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+ Heb. are lifted up.

4 Heb. fames, or,

sione in aan heap of stones.



all, and he


he hireth also

& 29. 22.

fools, sluggards,


and contentious busybodies. the hand of a fool cutteth off the feet, dleth with strife belonging not to him, about 700. and drinketh || damage.

is like one that taketh a dog by the about 700. 7 The legs of the lame + are not 1 Or,violence.

equal : so is a parable in the mouth of 18 As a mad man who casteth

+ firebrands, arrows, and death, | Or, As he 8 || As he that bindeth a stone in 19 So is the man that deceiveth sparks. that putteth a precious a sling, so is he that giveth honour to his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in

a fool.

9 As a thorn goeth up into the 20 + Where no wood is, there the Heb. hand of a drunkard, so is a parable in fire goeth out: so e where there is no wood. the mouth of fools.

e Chap. 22.

|| talebearer, the strife + ceaseth. 1 Or, A great 10 || The great God that formed 21 As coals are to burning coals, uor, man grieveth

all things both rewardeth the fool, and and wood to fire; so is a contentious 1 Heb. is kirell the food; rewardeth transgressors.

man to kindle strife.

f Chap. 15. 18. transgressors. 11 As a dog returneth to his 22 & The words of a talebearer are

g Chap. 18. 8. vomit, so a fool + returneth to his as wounds, and they go down into the folly. folly. † innermost parts of the belly.

chambers. 12 Seest thou a man wise in his 23 Burning lips and a wicked heart own conceit? there is more hope of a are like a potsherd covered with silver fool than of him.

dross. c Chap. 22.

13 The slothful man saith, There 24 He that hateth || dissembleth Or, is is a lion in the way; a lion is in the with his lips, and layeth up deceit streets.

within him;
14 As the door turneth


25 When he + speaketh fair, be- Heb;
hinges, so doth the slothful upon his lieve him not: for there are seven voice
abominations in his heart.

gracious. d Chap. 19. 15 The slothful hideth his hand 26 || Whose hatred is covered by ! Or, Hatred 1 Or, he is in his bosom; || it grieveth him to deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed secret.

bring it again to his mouth. before the whole congregation.
16 The sluggard is wiser in his

is 27 h Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall » Eceles. 10. own conceit than seven men that can therein: and he that rolleth a stone, Ps. 7. 15, 16. render a reason.

it will return


him. 1 Or, enraged.

17 He that passeth by, and || med 28 A lying tongue hateth those

b 2 Pet. 2. 22. 1 Heb. iterateth his

+ Heb.



maketh his



& 9. 15.

witless man, or one that minds nothing but his plea- of all animals, the dog is the only one known that will sure, to treat about his business, will be sure not only return to eat food which it has vomited. Calmet. to miscarry in it, but to suffer great damage by his ill 12. Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit?] Pride management. Bp. Patrick.

makes men impatient of good advice and instruction, 7. The legs of the lame &c.] A wise saying as ill and that renders them incorrigible in their vices. Dr. becomes a fool, as dancing does a cripple : for, as his S. Clarke. lameness never so much appears as when he would 13. The slothful man &c.] See before at chap. xxii. seem nimble, so the other's folly is never so ridiculous 13. as when he would seem wise. Bp. Patrick.

16. The sluggard &c.] The sluggard will not be 8. As he that bindeth a stone &c.] The application beaten out of his sloth; and, however many wise men of this comparison to the moral sentiment seems to be may endeavour to persuade him out of his dull idleness, sufficiently obvious; the honour bestowed upon a fool yet he persists in his errour, and thinks himself herein is thrown away, as the stone from a sling. Dr. Durell. wiser than them all. Bp. Hall. Or, the sense of the marginal translation is good and 19. the man that deceiveth his neighbour, &c.] That clear, “ As he that putteth a precious stone in a heap is, who leads his neighbour into any mischief. Dr. S. of stones, &c.” The precious stone in the one case, and Clarke. the honour in the other, is thrown away and lost. Park 21. As coals are to burning coals, &c.] Provoking hurst.

language as quickly passes into quarrels, as dead coals 9. As a thorn goeth up] It is no more fit for fools to do into burning coals, and wood into fire, when they meddle with a wise speech, than for a drunken man to are applied the one to the other. Bp. Patrick. handle a bush of thorns. Bp. Hall.

22. The words of a talebearer] See chap. xviii. 8. They hurt themselves by the interpretation and ap 23. Burning lips &c.] “Warm lips," that is, lips plication of it, as a drunken man does his hand with a making warm and eager professions, and a bad deceitful hook or thorn, which he has not steadiness to handle. heart. Parkhurst. Parkhurst.

25. there are seven abominations] There is a great 11. As a dog relurneth to his vomit, &c.] As a dog variety of secret wickedness in his heart. Bp. Hali

. which has often vomited by eating too much food which 26.— shewed before the whole congregation.] Openly is nauseous to his stomach, yet will do the like again, exposed to the view of all the world. Bp. Patrick. and so make himself vomit again, so a fool that is not Made to appear before a publick court of judicature. to be reclaimed returns to his folly, though he has Dr. Wells. suffered often for it before. Dr. Wells. It is said, that, 28. A lying tongue hateth &c.] A man of lying VOL. II.



a James 4.
13, &c.
+ Heb. to

+ Heb. heaviness.

Observations of self love, &c.


Of care to avoid offences. Before that are afflicted by it; and a flatter- thy calamity: for d better is a neighCHRIST

CHRIST about 700. ing mouth worketh ruin.

bour that is near than a brother far about 700. off.

d Chap. 17. CHAP. XXVII.

11 . My son, be wise, and make 17. & 18. 24.

my heart glad, that I may answer him & 25.924. 1 Observations of self love, 5 of true love, 11 that reproacheth me.

of care to avoid offences, 23 and of the
houshold care.

12 A prudent man foreseeth the f Chap. 22. 3.

evil, and hideth himself; but the sim'BOAST not thyself of tito mor: ple pass on, and are punished:

for thou not what 13 8 Take his garment that is sure- Chap. 20. morrow day. a day may bring forth.

ty for a stranger, and take a pledge
2 Let another man praise thee, and of him for a strange woman.
not thine own mouth ; a stranger, and 14 He that blesseth his friend with
not thine own lips.

a loud voice, rising early in the morn-
3 A stone is theavy, and the sand ing, it shall be counted a curse to
weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier him.
than them both.

15 h A continual dropping in a h Chap. 19. 4 + Wrath is cruel, and anger is very rainy day and a contentious wocruelty, and outrageous; but who is able to stand man are alike. overflowing. before | envy ?

16 Whosoever hideth her hideth
5 Open rebuke is better than se- the wind, and the ointment of his
cret love.

right hand, which bewrayeth itself.
6 Faithful are the wounds of a 17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man

friend; but the kisses of an enemy sharpeneth the countenance of his || Or, earnest, are || deceitful.

friend. 7 "The full soul + loatheth an honey 18 Whoso keepeth the fig tree under foot.

comb; but to the hungry soul every shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that c Job 6. 7. bitter thing is sweet.

waiteth on his master shall be ho-
8 As a bird that wandereth from noured.
her nest, so is a man that wandereth 19 As in water face answereth to
from his place.

face, so the heart of man to man.
9 Ointment and perfume rejoice

20 Hell and destruction are +never + Heb. not. the heart: so doth the sweetness of a full ; so i the eyes of man are never i Eccles. 1. 8. Heb. from man's friend † by hearty counsel. satisfied. of the soul. 10 Thine own friend, and thy fa 21 * As the fining pot for silver, k Chap. 17. 3.

ther's friend, forsake not; neither go and the furnace for gold; so is a man
into thy brother's house in the day of to his praise.

+ Heb. Wrath is

anger an

|| Or, jealousy?

b Ps. 141. 5.

or, frequent. + Heb. treadeth

the counsel

tongue hates those whom he has wronged, from a con 16. Whosoever hideth her &c.] A contentious wosciousness of his injurious conduct, and from a know- man can no more be hid, than the wind which bloweth ledge that he has deserved their hatred. Bp. Hall. on the face, or the perfume of the ointment on the

hand; these both will be perceived: so will the unChap. XXVII. ver. 3. is heavier than them both.] quiet spirit of a contentious woman. Bp. Hall. Is more intolerable, is more troublesome to bear. Bp. 17. - so a man sharpeneth the countenance] So a Hall.

man imparts to his friend alacrity and spirits. Dr. 5. Open rebuke is better than secret love.] He that Durell. So, by the conversation of one friend with rebukes others freely, when need requires, is a more another, are the good parts and faculties of men imvaluable friend than he who from fear of offending has proved. Bp. Hall. not courage to tell them of their faults. Bp. Patrick. 18. Whoso keepeth] That is, diligently looks after it

6. the wounds of a friend ;] The reproofs of a and preserves it from injury. friend, however sharp and cutting. Dr. Wells.

he that waiteth on his master] He that faithfully 8. - that wandereth from his place.] From his home defends his master's person or reputation, and takes or country. Dr. Durell.

care of his estate, “shall be honoured ;” shall be duly 10.- neither go into thy brother's house &c.] Neither rewarded. Bp. Patrick. go to thy brother's house for shelter and relief in the 19. - so the heart of man to man.] So he that looks day of thy calamity, only because he is thy brother, into his friend's heart sees there his own heart. Bp. unless thou art well assured beforehand that he is thy Hall. true friend as well as brother : for better is a neighbour 20. Hell and destruction &c.] Meaning the grave, that is near to one in true friendship and affection, than the state of the dead. See the note on Job xxvi. 5, 6. a brother that is only near in kin, but far off in affec so the eyes of man &c.] So the eyes of man, tion. Dr. Wells.

and also his desires, are never satisfied, but require 14. He that blesseth his friend &c.? That is, lavishes some new object to please them. Dr. Wells

. on him flattering and unseasonable commendations. 21. — so is a man to his praise.] There is no way so Dr. Isham,

sure of trying a man's discretion and temper, as by



+ Heb.


+ Heb. to

tion ?

his ear

a Lev, 26. 36.


his eyes.

General observations of impiety CHAP. XXVII, XXVIII.

and religious integrity. CHRIST

22 Though thou shouldest bray a 3 A poor man that oppresseth the about 700. fool in a mortar among wheat with a poor is like a sweeping rain + which about 700.

pestle, yet will not his foolishness de- leaveth no food.
part from him.

4 They that forsake the law praise without food. 23 Be thou diligent to know the the wicked: but such as keep the law | Heb. set thy state of thy flocks, and + look well to contend with them. thy herds.

5 Evil men understand not judg+ Heb. 24 For + riches are not for ever : ment: but they that seek the Lord

and doth the crown endure + to every understand all things. generation and genera generation ?

6 Better is the poor that walketh b Chap. 19.1. 25 The hay appeareth, and the in his uprightness, than he that is tender grass sheweth itself, and herbs perverse in his ways, though he be of the mountains are gathered. rich.

26 The lambs are for thy clothing, 7 Whoso keepeth the law is a c Chap. 29. 3. and the goats are the price of the wise son: but he that || is a companion 101, feedeth

gluttons. field.

of riotous men shameth his father. 27 And thou shalt have goats' milk 8 He that by usury and + unjust a Chap. 13.

enough for thy food, for the food of gain increaseth his substance, he shall Eccles. 2. 26. + Heb. life. thy houshold, and for the + mainten- gather it for him that will pity the increases ance for thy maidens.

9 He that turneth


from hearing the law, even his prayer

shall be abomination.
General observations of impiety and religious

10 e Whoso causeth the righteous Chap. 26.

to go astray, in an evil way, he shall HE a wicked flee when no man fall himself into his own pit: but the

pursueth: but the righteous are upright shall have good things in posbold as a lion.

session. 2 For the transgression of a land 11 The rich man is wise t in his Heb. in V Or, by men many are the princes thereof: but own conceit; but the poor that of under || by a standing and

man of understanding and hath understanding searcheth him wisdom shall knowledge the state thereof shall be out. be prolonged. prolonged.

12 ? When righteous men do rejoice, Eccles. 10. 6. praising him: if he be vain and light, he will be puffed 4. They that forsake the law praise the wicked :) They up with it; if he be wise and solid, he will not be that willingly break and cast off the law of God, by so moved by it. Bp. Hall.

doing, give approbation and encouragement to wicked22. – in a mortar among wheat] Before there were ness. Bp. Hall. any publick mills, it was usual for those who could not 5. - understand all things.] Understand their whole afford the expense of a handmill in their houses to beat duty to God. Bp. Hall. their corn with a pestle in a mortar. Calmet. The he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor.] meaning is, So incurable is the folly and wickedness of According to this remarkable saying of the wise man, some men, that though to reproofs and chidings you the reason why so many estates are blasted so soon, should add stripes and blows, they would not grow and brought to nothing, is, that men do not render to wiser or better. Bp. Patrick.

God the duty and tribute which He has charged upon 24. — and doth the crown endure] Even the crown their estates for Himself and the poor; and then it is itself will not continue to many generations, without no wonder if God in his providence turn them out of due care to preserve its revenue. Bp. Patrick. their possession, and give their estate to others, who

25. The hay appeareth,] Rather, “ the herbage." will be better tenants, and more careful to pay the duSee the note on Isa. xv. 6.

ties He requires. Bp. Beveridge. 26. — the goats are the price of the field.] “ Are for

9. — from hearing the law,] That is, from obeying the price of the field :" by selling thy goats, thou wilt it. “ Even his prayer shall be abomination;" however pay for the cultivation of thy land, or purchase it for men of impious lives may trust to the forms of outward thyself. Calmet.

devotion, frequenting the church and service of God,

and hearing his word and receiving his sacrament; Chap. XXVIII. ver. 2. - many are the princes there- let them not deceive themselves : God is not mocked. of:] The wickedness of a land is the cause of many All this is so far from making amends for the impiety changes in the princes and governours thereof, whereby of their lives, that, on the contrary, the impiety of their both the people and princes, conspiring in evil

, are lives spoils all the acceptance of their devotion. Abp. punished. Bp. Hall. Many are the princes;" that is, Tillotson. none reign long, or many reign together, opposing and If we live like Heathens or Infidels, our Christian thrusting out one another. Bp. Patrick.

prayers do but affront God’s majesty. Lord Claren3. A poor man &c.] A rich oppressor leaves a man don. poor, but a poor oppressor leaves to him nothing. Bp. 11. - searcheth him out.] Discovers his weakness. Hall.

Dr. Isham,

f Ver. 28. ch. 11. 10.




8 Ps. 32. 5.




Deut. 15.

r Ver. 12. ch. 29. 2.

i Gen. 9.6.

General observations of impiety PROVERBS

and religious integrity.

24 Whoso robbeth his father or there is great glory: but when the about 700. wicked rise, a man is || hidden. his mother, and saith, It is no trans- about 700.

13 6 He that covereth his sins gression; the same is the companion Or, sought

+ Heb. a man shall not prosper: but whoso confess- of + a destroyer.

destroying. i John 1.9, eth and forsaketh them shall have 25 P He that is of a proud heart p. Chap. 13. mercy



strife : but he that putteth
14 Happy is the man that feareth his trust in the Lord shall be made
h Rom. 11. alway: h but he that hardeneth his fat.
heart shall fall into mischief.

26 He that trusteth in his own
15 As a roaring lion, and a rang- heart is a fool: but whoso walketh
ing bear; so is a wicked ruler over wisely, he shall be delivered.
the poor people.

27He that giveth unto the poor , Deus
16 The prince that wanteth under- shall not lack: but he that hideth his ch. 22. 9.
standing is also a great oppressor: eyes shall have many a curse.
but he that hateth covetousness shall 28 - When the wicked rise, men
prolong his days.

hide themselves : but when they
17 i A man that doeth violence to perish, the righteous increase.
Exod. 21. 14.

the blood of any person shall flee to
the pit; let no man stay him.

k Chap. 10. 18 k Whoso walketh uprightly shall
be saved: but he that is perverse in 1 Observations of public government, 15 and
shall fall at once.

of private. 22 of anger, pride, thievery, 1 Chap 12. 19 He that tilleth his land shall

cowardice, and corruption.

HebA followeth after vain persons shall have

reproofs. poverty enough.

denly be destroyed, and that without 20 A faithful man shall abound remedy. m Chap. 13. with blessings: m but he that maketh 2 a When the righteous are || in 4. Chap: 1); 1 Tim. 6. 9. haste to be rich shall not be || inno- authority, the people rejoice: but Eccles. 10. 5. 1. Or,

cent. unpunished.

when the wicked beareth rule, the cria

increased. n Chap. 18. 21 To have respect of persons is people mourn.

not good; for for a piece of bread that 3 » Whoso loveth wisdom rejoiceth 5 Chap. 10. 1. man will transgress.

his father: 'but he that keepeth com- 27.11. 22 || He that hasteth to be rich pany with harlots spendeth his sub- & cap: 5. 9. hath an evil eye, and considereth stance. not that poverty shall come upon 4 The king by judgment establishhim.

eth the land: but the that receiveth + Heb. a man o Chap. 27. 6.

of oblations. 23 ° He that rebuketh a man after- gifts overthroweth it. wards shall find more favour than he 5 A man that flattereth his neighthat flattereth with the tongue. bour spreadeth a net for his feet.


his ways


have plenty of bread: but he that +H Eardeneth his neck, shall sud- meron

5. & 24. 23.

Luke 15, 13.

1. Or, He that
hath an evil
eye hasteth to
be rich.
ver. 20.

12.- a man is hidden.] Good men are forced to the merits of the cause that is brought before him, "is hide themselves. Dr. Wells.

not good.” Bp. Patrick. 13. He that covereth his sins &c.] Here the blessing 22. hath an evil eye,] Hath a covetous eye and a of God's mercy is declared to sinners, on the condition base niggardly heart; and “considereth not,” &c. that of their confessing and forsaking their sins; and this is, knows not that through the just judgments of God condition contains the whole nature of that great and this his immoderate eagerness will be punished with necessary duty of repentance, without which none can want and beggary. Bp. Hall. have a reasonable hope of the mercy of God. Abp. 24.-- is the companion of a destroyer.] Is, for the Tillotson.

heinousness of his sin, in the next degree to a murderer. 14. — the man that feareth] That is, who is cautious Bp. Hall. always: “but he that hardeneth his heart,” that is, 25.-- shall be made fat.] Shall thrive and abound who is careless and negligent, shall fall into mischief. with plenty of all good things. Bp. Patrick. Dr. S. Clarke.

27. he that hideth his eyes] He that regards not 17.— let no man stay him.] Or, “no man shall stay the miseries of others, and is not willing so much as to

Dr. Wells. He that murders a man shall never know them. Bp. Patrick. think himself safe, being pressed by his conscience, or pursued by the avenger of blood, and shall lead a rest Chap. XXIX. ver. 1. — hardeneth his neck,] Refuses less life to his grave : all men shall refuse to succour to be guided by reproofs, and to submit to them. The him, and though they see him falling unawares into the expression is taken from oxen in the yoke. Bp. Papit, they shall not stop him. Bp. Patrick.

trick. 21. To have respect of persons &c.] For a judge to 5. — spreadeth a net for his feet.] Is so far from incline to consider the quality of the person, and not being a true friend, as he imagines, that he is a traitor


Before CHRIST about 700.

d Job 29. 16.

Luke 14. 11
Matt. 23. 12.

+ Heb. shall

Or, the usurer.

fChap. 20. 28.

face of a ruler.

g Ver, 17.

Observations of publick

and private government. Before

6 In the transgression of an evil | by words: for though he understand CHRIST about 700. man there is a snare: but the right- he will not answer. eous doth sing and rejoice.

20 Seest thou a man that is hasty 7 The righteous considereth the l in his words ? there is more hope of natiering his cause of the


but the wicked re a fool than of him. gardeth not to know it.

21 He that delicately bringeth up ! Or, set a 8 Scornful men || bring a city into his servant from a child shall have city on fire.

a snare: but wise men turn away him become his son at the length.

22 1 An angry man stirreth up 18.127.26. 21.
9 If a wise man contendeth with a strife, and a furious man aboundeth
foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, in transgression.
there is no rest.

23 m A man's pride shall bring m. Chap: 15. + Heb. Men

10 + The bloodthirsty hate the him low: but honour shall uphold the Job 22. 29. of blood. upright: but the just seek his soul.

humble in spirit.
Ii A fool uttereth all his mind : 24 Whoso is partner with a thief
but a wise man keepeth it in till after- hateth his own soul: he heareth curs-

ing, and bewrayeth it not.
12 If a ruler hearken to lies, all 25 The fear of man bringeth a
his servants are wicked.

snare: but whoso putteth his trust in e Chap. 22. 2. 13 e The poor and || the deceitful the LORD + shall be safe.

be set on high man meet together : the Lord light 26 ~ Many seek + the ruler's fa- n Chap. 19. eneth both their eyes.

vour; but every man's judgment com- * leb. The 14 'The king that faithfully judg- eth from the Lord. eth the poor, his throne shall be es 27 An unjust man is an abomitablished for ever.

nation to the just: and he that is

up15 & The rod and reproof give right in the way is abomination to the h Chap 10. wisdom: but ha child left to himself wicked. 23.& 17. 21, bringeth his mother to shame, 18 When the wicked are multiplied, 1 Agur's confession of his faith. 7 The two

CHAP. XXX. i Ps. 37. 36. transgression increaseth: i but the

points of his prayer.

10 The meanest are righteous shall see their fall.

not to be wronged. 11 Four wicked genek Chap. 13. 17 * Correct thy son, and he shall rations. 15 Four things insatiable. 17 & 23. 13, 14. give thee rest; yea, he shall give de

Parents are not to be despised. 18 Four

things hard to be known. . 21 Four things light unto thy soul.

intolerable. 24 Four things exceeding wise. 18 Where there is no vision, the 29 Four things stately. 32 Wrath is to be I Or, is made people || perish : but he that keepeth prevented.

the law, happy is he.
19 A servant will not be corrected THE words of Agur the son of

Jakeh, even the prophecy: the to him, and leads him unawares into danger. Bp. Pa- to instruct the people, and expound the will of God to trick.

them. Bp. Patrick. 6. In the transgression &c.] Rather, “The wicked is 19. A servant &c.] A slave, and one that is of a sersnared by transgression;" so these words are rendered vile nature, is not to be amended by reason and perat chap. xii . 13. Dr. Durell.

suasions; though he hear and understand too what you doth sing and rejoice.] Has always cause to be say, he will not obey till he be forced to it by blows. cheerful on account of his righteousness. Dr. Wells. Bp. Patrick

8. — bring a city into a snare:] Bring down judg 21. He that delicately bringeth up &c.] He that exments upon the city where they live. Bp. Hall. presses too much kindness for a servant, thereby makes

9. — whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.] Wbe- him become saucy, so that he will at last assume too ther a wise man deal with him seriously and severely, much authority. Dr. Wells. or jestingly, he will not be able to prevail, either for his

hateth his own soul :] Brings upon himself the own peace or the other's reformation. Bp. Hall.

same guilt with the thief himself. Bp. Patrick. 10.- seek his soul.] Labour to preserve him. Dr. Isham. he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.] He

12. If a ruler hearken to lies, &c.] If a prince listen heareth men urged with oaths respecting the theft, and to the false suggestions of others, or too easily believe, yet keeps his wicked counsel, and discovers not the without any examination, all the stories and accusations malefactor. Bp. Hall, that are brought to him by others, he will fill his whole 26. but every man's judgment cometh from the Lord.] court with wicked men. Bp. Patrick.

Men eagerly solicit the favour and protection of princes, 13. The poor and the deceitful man &c.] The inno- but they forget God, who is the Judge Supreme both of cent poor man, and the crafty griping usurer, meet both prince and people.

Calmet. together; and the Lord causeth his sun to shine on them both, maintaining them both in life, doing good Chap. XXX. ver. 1. Agur] See the Introduction. outwardly even to the worst deserving. Bp. Hall.

even the prophecy :] Even the weighty sentences. 18. Where there is no vision, &c.] where there is none Dr. Wells. The lesson or charge. Dr. Durell.

& 58, 10. & 91.8.

21. & 22. 15.



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