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first year's existence of this society for enabling the adult poor, who had not been favoured with an early education, to read the word of God for themselves; and it is with heartfelt delight they state that great progress has been made by the learners of both sexes, insomuch, that many who did not know the letters of the alphabet when they came to the schools, can now read with facility in the New Testament, not only with satisfaction to themselves, but to the great pleasure and approbation of the visitors who have heard them. Some of these learners being from 60 to 80 years of age, it was found necessary to supply them with spectacles to enable them to read their lessons.

It may not be altogether improper to remark that however desirous the committee might have been to instruct the adult poor, and that was an object never lost sight of since the formation of the Bath Sunday School Union, it would have been impossible to carry such benevolent designs into execution without the kind and gratuitous services of conductors and teachers. If therefore there be any praise given; if there be any thanks bestowed, the whole must justly and solely belong to those pious and zealous individuals who have so nobly volunteered their services, and taken so active a part in capacitating their unin formed fellow creatures to read those Holy Scriptures which are able to make them wise unto salvation. At the same time the committee would not omit this opportunity of expressing the high sense they entertain of the kindness of Dr. Pole and Stephen Prust, esq. of Bristol, who have attended, and taken an active part at some of their public meetings.

The committee beg permission also to acknowledge the kindness of the committee and secretaries of the Bath Auxiliary Bible Society in furnishing the secretaries of this institution with Testaments of a large type at reduced prices for the use of the adult scholars; the most grateful acknowledgements are also due to Charles Phillott, esq. the late worthy mayor of this city, and other benevolent individuals who have gratuitously supplied Testaments for the use of the schools.

Although there will appear in the audited accounts a balance of 22. 14s. 11d. to be provided for, the committee feel confident that the benevolence of those who are friendly to the instruction of the poor and destitute will furnish ample supplies for the discharge of all arrears; and by their liberal contributions enable the committee to carry on this noble institution for the time to come, till all the poor inhabitants of Bath and the neighbouring villages shall be enabled to read the Scriptures for themselves.

The committee beg leave to close this report, by remarking that although much good has been already done, much yet remains to be done. It is therefore to be hoped, that many others will be induced to imitate the laudable example set them by the teachers in the Bath Adult Schools; till all grown up persons in this city and its vicinity shall be enabled to read that holy Bible, which is so widely dispersed and so bountifully supplied, by

means of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and its numerous auxiliaries.

Account of Adult Schools in Bath and some of the neighbouring towns and villages, under the direction of the Bath Sunday School Union.

Schools for men which are established in Avon
Street, Holloway, St. Swithin's Court, Weston, Twer-
ton, Batheaston, and Bradford, have admitted
Of which remain in the schools...
Brought to read in the Testament.

Schools for women have been opened in Avon. Street, Holloway, St. Swithin's Court, Weston, Batheaston, Widcombe, Widcombe poor house for the united parishes of St. Peter and Paul and St. James, Bathwick, Twerton and Bradford. In which have been admitted.....

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Brought to read in the Testament.
Comb Down and Philip's Norton, men and women.

Women's school in the vineyards, conducted by a few benevolent ladies, contains..

Total number admitted..


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THE fifth Annual Report of the useful Society, established for the support of Gaelic Schools, is very pleasing and satisfactory; and though it is not perhaps exactly in our express and peculiar department, we shall always rejoice to hear of the diffusion of education by day as well as Sunday Schools. We are the more desirous of noticing this Report, as we wish to suggest to the committee of the Society the desirableness of connecting the establishment of Sunday Schools with their other plans. As in some situations the day schools are only continued for a limited period when the school-master leaves the place, the establishment of a Sunday School, under local teachers, would perpetuate the means of education, prevent the children from forgetting what they had learned, and operate as a constant moral and religious blessing.

It appears that there are at present seventy schools supported by this Society, at an annual expense of £2100. that is £30. each school. We observe, that owing to the extended exertions of this useful Society, its funds are reduced very low. Donations and subscriptions are received by Wm. Allen, esq. Plough Court, Lombard Street.



O! DAVID's Son, and David's Lord!
From age to age thou art the same;
Thy gracious presence now afford,

And teach our youth to know thy name.

Thy people, Lord, though oft distrest,
Upheld by thee, thus far are come;
And now we long to see thy rest,

And wait thy word to call us home.

Like David, when this life shall end,
We trust in thee sure peace to find;
Like him to thee we now commend

The children we must leave behind.

Ere long we hope to be, where care
And sin and sorrow never come;
But O! accept our humble prayer,
That they may praise thee in our room.

Shew them how vile they are by sin,
And wash them in thy cleansing blood;
O! make them willing to be thine,
And be to them a covenant God.

Long may thy light and truth remain,

To bless this place when we are gone;
And numbers here be born again,

To dwell for ever near thy throne.




BE the little ones instructed,

Taught the knowledge of the Lord;
To the school-to church conducted,
Christ invites them in his word.

Brethren, sisters, far around-look-
Where the youthful wand'rers stray;
Teach them to read God's holy book;
Guide them in the narrow way.

Still the Lord, by invitation
Welcomes children to his arms;
Boundless is the Lord's compassion,
Sweet the voice of Jesu's charms.

Lamb of God! while interceding

For these objects of thy care,
May the Holy Spirit, leading,

Draw their hearts, fulfil our prayer.

Lord of Teachers-blessed Jesus!
As thou wert make us to be;
Then what pleaseth thee will please us;
We shall then resemble thee.

Children, once by thee invited,
At thy kindly bidding came;
May we all, in love united,

Train the young to praise thy name.

Holy men, thy word oft preaching,
Much of thy salvation know;
So may we, while others teaching,
Grow in grace-in knowledge grow.

Saviour, bless us,-bless all teachers;
Thy upholding power we crave;
May we all, like faithful preachers,
Seek the souls 'tis thine to save.


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From the Report of Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee of the House of Commons, on the Education of the Lower Orders of the Metropolis.

Mr. HENRY ALTHANS called in and Examined. ARE you secretary to the East London Auxiliary Sunday School Union Society?-I am one of the secretaries. How long has it been established?---Rather more than two


How many Sunday schools has it established?— About

ten since its commencement.

How many children are taught at these ten schools?-One thousand two hundred and ninety-six children.

What district does the care of this society extend to?The Union is confined to Sunday schools within the following limits the River Thames, Gracechurch-street, Bishopsgate-street, through Shoreditch and Kingsland to Stamfordhill, allowing any Sunday school in the county of Essex to unite that may find it convenient: that is the line of demarcation, and we take all on the east of that line.

What assistance do you give to Schools, as established in your parish? We assist them by giving them money for the purpose of fitting up their schools, or providing books for the commencement of them, and any other assistance that they may apply to the committee for, which is found necessary. How are your funds raised?-Partly by subscriptions of the existing Sunday schools, and partly by voluntary contri


What is your yearly expenditure?-During the two years it was between £50. and £60. each year.

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