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from sin as well as from hell, if it be fuch as makes you come out of yourself, saying, I dare engage for nothing, but my

beart Christ, as engaging to God for all; Then, in God's great name, I will say, it is a good fiath indeed, even a flash of heavenly fire, kindled at Christ's warm heart towards you, which will never cool to eternity, thoʻ your live-coal should come under the ashes again.

What shall I say? O, is there any here, whofe hearts are not yet engaged to Christ? O many, many; but wo is me that there should be O drunkard, swearer, fabbath-breaker, whoremonger, mocker, here is a good bargain for you, even you whom we cannot allow to come to a communiontable; yet we allow you, yea God allows you and commands you, and we in his awful name and authority command you to come to Christ, and take a full pardon of all your fins, and subscribe to Christ's whole engagement; and


shall have a title not only to the communion-table below, but to the communion-table above that shall never be drawn. Away, man, away with all objections against Christ: Let your objections be ten thousand times more and greater than they are, there is no room for one of them here; for Christ's engage ment to do all things for you, answers all difficulties to you: And therefore, be ye never such an incarnate devil, there is no objection you can make, but it is answered here, if your heart be not engaged to some other lovers. O, say you, I have not power, I cannot get my wicked heart engaged to him. O doleful and miserable case! What is

this, that infinite love and everlasting kindness, e flaming out of Christ's heart upon you, cannot en


gage your heart unto him!

heart unto him! O, is there no power in this love? Is not love strong as death, and the coals thereof coals of fire, which have a most vehement flame? O here is a strong flame that is able to melt the hardest heart to the sweetest compliance; and therefore, O will you bring these strong cords of death by which your heart is held, bring them to this fire, and it will burn and burst them asunder. Do not resist the powerful love and

precious grace of God, but be content to let it into your heart, and it will draw and engage it. And therefore seeing no argument will do but an argument of power, and seeing almighty power uses to ride in the chariot of this gospel of grace ;

O then, will you join with me, and say, o powerful arm of JEHOVAH, come and draw, come and draw; Ö exalted JESUS, come and draw, by the power of thy Spirit. Awake, O arm of the Lord, and put on strength, and let the right band of the Lord de valiantly. Let all heart-leagues with lusts and other lovers than Christ be broken this day, and Christ alone have the whole heart engaged to him; and let all the people say Amen, so be it, Lord. And if your heart say Amen, I hope, your heart is engaged and made willing in a day of power ; and being made willing to come to his Christ, you shall be made welcome to come to his table; having signed his engagement to approach to God in

God in your fiead to do all for you, you may approach with boldness to God in him, and expect the same welcome with your cautioner that goes before you. Who is this that engaged his heart to approach unto me, faith the Lord?

A DISCOURSE after the folemn



W, my friends, after the great work is

over, I would ask you, (whether you have been communicants or not) have your hearts been engaged to Christ this day, as the glorious engager and approacher to God for you? I would tell you,

if your hearts have been engaged to him, then your hearts have been disengaged from all things besides him : Ye have been brought to forsake


father's house, and the people that are yours, and to say, What have I to do

any more with idols? There hath been a mutual donation betwixt Christ and you, as man and wife give up themselves to one another. Ye have rendered up your love to him, instead of all other lovers to whom your hearts were engaged before ; and


upon yourselves as bound in love and gratitude, never to give a back-look to any other lover, so long as your present husband lives; and behold he lives for ever and ever ; Whereas your former husband, particularly the law, is dead, and ye are dead to it, Rom. vii. 4. and are to expect nothing from it, because you have all and more than all, in him to whom ye, are now engaged, and whose heart is engaged to you. Yea, as ye have rendered up your love to him as your husband, so ye

have rendered up your arms to him as to your Lord : Ye have surrendered all the weapons that have been weapons of unrighteousness, to be weapons of righteousness unto holiness, never to fight against him any more, but rather to fight under his banner against all his


enemies, especially under his banner of love ; for the Love of Christ, will constrain you both to work and war. Now,

First, A word to you whose hearts have never yet been engaged to Christ. O do ye know what for a case ye are in? and whence is it that your hearts are not engaged to Christ? Why, ye are even ignorant of glorious Chrift: For they that know his name will love him, and put their trust in him ; but you are alienated from the life of God thro' the ignorance that is in

and enemies in


minds by wicked works: Your carnal mind is enmity against God, and is not subject to the law of God; and your

darkned mind is enmity against Christ, and is not subject to the righteousness of Christ. Thus ye are enemies to the Lord of life, and care not for him to be your Lord: Ye are enemies to the word of life, and care not for that word to be your rule: Ye are enemies to the spirit of life, to the grace of life, the light of life, and the way of life: Ye are dead, and under the power of death and of fin, under the power of security and heart-obduration, having no favour of Christ about

power of a sordid choice, whereby ye set up the basest of objects above out Lord and Master, whom yet the tongues of Seraphims are not worthy to adore: Behold, ye are choosing some base lusts and idols in his room, or else insolently capitulating with him upon the most ignoble and ignominious terms, to engage your heart to him and to your lusts, both to him and to the world, to him and to other lovers to be hugged in your bosoms with him, as if he were a minister of fin, and a flave to serve your lusts ; or at best, ye put him off with trifling delays from your heart, and let him stand at the door and knock, without ever having your heart engaged to come to him, or to let him come to you. Well, is that the matter with you? What is this that thou art doing, poor soul? Shall there be no gathering of the people to Shiloh for your part? Shall never our Lord's train and retinue be any whit the more for you? What, shall he have no train ? Glory to him, that he will have a retinue to attend him, and no thanks to you ; there shall be a number to follow the Lamb to heaven, tho' ye should follow the Devil to hell. But 0, may I yet bespeak you in the name of Jesus? And, O Jesus, may I beg thy leave to be thy spokesman, to tell them thy words? And now, fince he hath set me here, and given me leave to speak for him, I must tell you some of his words

you; under the



to you.

And, Firs, I will tell you what is his complaining word upon you ; re will not come to me, that ye might have life : All day long have I stretched forth my

hands to a disobedient and gainsaying people.

Again, I will tell you what is his lamenting word over you, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem; O Dumfermline, Dumfermline, how often would I have gatbered gou as a ben doth her chickens under her wings, but you would not, you would not !

Again, I would tell you what is his astonishing word, Be astonished, o heavens, at this, and borribly afraid ; for my people bave committed two great evils, they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewn out to themselves broken cisterns that can hold no water : They reject fulness itself, and turn to an empty world, as if it were their heaven and their happiness.

Further, I must tell you what is his weeping word, and O fhall he weep alone, and none drop a


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