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rovxnzn A.D. 1797.

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Bing praises to Gon, sing praises:

Sing praises unto our KING, sing praise; For Gun is the limo of all the earth: . ‘ ~'
Sing ye praises with understanding. " '
PSALM xlvii. 6, 7. ‘
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METHODIST NEW commxmx Boon-Boom,

42, rxrzaxos'rzn mow,B.C. ‘7 ’



‘ 1 3"i E ; i . _ l ‘v: ‘15 I’; :? \"k-L+.0./-l0, . ‘i 13‘5' a ,. i i‘ L 1 i J max CHILD! AND SON, PRXKTIRS.



Tau Hymn Book has been compiled under the dime tion of t e Annual Conference of the Methodist New Connexion. for the-use of its various churches and memhen in public and rivate devotion. It takes the place of another similar ook which, though for many ycan: the companion and gui e of multitudes “ in the service ofsone in the house of the Lord," has long been felt to be defective, not only as containing too small nnumber of hymns (or the purpose intended, with occasional n]k‘rutionsol these from thc original compositions which time has shown to be not always for the better, but also Is including in this number some which might well be diipcnscd with for others of higher character and greater utility. V

The resent collection is larger than was first c0n_ tflnpla d, and larger also than can soon be exhausted in any series of services connected with one cnngregu. tion. But, then, in the first place, it was quickly found that the stores at command were so rich as to offer great temptations to exceed the limits origlnallyprescribcd. Again, it was remembered that the collection was not designed for a single conzregntipn or society, but for many such united in one Denomination ; nor therefm-e for n single minister whose ordinzr selection ofhymm might be limited to his own lndlva uni taste or type 0g minis , but for a considerable number dischargingme unnere izious functions eaeh Lord's dn ,in whom vari. cties of taste and modes of handling t e Ward of God might reasonably be supposed to exist great enough to turn to rofltnble account even a larger collection tlnm is here rought together. Moreover, the wish was to "over with " the service ofaong " as nnuch ofthc Whole 'clrl of Christian experience as posmble,--to mmlsl, a

Rik of devotion for the closet, as well on a selection of

psalms and 11 mn! and spiritual songs“ for the sum;

uarv: and to 0 both with us much fulness anq mm ' < as would minister hto glniost every variety oi‘

‘.- wn'imn-‘k nun..- v1 “mm: .m. M

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