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b Ps. 44. 9.

+ Heb. broken.


+ Heb. salralion.

David, complaining of former judgment, PSALMS. craveth that help whereon he trusteth.

smote of Edom in the valley of | + strong city? who will lead me into + Heb, city of salt twelve thousand.


10 Wilt not thou, O God, which
GOD, 6 thou hast cast us off, a hadst cast us off? and thou, O God, a Pe:11.9.

thou hast + scattered us, thou which didst not go out with our
hast been displeased ; 0 turn thyself armies ?
to us again.
2 Thou hast made the earth to vain is the help of man.

11 Give us help from trouble : for
tremble; thou hast broken it: heal

12 Through God we shall do va-
the breaches thereof; for it shaketh. liantly: for he it is that shall tread

3 Thou hast shewed thy people down our enemies.
hard things : thou hast made us to
drink the wine of astonishment.

4 Thou hast given a banner to them
that feared thee, that it may be dis-1 David fleeth to God upon his former experi-

played because of the truth. Selah. 4 He voweth perpetual service unto c Ps. 108. 6, Ś That thy beloved may be de

him, because of his promises.
livered; save with thy right hand, 4 To the chief Musician upon Ne-
and hear me.

ginah, A Psalm of David.
6 God hath spoken in his holiness;
I will rejoice
, will divide Shechem, HEAR my cry, O God ; attend

unto .
7 Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is 2 From the end of the earth will I
mine; Ephraim also is the strength cry unto thee, when my heart is
of mine head; Judah is my law- overwhelmed: lead me to the rock

that is higher than I.
8 Moab is my washpot; over Edom 3 For thou hast been a shelter for

will I cast out my shoe: Philistia, me, and a strong tower from the Or, triumph || triumph thou because of me.

enemy. [by an irony).

9 Who will bring me into the 4 I will abide in thy tabernacle



thou over me

- when Joab returned, &c.] See 1 Kings xi. 13, 16. patriarch Jacob conveys his prophecy of him under the Ver. 2. Thou hast made the earth to tremble ; &c.] image of a lion couching upon a sceptre, whom none These expressions are figurative, and allude to the con- dare rouse up, Gen. xlix. 9, 10. Here David speaks of vulsions of the state, which had lately happened in the this tribe as his sceptre, as the support of his crown and war between the house of Saul and David. Street.

royal dignity. Green. 3. Thou hast shewed &c.] Thou hast inflicted grievous 8. Moab is my washpot ; &c.] Meaning, I will repunishments upon us. Bp. Patrick.

duce these my enemies to the vilest servitude: I will thou hast made us to drink &c.] Thou hast filled treat Moab as my washpot; I will use the Edomites as us with no less horrour and trembling, than men who slaves, holding forth my shoes that they may pluck them are intoxicated with strong and stupifying drink. Poole. off. Bp. Patrick, Poole.

4. Thou hast given a banner &c.) But now, thou hast Philistia, triumph thou because of me.] That is, granted the desires of thy faithful servants according receive me as thy conqueror with demonstrations of to thy promise; thou hast united them under me their joy. king, to whom they should all repair as soldiers do to 9. Who will bring me &c.] Bozrah, the capital of their standard. Bp. Patrick, Travell.

Idumea, or Edom, was a fortified town, situated on a 6.- in his holiness ;] In his sanctuary. Mudge. rock, deemed impregnable. See Obadiah ver. 3. Con

- I will divide Shechem, &c]. The valley of Suc- sidering therefore the strength of the adversary, David, coth lay on the east side of Jordan in the tribe of Gad; by this question, acknowledgeth his own impotency, and and so probably did the Shechem here mentioned. At the need he had of superiour aid in order to achieve this this time they both seem to have been in the hand of the important conquest. Bp. Horne. enemy; and David declares here, that, as soon as he As David in this Psalm celebrates the power and had taken them, he would divide them among his own goodness of God, who had assisted his people, and given people. Green.

them the victory over their enemies; so should we learn, 7. Gilead is mine, &c.] _ Gilead is on my side, and that the strength and assistance of man is under all cirManasseh is on my side; Ephraim is the helmet of my cumstances but vanity, and there is none but the Lord head; Judah is my sceptre. In this verse the tribes who can help and deliver us in our distress, and in are mentioned which would accompany him in this ex- whom we may safely and perfectly confide. Ostervald. pedition. Gilead, as it is here distinguished from Manasseh, must mean the tribe of Gad, which was a very Psalm LXI. ver.2. From the end of the earth] Meaning, warlike tribe. Ephraim seems to have been fixed upon probably, from the remotest part of Judea. "Merrick. for his helmet to protect his head, as being the most the rock that is higher than 1.] Or, the rock numerous and warlike tribe. Green.

which is too high for me; that is, to a place of safety, lawgiver ;] Or rather, sceptre; the word in which, as without thee, I am not able to reach, so the original signifies a ruler's staff, or some ensign of there my enemies may not be able to approach me. authority. Judah was another very warlike tribe. The Edwards, Bp. Patrick.

my refuge.

their inward

+ Heb. Thou
shalt add
days to the
days of the
+ Heb, as



David professeth his confidence in God. PSALMS. No trust to be put in worldly things. || Or, make for ever: I will || trust in the covert down from his excellency: they deof thy wings. Selah.

light in lies: they bless with their 5 For thou, O God, hast heard my mouth, but they curse + inwardly. Heb. in vows: thou hast given me the heritage Selah.

parts. of those that fear thy name.

5 My soul, wait thou only upon 6 + Thou wilt prolong the king's God; for my expectation is from him. life: and his years tas many gene 6 He only is my rock and my salrations.

vation : he is my defence; I shall not
7 He shall abide before God for be moved.

ever: O prepare mercy and truth, 7 In God is my salvation and my
which may preserve him.

glory: the rock of my strength, and
8 So will I sing praise unto thy my refuge, is in God.
name for ever, that I may daily per-

*8 Trust in him at all times; ye
form my vows.

people, pour out your heart before PSALM LXII.

him: God is a refuge for us. Selah. 1 David professing his confidence in God dis- 9 Surely men of low degree are courageth his enemies. 5 In the same con

vanity, and men of high degree are a fidence he encourageth the godly. 9 No trust lie: to be laid in the balance, they is to be put in worldly things. ii Power are || altogether lighter than vanity.' 1 0r, alike. and mercy belong to God.

10 Trust not in oppression, and be-
To the chief Musician, to Jeduthun, come not vain in robbery: if riches
A Psalm of David.

increase, set not your heart upon
TRULY my soul + waiteth upon them.

God: from him cometh my 11 God hath spoken once; twice

have I heard this; that is power be- 10r, 2 He only is my rock and my sal-longeth unto God. + Heb. high vation ; he is my + defence; I shall 12 Also unto thee, O Lord, be- Prov: 24..12. not be greatly moved.

longeth mercy : for a thou renderest to Ezek. 7. 27. 3 How long will ye imagine mis- every man according to his work. chief against a man? ye shall be slain

PSALM LXIII. all of you: as a bowing wall shall ye 1 David's thirst for God. 4 His manner of 1 Pet. 1. 17. be, and as a tottering fence.

blessing God. 9 His confidence of his ene4 They only consult to cast him mies' destruction, and his own safety.

1048. || Or, Only. + Heb. is silent.

a Job 34. 11.

Matt. 16. 27.
Rom. 2. 6.
2 Cor. 5. 10.
Eph. 6. 8.
Col. 3. 25.

Rev. 22. 12.

4.-for ever :] As long as I live. Dr. Wells. expostulates in this verse with his enemies, for con

5. For thou, O God, &c.] The “yows” of David made tinually plotting against him, and foretells that their during his banishment, were heard, and he was restored destruction will happen suddenly and irremediably, like to the possession of his kingdom, in that land which the downfall of a wall that is in a tottering state, or a God had given to his people for an heritage. Bp. stone fence, the parts of which are not cemented together. Horne.

Bp. Horne. 6. — and his years as many generations.] He thus 9. Surely men of low deyree &c.] A reason is here speaks, partly, because his kingdom was not like Sauls, assigned why we should at all times " trust in God;" a matter of one age, expiring with his life, but esta- namely, because there is nothing else in which we can blished to him and his descendants : and partly, because trust

, which will not in the end deceive us. Weighed Christ, who was to spring from him, should actually in in the balance” of heaven, the power of man to save his own person possess the kingdom for ever. Poole. is less than nothing. Bp. Horne.

7.- O prepare &c.] O let thy goodness and faith 10-12. Trust not in oppression, &c.] These three fulness ever defend him. Bp. Patrick.

verses are directed to oppressors, not to be too eager It is a great comfort in all our afflictions and calami- after ill-gotten power or riches, nor to place their trust ties, that He, who is best able to succour and deliver in them, since there are two things confessedly against us, is always within the reach of our cry; and though them, the power and the goodness of God; by which He sits above the cherubim, hears perfectly every groan He will be able and willing to do justice to all manand prayer we pour out to Him from the lowest dun- kind, to protect his friends, and defeat their enemies. geon of our prison. Let our enemies cast us as deep Mudge. as they please into bondage, He will both see and hear The comforts which David had found, he exhorteth us, if we pray to Him with that fervour and devotion others to seek, in faith and prayer ; in such a faith, as with which we ought; and He will interpose some shel- fixeth itself on God, when the whole world is against it; ter and protection between us and the malice and power and such prayer, as poureth forth all the desires of the of our enemies, till He thinks fit to make our deliver- soul into the bosom of the Almighty. How often, in ance perfect and complete. Lord Clarendon.

repeating the Psalms, do we declare, that “God is our

refuge;" yet how very seldom do we refer to Him, as Psalm LXII. – Jeduthun,] See the note on the title such, in the hour of temptation! Bp. Horne. of the thirty-ninth Psalm.

Ver. 3. How long will ye imagine &c.] The Prophet Psalm LXIII. In this Psalm the royal Prophet, an

+ scithout water.

David's thirst for God's service.


He prayeth for deliverance. T A Psalm of David, when he was in 11 But the king shall rejoice in the wilderness of Judah.

God; every one that sweareth by him

shall glory: but the mouth of them
GOD, thou art my God; early

will I seek thee: my soul thirst that speak lies shall be stopped.
eth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee

PSALM LXIV. 1 Heb. weary. in a dry and + thirsty land, + where no water is;

1 David prayeth for deliverance, complaining 2 To see thy power and thy glory,

of his enemies. 7 He promiseth himself to

see such an evident destruction of hisenemies,
so as I have seen thee in the sanc-

as the righteous shall rejoice at it.
3 Because thy lovingkindness is 1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of

better than life, my lips shall praise

EAR my voice, O God, in my
4 Thus will I bless thee while I

prayer : preserve my life from live : I will lift up my hands in thy fear of the enemy.

2 Hide me from the secret counsel 5 My soul shall be satisfied as with of the wicked; from the insurrection

+ marrow and fatness; and my mouth of the workers of iniquity: fatness.

shall praise thee with joyful lips : 3 - Who whet their tongue like a a Ps. 11. 2.

6 When I remember thee upon my sword, and bend their bows to shoot
bed, and meditate on thee in the night their arrows, even bitter words :

4 That they may shoot in secret at
7 Because thou hast been my help, the perfect : suddenly do they shoot
therefore in the shadow of thy wings at him, and fear not.
will I rejoice.

5 They encourage themselves in
8 My soul followeth hard after an evil || matter: they commune f of I ate speech.
thee: thy right hand upholdeth me. laying snares privily ; they say, Who hide snares.

9 But those that seek my soul, to shall see them? + Heb. They destroy it, shall go into the lower

6 They search out iniquities; || they they neve parts of the earth.

accomplish + a diligent search : both thoroughly 10 + They shall fall by the sword: the inward thought of every one of + Heb. a the band.oe they shall be a portion for foxes. them, and the heart, is deep.


+ Heb.

| Or, we are consumed by

shall make hin run out like water by

search searched.

exile in the wilderness, expresses most elegantly the of our salvation, it enters our thoughts very frequently. sentiments of tenderness and love. Bp. Lowth. We “remember God upon our bed, and meditate on

- when he was in the wilderness of Judah.] He went him in the night watches." Would we therefore know through that wilderness when he fled from Absalom. whether we have made, or are making, any advances in Dr. Wells.

Christianity or not? These are the marks which will Ver. 1. - in a dry and thirsty land,] Probably this tell us. Do we think more frequently about religion should be rendered, as in the Syriack Version, “as a than we used to do? Do we cherish and entertain these dry and thirsty land.” Abp. Secker, Bp. Hare. thoughts for a longer continuance than we did? Do

2. To see thy power &c.] My chief desire is, that I they interest us more than formerly? Do they sink may be restored again to worship Thee before the ark deeper? If we perceive this, then we perceive a change, of thy presence, where thy glorious Majesty resides upon which we may ground our hopes and expectaamong us. Travell.

tions ; if we perceive it not, we have cause for very

af 4.- I will lift up &c.] That is, in prayer and thanks- flicting apprehensions, that the power of religion hath giving to thy Divine Majesty. Dr. Wells.

not yet visited us; cause for deep and fervent interces5. My soul shall be satisfied &c.] The greatest dain- sion with God for the much wanted succour of his Holy ties cannot give so much satisfaction to the hungry, Spirit. Archdeacon Paley. as I shall enjoy from the employment of singing thy praises. Bp. Patrick, Travell.

Psalm LXIV. This Psalm was most probably com8.-followeth hard after thee :] Cleaveth unto Thee. posed by David when he was persecuted by Saul and Green.

his associates; from whom he begs of God to protect 9.- the lower parts of the earth.] That is, the grave. him; and afterwards foretells that a sudden destruction Bp. Hall.

shall sooner or later fall upon them. Edwards. This 10.- a portion for foxes.] See note at Judges xv. 4. is one of the Psalms appointed for the service of thanks

11.- every one that sweareth by him] That is, every giving on the fifth of November. one who invokes his name, worships Him, and makes Ver. 4. — at the perfect :] David thus calls himself, Him the object of religious reverence and fear; all which because he was perfectly innocent of what they laid to is implied in swearing, as an oath is an immediate ap- his charge. Bp. Patrick. peal and solemn act of worship to God. Rosenmüller, - suddenly] That is, when he is not aware. Green. Poole, Merrick.

6. They search out &c.] They are ingenious in deSo soon as religion gains that hold and that posses- vising wickedness, and contriving means of executing sion of the heart which it must do to become the means their bad purposes.

wound shall be.

David praiseth God for his grace.


The blessedness of God's chosen. 7 But God shall shoot at them with courts: we shall be satisfied with the + Heb, their an arrow; suddenly + shall they be goodness of thy house, even of thy holy wounded.

8 So they shall make their own 5 By terrible things in righteous-
tongue to fall upon themselves : all ness wilt thou answer us, o God of
that see them shall flee away.

our salvation; who art the confidence
9 And all men shall fear, and shall of all the ends of the earth, and of
declare the work of God; for they them that are afar off upon the sea :
shall wisely consider of his doing. 6 Which by his strength setteth

10 The righteous shall be glad in fast the mountains ; being girded
the Lord, and shall trust in him; with power:
and all the upright in heart shall 7 Which stilleth the noise of the

seas, the noise of their waves, and the

tumult of the people. PSALM LXV.

8 They also that dwell in the utter-
i David praiseth God for his grace. 4 The most parts are afraid at thy tokens:

blessedness of God's chosen by reason of thou makest the outgoings of the

morning and evening li to rejoice. Or, to sing.

9 Thou visitest the earth, and
To the chief Musician, A Psalm
and Song of David.

|| waterest it: thou greatly enrichest Or, after

it with the river of God, which is full made it to RAISE + waiteth for thee, o of water : thou preparest them corn,

desire rain. God, in Sion: and unto thee when thou hast so provided for it. shall the vow be performed.

10 Thou waterest the ridges thereof 2 0 thou that hearest prayer, unto abundantly : || thou settlest the fur- 1 Or, thox thee shall all flesh come.

rows thereof: + thou makest it soft to descend 3 + Iniquities prevail against me : with showers: thou blessest the

as for our transgressions, thou shalt springing thereof. iniquities. purge them away.

11 Thou crownest + the year with dissolceat it. 4 Blessed is the man whom thou thy goodness; and thy paths drop year of thy choosest, and causest to approach fatness. unto thee, that he may dwell in thy 12 They drop upon the pastures of

+ Heb. is silent.

+ Heb. Words, or, Matters of

into the furrows thereof. + Heb, thon


8. So they shall make &c.] They shall cause the mis- blessings which are dispensed to them from thy holy chief of their tongues to fall upon themselves. Green. habitation. Travell.

9. - shall fear, and shall declare the work of God ;] 5. By terrible things] “O God of our salvation, Thou Shall dread the righteous judgments of God, acknow- in thy righteousness answerest us by doing awful ledging it to be his peculiar work of vengeance that things: Thou art the confidence of the remotest parts befalls them. Dr. Hammond.

of the earth and the sea." By “terrible” or “awful Diligently to mark, and carefully to treasure up in things” are meant the works of God's providence, menour minds the special providences of the Almighty, is tioned in the following verses. Green, the way to preserve and nourish our faith and hope in 8. They also that dwell] The meaning is, that the Him: it furnishes the grounds of our thankfulness and most distant and barbarous people behold the signs of praise; it stirs up our finest feelings and very best God's power and goodness with wonder and amazement. affections towards Him, holy joy, humble reverence, Traveli. and hearty love; it supports us under all our sufferings, the outgoings &c.] The successive courses of the and affords us comfort in all our sorrows. Bp. Horne. morning and evening; or of the sun and moon, which

go forth at those times, thereby making the morning Psalm LXV. This Psalm is a thankful commemora- and evening ; both of which are said to rejoice poetition of God's mercies and deliverances; written probably cally, because they give men occasion of rejoicing. on the occasion of his restoring plenty, after the three Poole. years' famine, 2 Sam. xxi. Dr. Hammond. How graceful 9. the river of God,] The clouds, those reservoirs of and animated is that rich and flourishing picture of water which are opened and shut at God's pleasure, are nature which is exhibited in this Psalm: when the Pro- here called “the river of God;" by showers from which phet, with a fertility of expression correspondent to the He refresheth the earth. Green. subject, praises the beneficence of the Deity in watering 10.thou setllest the furrows thereof :] See the margin. the earth and making it fruitful! Bp. Lowth.

11.-- and thy paths] God is here represented as going Ver. 1. Praise waiteth &c.] It becomes us, O God, the circuit of the heavens, as making the clouds his to praise Thee in thy sanctuary, and to pay the vows chariot. See Job xxii. 14, and Psalm civ. 3. Dr. Kenwhich we made unto Thee in the time of our distress. nicott. Bp. Patrick.

The happy effects of God's visiting the earth with 4. Blessed is the man &c.] How happy is the man rain, are valleys covered with corn, verdant meads, and whom Thou hast chosen, and called to the privilege of thriving flocks. All these ideas, in the prophetical being continually employed in thy service ! they, who Scriptures, are frequently transferred to the times of enjoy this privilege, have abundant satisfaction in those refreshment and consolation, of peace and fruitfulness,

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+ Heb. are


He autre M45E a joyful noise unto God, and my mouth hath spoken, when Í


David exhorteth to praise God, PSALMS. and to bless him for his gracious benefits.

the wilderness: and the little hills 9 Which + holdeth our soul in life, + Heb. + rejoice on every side.

and suffereth not our feet to be moved.
girded with

13 The pastures are clothed with 10 For thou, O God, hast proved
flocks; the valleys also are covered us : thou hast tried us, as silver is
over with corn; they shout for joy, tried.
they also sing

11 Thou broughtest us into the net;

thou laidst affliction upon our loins. PSALM LXVI.

12 Thou hast caused men to ride
1 David exhorteth to praise God, 5 to observe over our heads; we went through fire

his great works, 8 to bless him for his grac and through water: but thou brought-
cious benefits. 12 He voweth for himself

+ Heb. moist.
religious service to God. 16 He declareth est us out into a + wealthy place.
God's special goodness to himself.

13 I will go into thy house with q To the chief Musician, A Song or

burnt offerings: I will pay thee my

14 Which my lips have + uttered, Heb;

opened. + Heb. all the Fall ye lands:

was in trouble. 2 Sing forth the honour of his

15 I will offer unto thee burnt saname: make his praise glorious.

crifices of + fatlings, with the incense + Heb. 3 Say unto God, How terrible art of rams; I will offer bullocks with marrow. thou in thy works ! through the great- goats. Selah. ness of thy power shall thine enemies

16 Come and hear, all ye that fear 1 Or, yield Il + submit themselves unto thee. feigned

God, and I will declare what he hath
4 All the earth shall worship thee, done for my soul.
Heb. lie.

and shall sing unto thee; they shall 17 I cried unto him with my mouth,
sing to thy name. Selah.

and he was extolled with my tongue.
5 Come and see the works of God:

18 If I regard iniquity in my he is terrible in his doing toward the heart, the LORD will not hear me : children of men.

19 But verily God hath heard me; 6 He turned the sea into dry land: he hath attended to the voice of my they went through the flood on foot:

there did we rejoice in him.

20 Blessed be God, which hath not
7 He ruleth by his power for ever; turned away my prayer, nor his mercy

behold the nations: let not from me.
the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.

8 O bless our God, ye people, and
make the voice of his praise to be 14 prayer for the

enlargement of God's king

dom, 3 to the joy of the people, 6 and the heard :

increase of God's blessings.


in the church; which breaks forth into joy, in the one 11.- into the net ;] That is, into the power of our case, as the world is always ready to do in the other. enemies. Dr. Wells. Manifold and marvellous, O Lord, are thy works, 12. Thou hast caused &c.] Thou hast caused us to be whether of nature or of grace; surely in wisdom and miserably trampled upon by our scornful enemies; and loving-kindness hast thou made them all; the earth, in hast put us to all manner of hard trials ; but, at last, every sense, is full of thy riches ! Bp. Horne,

Thou hast settled us in a quiet plenty. Bp. Hall.

15. — with the incense of rams ;] With the smoke of Psalm LXVI. This Psalm is a solemn invocation to the fat of rams. all the world to celebrate the wonderful works of God, 18. If I regard iniquity &c.] Inwardly regard and as well in the general course of his providence, as for cherish iniquity. Bp. Horne. his miracles in favour of the Israelites. Travell. It is If a virtuous and pious life were to receive no reward introduced in our Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea, and advantage in the next world, it were to be chosen as a thanksgiving after a storm.

for the very pleasure and comfort it administers to us Ver. 2. — make his praise glorious.] That is, shew in this : there being no delight equal to that which a forth his praise with due honour and glory. Bp. Hare

. man feels

from doing well; and consequently no joy 5.- he is terrible &c.] Astonishing in the works and worthy to be named with that which possesses a man, counsels of his providence. Bp. Patrick.

when he is contemplating the greatness and glory of 6. He turned the sea &c.] The prophet, after invit- his Creator, and making due acknowledgments for the ing men to contemplate " the works of God," sets before blessings and deliverances he hath received from his them for that purpose two great miracles wrought for Divine providence and mercy. Lord Clarendon. Israel

, namely, the division of the Red sea, and that of the river Jordan; by the former they escaped Egypt, Psalm LXVII. This Psalm seems to allude to, or by the latter they entered Canaan. Bp. Horne. rather to foretell, the incarnation of Christ, and the

9. - suffereth not our feet to be moved.] Guards us calling of the Gentiles, when all the nations of the earth from falling. Merrick.

should partake of the heavenly blessing, and become

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