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Ε Ν Τ ENT "NT, Sir George, an eminent English physician, so that it cannot be by any subsequent poffeffor

born at Sandwich, in Kent, in 1604. He was bequeathed at pleasure. educated at Sidney college, Cambridge; and, af.

I here entail terwards travelling into foreign countries, received The crown to thee and to thine heirs for ever. the degree of M. D, at Padua. After his return

Shake/o he obtained great practice, was made president 2. To fix unalienably upon any person or thing. of the college of physicians in I ondon, and was None ever had a privilege of infallibility entailed to at last knighted by Charles II. He was extremely all he said. Digby-The intemperate and unjult intimate with Dr Harvey; whom he learnedly transmit their bodily infirmities and diseafes ts) defended in a piece intitled, Apologia pro Circula- their children, and entail a secret curse upon their tione Sanguinis, contra Æmilium Parifanum. He estates. Tillotson. 3: To cut. Obsolete. In the also published, Animadverhones in Malachiæ Thruf- following pallage it is neuter.toni; and some observations in the Philosophical The mortal fteel dispiteously entaild, Transactions. Glanville, speaking of his Plus Ul. Deep in their flesh, quite through the iron wally, tra of the modern improvements in anatomy, That a large purple stream adown their ginnumbers Sir George Ent, Dr Glifion, and Dr

beaux falls.

Fairy Queen. Wallis, with the moft celebrated discoverers in * TO ENTAME. p. a. (from tame.) To tane; that science. The two former were among the to subjugate; to fubdue.first members of the Royal Society. Sir George 'Tis not your inky brows, your black filk hair, Ent died in October 1689.

Your bugle eyeballs, and your cheek of cream, ENTABLATURE.n. . [from table.] The That can entame my spirits to your worst. * ENTABLEMENT. S architrave, frise, and

Shake;. cornice of a pillar; being in effect the extremity

TO ENTANGLE. v. a. [A word of uncerof the flooring, which is either supported by pil. tain etymology.] 1. To inwarp or eníñare witir Lars, or by a wall, if there be no columns. Harris. something not easily extricable, as a net; or some

ENTABLER, in the manege, the fault of a thing adhesive, as briars. 2. To lose in multiplied horse, whose croupe goes before bis Moulders in involutions: as in a labyrinth. 3. To twist, or working upon volts; which may be prevented by confuse in such a manner as that a separation cantaking hold of the right rein, keeping your right not easily be made; to make an entangled note. leg near, and removing your left leg as far from 4. To involve in difficulties; to embarrafs; 10 the horse's shoulders as poffible. This is always perplex.--He knew not how to wrestle with defaccompanied with another fault called aculer. See perate contingencies, and so abhorred to be entor:ACULER.

gled in such. Clarendon. 5. To puzzle; to be (1.) * ENTAIL. n. f. [feudeum talliatum, from wilder. The duke, being questioned, neither heli the French entaille, cut, from tailler, to cut.) silence as he might, nor constantly denied it, bui The estate entailed or fettled, with regard to the entangled himself in his doubtful tale. Hayward). rule of its descent. 2. The rule of descent settled - I suppose a great part of the difficulties that for any estate. 3. Engraver's work; inlay. Obe perplex mens thoughts, and entangle their unde: folete,

standings, would be easily resolved. Locke. 6. To Well, it appeared to have been of old ensnare by captious questions or artful talk.--Th:A work of rich entail, and curious mold,

Pharisees took council how they might entangi: Woven with anticks and wild imagery.

him in his talk. Matt. xxii. 15. 7. To distract

Fairy Queen. with variety of cares.- No man that warreth e... (2.) Entail, in law, signifies fee tail, or fee on. tangleth himself with the affairs of this life. 2 Jin... tailed; that is, abridged, curtailed, or limited, to ii. 4. 8. To multiply the intricacies or difficunda certain conditions. See Fer, and TAIL.

ties of a work. * T. ENTAIL. v. a, (tailler, to cut; entailler, * ENTANGLEMENT. n. f. [from entang!) French.] 1. To settle the descent of any eftate, 1. Involution of any thing intricate or adbeli VOL. IX. PART I.



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