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7 Thy name, O God, upon my bed

Dwells on my lips, and fires my thought;
With trembling awe, in midnight shade,

I muse on all Thy hands have wrought, 8 In all I do I feel Thine aid;

Therefore Thy greatness will I sing,
O God, who bidst my heart be glad

Beneath the shadow of Thy wing!
9 My soul draws nigh and cleaves to Thee,

Then let or earth or hell assail, Thy mighty hand shall set me free; For whom Thou say'st, he ne'er shall fail. 127



LN this beauteous framenath planned,

Woods that wave, and hills that tower,

Ocean rolling in his power :2 Yet amid this scene so fair,

Should I cease Thy smile to share,
What were all its joys to me?

Whom have I on earth but Thee?
3 Lord of heaven! beyond our sight

Rolls a world of purer light;
There, in love's unclouded reign,

Parted friends shall meet again :
4 O! that world is passing fair,

Yet if Thou wert absent there,
What were all its joys to me?

Whom have I in heaven but Thee?
Ő Lord of earth and heaven! my breast
Seeks in Thee its only rest;
I was lost,-Thy accents mild
Homewardlured Thy wandering child:
6 I was blind,-Thy healing ray
Charmed the long eclipse away ;
Source of every joy I know,
Solace of my every woe!



88 & 78. MONTGOMERY.

Psalm xci.
Alett Jehovah thy salvation,

Rest beneath the Almighty's shade,
In His secret habitation

Dwell, and never be dismayed ;
There no tumult shall alarm thee,

Thou shalt dread no hidden snare;
Guile nor violence can harm thee;

In eternal safeguard there.
2 From the sword at noon-day wasting,

From the noisome pestilence,
In the depth of midnight blasting,

God shall he thy sure defence;
Fear not thou the deadly quiver,

When a thousand feel the blow,
Mercy shall thy soul deliver,

Though ten thousand be laid low. 3 Since, with pure and firm affection,

Thou on God hast set thy love,
With the wings of His protection

He will shield thee from above;
Thou shalt call on Him in trouble,

He will hearken, He will save;
Here for grief reward thee double,

Crown with life beyond the grave. 130

L.M. 6 lines. C. WESLEY.

Psalm cxlvi.
soul, inspired with sacred love,
His gifts I will for Him improve,
To Him devote my happy days;
To Him my thanks and praises give,
And only for His glory live.
2 Long as my God, shall lend me breath,

My every pulse shall beat for Him
And when my voice is lost in death,
My spirit shall resume the theme;

The gracious theme for ever new,

Through all eternity pursue.
s soon as the breath of man expires,

Again he to his earth shall turn;
Where, then, are all his vain desires,
His love and hate, esteem and scorn ?
All, all, at that last gasp are o'er,

He falls to rise on earth no more. 4 He, then, is blest, and only he,

Whose hope is in the Lord his God;
Who can to Him for succour flee,
That spread the earth and heaven abroad :
That still the universe sustains,
And Lord of His creation reigns.
5 True to His everlasting word,

He loves the injured to redress;
Poor, helpless souls, the bounteous Lord
Relieves, and fills with plenteousness :
He sets the mournful prisoners free,

He bids the blind their Saviour see. 6 Jehovah lifts the fallen up;

Jehovah loves the righteous race;
The stranger's and the widow's hope,
The Father of the fatherless;
Sinners He views with angry frown,

And turns their counsels upside down. 7 The Lord thy God, o Zion, reigns,

Supreme in mercy as in power,
The endless theme of heavenly strains,
When time and death shall be no more:
And all eternity shall prove
Too short to utter all His love.


78 & 6s.

Psalm xlvi. 1, 7.
YOD, the omnipresent God,

Our strength and refuge stands,
Ready to support the load,
And bear us in His hands;


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