; The beasts with food His hands supply,

And the young rávens when they cry. 5 What is the creature's skill or force ?

The sprightly man, or warlike horse?
The piercing wit, the active limb?
All are too mean delights for Him.

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2 By His mighty fiat made,

Heaven confessed the sovereign Lord;
All His hosts His voice obeyed,

Sprang from nothing at His word.
He commands the sea to stand,

Drawn into a hanging heap;
In the hollow of His hand

Treasures up the boundless deep. 3 HIM let all the nations fear,

Him let all the world obey,
Earth's inhabitants revere,

Humbly own His awful sway.
Spake the Lord, and it was done,

He the earth's foundations laid,
By His providence alone

God sustains the world He made. 4 Lo! the Lord's all-seeing eye

Watches over them for good,
Humbly who on Him rely,

Trust Him both for life and food:
He from death their souls retrieves,

He in death sustains His owi,
While to Him our spirit cleaves,

Hangs for help on Him alone. 96



Our Father, God, and King! Thy sovereign goodness we record,

Thy glorious power we sing. 2 By Thee the victory is given; The majesty divine,

[heaven, And strength, and might, and earth, and

And all therein, are l'hine. 3 The kingdom, Lord, is Thine alone,

Who dost Thy right maintain, And, high on Thine eternal throne,

O'er men and angels reign. .

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From the German of E. LANGE.
GOD, Thou bottomless abyss,

Thee to perfection who can know?
O height immense! What words suffice

Thy countless attributes to show ? 2 Unfathomable depths Thou art !

O plunge me in Thy mercy's sea;
Void of true wisdom is my heart,
With love embrace and cover me!
3 (While Thee, all-infinite, I set

By faith before my ravished eye,
My weakness bends beneath the weight;

O'erpowered I sink, I faint, I die.)
4 Eternity Thy fountain was,
Which, like Thee, no beginning knew ;
Thou wast ere time began his race,
Ere glowed with stars the ethereal blue.
5 Greatness unspeakable is Thine,

Greatness, whose undiminished ray,
When short-lived worlds are lost, shall shine

When earth and heaven are fled away 6 Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord,

Essential life's unbounded sea,
What lives and moves, lives by Thy word;

It lives, and moves, and is from Thee! 7 Thy parent-hand, Thy forming skill,

Firm fixed this universal chain;
Else empty, barren darkness still

Had held his unmolested reign.
8 Whate'er in earth, or sea, or sky,

Or shuns or meets the wandering thought,
Escapes or strikes the searching eye,

By Thee was to perfection brought!
9 High is Thy power above all height;
Whatc'er Thy will decrees is done:
Thy wisdom, equal to Thy might,
Only to Thce, O God, is known!

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