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3 We part in body, not in mind;

Our minds continue one;
And, each to each, in Jesus joined,

We hand in hand go on.
4 Subsists as in us all one soul,

No power can make us twain; And mountains rise, and oceans roll,

To sever us, in vain.
5 Present we still in spirit are,

And intimately nigh,
While on the wings of faith and prayer

We each to other fly.
6 In Jesus Christ together we

In heavenly places sit;
Clothed with the sun, we smile to see

The moon beneath our feet.
7 Our life is hid with Christ in God;

Our Life shall soon appear,
And shed His glory all abroad

In all His members here.
3 The heavenly treasure now we have

In a mean house of clay;
But He shall to the utmost save,

And keep it to that day.
9 Our souls are in His mighty hand,

And He shall keep them still;,
And you aud I shall surely stand

With Him on Sion's hill!
10 m eye to eye we there shall see;

Our face like His shall shine:
O what a glorious company,

When saints and angels join! 11 O what a joyful meeting there !

In robes of white arrayed,
Palms in our hands we all shall bear,

Aud crowns upon our head. 12 Then let us lawfully contend,

And fight our passage through ;
Bear in our faithful minds the end,

And keep the prize in view.

13 Then let us hasten to the Day,

When all shall be brought home;
Come, O Redeemer, come away,

O Jesus, quickly come! 952 (411)


C. WESLEY. L Te followers her the Lamb,

IFT up your hearts to things above, And join with us to praise His love,

And glorify His name: 2 To Jesu's Name give thanks and sing,

Whose mercies never end; Rejoice! rejoice! the Lord is King;

The King is now our Friend! 3 We, for His sake, count all things loss;

On earthly good look down; And joyfully sustain the cross,

Till we receive the crown. 4 O let us stir each other up,

Our faith by works to' approve,
By holy, purifying hope,

And the sweet task of love!
5 Love us, though far in flesh disjoined,

Ye lovers of the Lamb;
And ever bear us on your mind,

Who think and speak the same: 6 You on our minds we ever bear,

Whoe'er to Jesus bow;
Stretch out the arms of faith and

And, lo! we reach you now.
7 The blessings all on you be shed,

Which God, in Christ, imparts; We pray the Spirit of our Head

Into your faithful hearts. 8 Mercy and peace your portion be,

To carnal minds unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree

Of life, and the white stone. 9 Let all who for the Promise wait, The Holy Ghost receive;

And, raised to our unsinning state,

With God in Eden live!
10 Live till the Lord in glory come,

And wait His heaven to share:
He now is fitting up our home:-

Go on :-we'll meet you there.


953 (351)


Family Religion. FAThich cré was our families with peace; From Thee they spring; and by Thy hand

They are, and shall be still, sustained. 2 To God, most worthy to be praised,

Be our domestic altars raised; Who, Lord of heaven, scorns not to dwell With saints in their obscu rest cell. 3 To Thee, may each united house, Morning and night, present its vows : Our servants there, and rising race,

Be taught Thy precepts, and Thy grace. 4 Oh! may each future age proclaim

The honours of Thy glorious name;
While pleased, and thankful, we remove

To join the family above. 954

8s & 7s.

PEACE be to this habitation?

Peace to every soul herein!
Peace, the foretaste of salvation ;

Peace, the seal of cancelled sin;
Peace, that speaks its heavenly Giver;

Peace to earthly minds unknown;
Peace divine, that lasts for ever,-

Here erect its glorious throne. 2 Now, Thy love-infusing Spirit

Shed in every heart abroad;

955 (352)

And, Redeemer, through Thy merit,

Make each child a child of God !
Claim for Thine each faithful servant

By the reconciling word ;
Pure in heart, in spirit fervent,

Let them serve their heavenly Lord. 3 Prince of Peace, if Thou art near us,

Fix in all our hearts Thy home,
By Thy last appearing cheer us,

Quickly let Thy kingdom come;
Answer all our expectation,

Give our raptured souls to prove,
Glorious, uttermost salvation,
Heavenly, everlasting love!
L.M, 6 lines triplets.


When brethren cordially agree, And kindly think and speak the same; A family of faith and love, Combined to seek the things above,

And spread the common Saviour's fame! 2 The God of grace, who all invites, Who in our unity delights,

Vouchsafes our intercourse to bless; Revives us with refreshing showers, The fulness of His blessing pours,

And keeps our minds in perfect peace. 3 Jesus, Thou precious Corner-stone, Preserve inseparably one,

Whom Thou didst by Thy Spirit join :
Still let us in Thy Spirit live,
And to Thy Church the pattern give

Of unanimity divine!
4 Still let us to each other cleave,
And from Thy plenitude receive

Constant supplies of hallowing grace;
Till to a perfect man we rise,
O'ertake our kindred in the skies,
And find prepared our heavenly place.

956 (556)



THRhife yekappy souls, who born from

[heaven, Humbly begin their days with God;

And spend them in His fear. 2 So may our eyes, with holy zeal,

Prevent the dawuing day; And turn the sacred pages o'er,

And praise Thy Name, and pray.
3 Midst hourly cares, may love present

Its incense to Thy throne;
And while the world our hands employs,

Our hearts be Thine alone. 4 As sanctified to noblest ends,

Be each refreshment sought;
And by each various providence,

Some wise instruction brought. 5 When to laborious duties called,

Or hy temptation tried,
We'll seek the shelter of Thy wings,

And in Thy strength confide.
6 In solid, pure delights like these,

Let all our days be passed :
Nor shall we then impatient wish,

Nor shall we fear the last. 957 L.M.

KEX A WAKE, my soul, and, with the sun Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise

To pay thy morning sacrifice.
2 Thy precious time misspent, redeem;

Each present day, thy last esteem;
Improve thy talent with due care;

For the great day thyself prepare.
3 In conversation be sincere;
Keep conscience, as the noon-tide, clear;
Think how All-seeing God thy ways,
And all thy secret thoughts, surveys.

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