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ticnlar the Rev. 1. BONAR, D.D.; the Rev. H. FISH, M.A., for the copyright portion of his edition of C. Wesley's' version of the Psalms; Miss WINKWORTH, for hymns from “ Lyra Germanica ;” R. MASSIE, Esq., or his beautiful translations from the German; the TRANSLATORS of “Hymns from the Land of Luther;" he Rev. W. MERCER, M.A., for hymns 172 and 267, from ris" Church Psalter and Hymn Book ;” Messrs. LONGLAN & Co., for permission to insert some hymns from he first series of “ Lyra Germanica” and “Lyra Donestica;" and to all others whose contributions, still reognized as private property, add to the completeness and value of this Book OF PRAISE.

The compilers commend their work to the Church of hrist in general, but to the Denomination which they ave especially sought to serve in particular, in the hope hat, in instances which no man can number, it may be means of manifold spiritual profit, kindling the fire of evotion in hearts where little or no such fire existed efore, and carrying up before the Lord, as incense ever rateful to Him, now the prayer of penitence, and again ae voice of praise.

For the Second Division, from Hymns 343 to 99, Mr. Wesley's arrangement has been generally pre. Dred.

* The small figure, in brackets, following the umber of some of the Hymns, indicate the Number * the same Hymn in the former Book.

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