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upon which your expectation of a meeting with, and embracement of God in Christ is to be founded : Othen, come, and kiss the Son. Why, but I cannot, say you; I think I would fain do it ; but I cannot get at him, to kiss and embrace him. Indeed this kindness must begin on his fide; and therefore, O pray that he would come and meet you with a kiss of infinite love. Say with the church, Song i. 2. Let him kiss me with the kisses of bis mouth : for his love is better than wine. If that be the language of your soul, o I cannot embrace him; but my heart says, O let him come and embrace me, and draw me out of the embracements of all my former lovers, and lusts, that I may nevet kiss any idol in the world again, but may live and die in the arms and embraces of the son of God; Is that the language of your soul before the living GOD? why then the embracement betwixt Christ and you is begun, that shall never have 'an end; for it is a pledge, that he and you shall meet together in heaven, and embrace each other to eternity.

Now, though I hope that this glorious meeting of divine perfections in Christ hath put forth some virtue to draw in some poor soul to the match ; yet I fear that the most part are yet but idle hearers and spectators, as if they were not concerned; but O unconcerned soul, be who you will, O yet, will you come and see this great fight! O come and fee the greatest fight that ever was, or will be, in heaven or earth, a bush burning, and not consumed: all the burning and shining attributes of God meeting together with infinite harmony in the bush of our nature, and yet the bush able to bear the glory, Zech. vi. 13. O come and wonder! Here is the


wonder of men and angels ! For this is a wonderful meeting to them: And the name of the meetingplace is justly called, wonderful! O come and partake ; for the meeting is concerning, your salvation in Christ: His delights were with the Sons of men. O come and sing to the praise and glory of this wonderful harmonious embracement of divine perfections in Christ, especially you that partake, so as to see the glory, and feel the virtue thereof. O will you sing with your hearts, and lips, and lives, faying, Glory to God, that his attributes have met together, and kissed each other, in Christ ; and that ever the like of me got a kiss by the by : Glory to God, that there is no breaking off this meeting, nor parting of these embraces, by fin, Satan, earth or hell ; but that they meet and embrace each other to eternity. And tho' you cannot remember to sing all that has been said, yet I hope the weakest memory may remember to sing the best note of all the sermon every day, saying, Glory, glory, glory to God, that mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace bave kissed each other.


The best bond, or surest engagement.

A SERMON preached immediately ; before the administration of the facra

ment of the Lord's-supper, at Dumfermiline, July 19, 1724,

By the Rev. Mr. RALPH ERSKINE.

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JEREM. XXX. 21. For who is this that engaged his heart to approach

' unto me ? faith the Lord.


y friends, after the first Adam's heart des

parted from the Lord, so as to violate the covenant of works, never a heart of all his posterity could or would have approached unto God again, but had remained in their natural enmity against him, had not the second Adam fo engaged his heart unto God in our favour, as to draw the hearts of many after him : And if we could this day look into Christ's heart, and discover his heart-kindness in this matter, so as to knit our hearts to him, and to God in him, and get the knot sealed in the facrament with God's feal; it would make this a day to be much remembered to all eternity. O then, let your hearts be looking up to the Lord, that you may fee into the heart and bosom of this scripture,


and into the mystery of this great question, Wbo is this that engaged bis heart, &c?

The Lord by the prophet Jeremiah had been comforting his church, by several excellent promia ses relating to their return out of the Babylonish captivity, typical of the glorious things, reserved for the Church in the days of the Meffias : Particularly in the preceding part of this verse, it is promised, that they shall be blest with an excellent government ; Their nobles shall be of themselves, they shall not have strangers and enemies to be their judges, but there of their own nation. Their Governor shall proceed from the midt of them. This hath a reference to Christ our Governor, David our king, as you may see by comparing this with verse gth, They shall serve the Lord their God, and David their king; whom I will raise up unto them. This governor is of ourselves, being in all things made like unto his brethren ; I will cause him to draw near, and be shall approach unto me. It is a single person that is spoken of, and the person is the GOVERNOR, and the GOVERNOR is CHRIST. God the Father did cause him as mediator to draw near and

approach to him ; he commanded and authorized him to do it; he fanctified and sealed him for this end ; he appointed and anointed him for this purpose, and he accepted of him, and declared himself well-pleased in him; and therefore he speaks of it with wonderful pleasure, Who is this that engaged bis beart to approach unto me? When God draws a person near to him, he is even delighted with that approach to him, whereof he himself is the cause; much more if it be such a person as here the governor of Israel, for who is this, &c? Here is the event of the excel lent promises that were made to Ifrael, by way of

anticipation anticipation of some objection that might be made, How shall all this be done? Why Christ the governór hath engaged for all that either God calls for from you, or that he promises to you. He is one that shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he hath set judgment in the earth, Ija. xlii

. 4. Thus all the promises come to us in Christ; they come from God through him and should lead us up to him, in whom they are all rea and Amen. They are rivulets that sweetly flow and run forth from the ocean to the city of God, to the house of the mourner, to the field of the withered, to the habitation of the hungry and thirsty, yea, to the grave of the dry bones, to make the dry land springs of water, and to make the wilderness to blofrom as the role. What these excellent promises are, that thus run forth, you may see in the preceding part of the chapter : For example, ver. 17. Tho' the wound feem incurable, God will make a cure for it; and tho' you be cast off at all hands, and cast out at every door, and none seek after thee, yet I will seek thee out; and tho' deserted and despised of these that are about thee, yet I will put honour upon thee, yea, I will glorify thee, and thou shalt not be small

, as it is ver. 19. And the sum of all the promises is ver. 22. Ye shall be my people, and I will be your God; I will work in you all that you want, that is, You shall be my people; and I will be to you all that


need, that is, I will be your God. Ó that we could take hold of this promise! It is as much as to say, I will make you holy, and what I would have you to be, for ye Mall be my people; and I will make you happy, for I will be your God. O, but upon what confideration, or on what account will' he do all this? My text opens the ground, for who is this that, &c.


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